Thursday, May 24, 2012

USA fascism against 5th World nations

2012-05-24 "Who are the "Outsiders" Raping Native American Women? The Media’s Mysterious Non-Indians" by ISHMAEL REED
Nicholas D. Kristof of the New York Times has been traveling to “third world” countries to find evidence of male cruelty to women. He’s found plenty. He recently visited a Native-American reservation. His article left out the statistics that show that  among American women, Native American women are the only group where outsiders commit the majority of the rapes.
I wrote him a letter asking why? No answer.
The last time I wrote him at least the Times had a black guy reply, vouching for his character.
House Republicans are balking over whether Tribal courts can bring these “outsiders” to justice. Why are Republicans and the Times (NYT, May 23, 2012) protecting these outsiders by not identifying these “non-Indians”?
I visited Sitka, Alaska in October. I was the only black guy in town. So maybe it’s not the brothers, your typical media, literary, Broadway show and Ms.Magazine rapist. Maybe Kristof can tell us who these mystery “non-Indians”are?

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