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Oyotunji African Village (Yoruba Nation)

A vanguard of the New Africa Nation, with a liberated zone within the State of South Carolina.

* "Celebrate Sango: Grand Opening party for `Emu Kafe!" (2014-07-25) []
* "The Ogboni Chiefs of Oyotunji Village in South Carolina released the news of the death of their king" (2011-02) [ link] []

HRM Oba Alase Oba Adefunmi Adejuyigbe Visits Shaw University to kick off African History Month, celebrating National Ancestors Day. Special thanks to Gamma Tau Chapter of Iota Phi Theta Fraternity. A young energetic kick off to African History Month. This event was special because the youth saw the need for African culture on campus.
National Ancestors day at Shaw university. Special thanks to Gamma Tau chapter of Iota Phi Theta Fraternity. A young energetic kick off to African History month. This event was special because the youth saw the need for African culture on campus.

Mama Shashu and Mama Kianga at the sign notifying visitors that they are leaving U.S. territory and entering the Yoruba Kingdom. (2014-02)

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Indigenous Nations shut down California CALTRANS construction project to save their Sacred Sites

"Pomo Leaders, AIM elders and Activists Shut Down Caltrans Construction"
2014-09-23 by Karen Pickett [] [], for more info, visit []:
* Tribal Pomo Representatives, AIM elders and Environmentalists Take Action for Ancient Native Sites and Wetlands.
* Trucks Dumping Fill are Shut Down at the site of the under-construction Caltrans Willits Bypass in Mendocino County.
The Native participants, from Coyote Valley, Sherwood Valley, Potter Valley and the American Indian Movement entered the construction site with the AIM flag, banners and drums for prayers and direct action in conjunction with local environmental activists. (photo by Steve Eberhard, Willits News)
Native American Tribal members, including direct descendants of the Pomo peoples who once populated the Little Lake Valley where Caltrans is currently building an oversized freeway Bypass, joined environmental groups in a powerful protest on the north end of the highway project today. Protestors entered the construction zone north of town in the early morning hours, stopping the fast and furious flow of dirt-filled, double-belly dump trucks that have been working from dawn to dusk to cover the wetlands and archeological sites the activists seek to protect.
Elders and spiritual leaders from local Pomo Indian Bands and the American Indian Movement (AIM) lead the way to threatened cultural sites where prayers were offered for the ancestors. The AIM flag and drum were present near the construction area where Native American cultural artifacts have been discovered. The sites have been documented and fenced off by Caltrans, but are still slated to be destroyed by being permanently graded and buried under the Bypass as currently designed.
“I hear and feel our ancestors cry to save our villages from destruction. The white man’s history repeats itself. We pray that the Creator will hear our prayers”, said Priscilla Hunter, tribal representative for the Coyote Valley Band of Pomo Indians. “Caltrans placated the interests of local ranchers by giving them permanent grazing rights on the mitigation lands and built the viaduct over the railroad track to preserve it, but yet they don’t listen to the Indians’ concerns for protection of our ancestors’ culture or to our call for downsizing the northern interchange to avoid a large village site.”
The Coyote Valley Tribe requested government to government consultations with the Army Corps of Engineers in June, but to date has received no response. Hunter stated that Caltrans was likely in violation of the Clean Water Act 404 Permit General Condition # 3 which specifically references the protection of archeological sites and Section 106 of the National Historic Preservation Act. At this time, Caltrans has refused to provide any further information about the recent cultural findings to Hunter.
The Coyote Valley Band of Pomo Indians letter to the Army Corps of Engineers and their Resolution for Government to Government consultation can be found here.
Over thirty additional sites and more than one hundred artifacts have been identified since Bypass construction in the valley began. One site is thought to be the ancient village site of Yami. After initially assuring the Sherwood Valley Band of Pomo that construction on this large, known site would be avoided, Caltrans destroyed the village completely in the summer of 2013. Equipment operators did not stop work and did not notify the Tribes, as required. Caltrans admitted the destruction months later, calling it "accidental” and blaming faulty maps. Artifacts in Little Lake Valley are so plentiful it has been described by archeologists as an Archeological District.
Some of the cultural sites being “discovered by bulldozer” are on the so-called mitigation lands, acres Caltrans is relying upon to compensate for environmental damage to public values, called “temporal loss”. When cultural sites are identified, the area is set aside, reducing the acreage available for mitigations. Caltrans needs every acre of scarce mitigation land to make up for the temporal losses already incurred by its chronic failure to perform mitigation measures now two years overdue.
Bypass opponents have proposed a smaller, lower impact design to reduce the amount of mitigation lands needed to satisfy requirements that would also save time money as well as some 30 acres of wetlands while avoiding cultural sites. Caltrans had committed to finding ways to reduce the amount of fill used on the northern interchange as one of the conditions of reinstating its previously suspended 404 Operating Permit under lead agency Army Corps of Engineers. Caltrans has proposed only a minimal 3.5 acre reduction carved from minor design adjustments, without evaluating other, less destructive options.
The Coalition to Save Little Lake Valley and others including Earth First!, the Willits Environmental Center and Bay Area Coalition for Headwaters are demanding an immediate halt to all fill activities on the northern interchange pending a significant reduction of impacts to protect both wetlands and cultural sites.
Redwood Nation Earth First!, the Coalition to Save Little Lake Valley and Bay Area Coalition to Save Headwaters said activists would return to the site early Wednesday morning.

"Stops and Starts for Caltrans on Willits Bypass While Native Site Protocol is Scrapped"2014-09-19 from "Bay Area Coalition for Headwaters (BACH)" [✥-buffalo-campaign-show-in-berkeley-sept-26-✥-✥-native-archeological-sites-at-issue-in-caltrans-willits-bypass-campaign-update-✥/] []:
A Temporary Stop Order issued in August had prevented Caltrans from excavating fill from a questionable site, but the court failed to grant a Preliminary Injunction continuing that action on Sept. 8. Meanwhile the Coyote Valley Band of Pomos has been petitioning the Army Corps of Engineers to consult with the Tribes. At issue is Caltrans’ non-compliance with the 404 permit issued by the Corps. A condition of that permit specifically references the protection of archeological sites and references the National Historic Preservation Act. The Coyote Valley Band of Pomo Indians, whose members include lineal descendants of the Little Lake Pomo people aim to prevent any further destruction of known ancestral archeological sites. More collaborative action is planned with Bypass activists and Native Americans, including the Pomos from Coyote Valley and elders and spiritual leaders from the American Indian Movement.
“What good does it do for Indian People to record our history in some books and store our cultural artifacts in boxes in a Caltrans warehouse, then to destroy the site anyway by pouring tons of dirt, concrete and asphalt over it?” asked Priscilla Hunter, tribal representative for Coyote Valley.
Most demands at this juncture focus on the oversize nature of the northern exchange of the Bypass, being built for 4 lanes when the Bypass is 2 lanes. Proposals made to Caltrans, the Army Corps of Engineers, elected representatives and other agencies make the case that downsizing the northern exchange would prevent destruction of significant portions of wetlands and archeological sites now slated for destruction and burying.
Check out the newest issue of Forest & River News, published by the Trees Foundation in Humboldt County [.pdf link at]. We have a short update on Caltrans in the magazine, and a photo of the AIM Spirit Run drummers stop in Willits is on the cover. It’s a great publication for news from the north coast!

"Put the Brakes on Caltrans Before We Lose Wild Rivers, Redwoods, Wetlands, and Sacred Sites Bay Area Coalition for Headwaters"
by Karen Pickett for "Forest & River News" [.pdf link at]:
We have reported earlier on Caltrans’ projects on California’s North Coast, and the links between these projects—that is, Caltrans’ grand agenda to site an I-5 style interstate on the coast. In Mendocino County, Caltrans is building an overly large Bypass on Hwy. 101, destroying rare wetlands and archaeological sites; in Humboldt, Richardson Grove State Park would see damaging excavation around the roots of ancient redwoods if Caltrans has its way, and a similar “realignment” of the 199/197 highway in Del Norte is planned next to the Wild and Scenic Smith River, the last undammed river in California.
In a move that was welcomed by but that stunned long-time opponents of the Bypass project and stung Caltrans, the Army Corps of Engineers (ACE) suspended the permit for the Willits Bypass on June 20th. ACE regulates impacts on federally protected wetlands and waterways. Disappointingly, ACE conditionally reinstated the permit on July 10, but presumably accompanied by greater scrutiny regarding wetlands mitigation. Downsizing of the northern end of the Bypass to reduce wetlands destruction is still the goal for us.
Th e two other projects are held up in the courts—the Federal Court in San Francisco issued a Preliminary Injunction on May 5th halting any work on the Smith River Project until the case fi led by EPIC, the Center for Biological Diversity, and Friends of Del Norte goes to trial in November. Environmental groups have won positive decisions in State and Federal Court for Richardson Grove, and after submitting updated documents as per court requirements, Caltrans’ timetable is not entirely clear. Despite a comprehensive independent review of Caltrans released in January 2014 that found Caltrans to be stuck in a car-centric archaic culture needing serious reform, the state has not acted. Th e North Coast is suff ering from this inertia.
Over 50 people were arrested last year in protests to stop Caltrans construction of the Bypass in Willits and advocate for alternative plans. In addition to the issues of wetlands destruction, a long list of missed deadlines and violations of the Migratory Bird Act, Clean Water Act, numerous permit violations, and other habitat threats, it came to the attention of local Tribes that archaeological sites were buried under new fi ll without Tribal consultation, as required by law.
Dumping on archaeological sites first came to light in September 2013, months after the Sherwood Valley Band of Pomo Indians repeatedly asked Caltrans to “plot all known cultural resource locations onto existing project plans ... ensure responsible in-field monitoring of these locations,” and to place barriers around seven known archaeological sites. None of these things were done, and the issue was subsequently also taken up by the Coyote Valley Band of Pomo Indians with action that included a resolution in opposition to the Bypass.
Most recently, it was learned that another archaeological site was damaged by construction crews on June 12th, 2014. The damage occurred in the area where Caltrans is carrying out “environmental mitigation.” The Coyote Valley Band of Pomo Indians is currently involved in government-to-government consultations with Caltrans and the Federal Highway Administration regarding damage done to ancestral sites. Tribal Representative Priscilla Hunter said, “There are so many archaeological sites in the construction area that the California Office of Historic Preservation has declared that the entire area of the Bypass could be designated an ‘archaeological district,’ and thus our Tribe has called for a downsizing of the Project’s footprint in order to protect these sites.”
Photo caption: Priscilla Hunter, representative of the Coyote Valley Band of Pomo Indians with Fred Short, spiritual leader of AIM, as the AIM Spirit Runners are welcomed into the park in Willits where they stopped to offer solidarity with Caltrans Bypass opponents. (Ree Slocum photography)
At a June 8th rally at the site of destroyed wetlands and desecrated archaeological sites, Native representatives from Coyote Valley, Round Valley Indian Reservation, and elsewhere joined environmentalists for speeches, ceremony, and prayers. In a show of solidarity with local Tribes, the annual American Indian Movement (AIM) Spirit Run made a stop in Willits on June 26th to oppose the Bypass, with a run down Main St. and ceremony in the downtown park with the community.
Put the Brakes on Caltrans! We must not allow unnecessary highway expansion to threaten northern California’s ancient redwoods, salmon runs, state parks, wild rivers, and remaining wetlands. The ecological
cost is too high and we don’t need it.
For more information:
* Bay Area Coalition for Headwaters (BACH) []
* [] (SOLLV)

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"The new PKK unleashed a social revolution in Kurdistan"

Kurdistan [link]

originally posted by "Organisation Communiste Libertarie (OCL)" [], machine translation posted at []

Date Wed, 03 Sep 2014 13:32:51 +0300

By way of introduction ---- The positions and policies of the party references Kurdish PKK national liberation open with Turkey war began to change in the late 1990s, when its leader Abdullah Öcalan, imprisoned for life in the post-Soviet context of collapse of "actually existing socialism", discovered the theoretical reflections of social ecology developed by the activist and intellectual anarchist-communist Murray Bookchin étatsunien. ---- The PKK has endorsed and adapted the ideas of the influential and controversial anarchist theorist, as well as other intellectuals and movements (such as the Zapatistas) and has integrated its own proposal, the Democratic confederalism. The latter began to be implemented in the organizational structures of the Kurdish liberation movement and the territories in which it has a presence, founding peoples of the Confederation of Kurdistan (KCK) and by boosting a new dynamic: a movement social transformation assembléiste and federalist, supporting the 'national question' and trying to be a political response backs to diagram of the nation-state and its impasses.
singular dynamics under the regional context in that it opposes frontally all the dominant trends in competition or conflict; defending secularism, equality, women's liberation and the struggle against patriarchy, experimenting economy (of war) to break with capitalism and productivism, reinventing and putting into practice a re-appropriation of politics by establishment of an embryo territorial political autonomy, the establishment of a power of local and municipal assemblies and exceeding separations and incarcerations identity by taking into account the existence of minorities and singularity and plurality of social issues... Vast site.

In recent months, the guerrillas - men and women - of the Turkish PKK moved first to Syria and then recently in Iraq to fight jihadist forces the Islamic State alongside their comrades in other branches of the national liberation movement and Social Kurdish. These fighter-es are now the only ones to stand up to the jihadists, Syria and Iraq, the only practical to encourage and help people to create their own self-defense units (especially right now the Yezidi refugees expelled from the region of Sinjar) and to push back the Islamists, to rout them, despite the imbalance, particularly on the material plane of military equipment.

We have largely addressed the issues at several levels of the "Kurdish revolution" underway on this site or Alternatieve Current and will continue to do so. Because today, the policy proposal of the Kurdish movement beyond the scope of single Kurdistan and its internal conflicts. It begins to appear - and this is seen in the context of the balance sheet, the failure of insiders in 2011-2012 called "Arab Spring" revolutionary process, and then questions started by this sequence and since remained unanswered - as a tangible proposal reopens a perspective as a valid response for the entire Mediterranean and Middle Eastern macro-region: an alternative to all systems of oppression, without exception, from the territorial divisions of the colonial era and of the 1st World War, both the rags of the "Arab nationalism" one-party and related military dictatorships, different variants of political Islam, the various oil monarchies of the Arabian Peninsula and the Persian Gulf, the pseudo-democracies capitalist oligarchies / imperialist Western fashion.

Here we publish a translation of a recently published in English, which has, once again, the contents of the proposals and applied by the movements of the Left Kurdish and update text.

It goes without saying that, like other texts and documents that we publish regularly, it reflects only the views of its author. If we assume the publication is, firstly, because we find the issues and concerns that are close to us, but on the other hand, and especially by what he brings as elements of information, understanding and analysis of the conflicts, wars, social transformation process underway that we are no strangers and now greatly draw a map of the world (geographic, social, political...) that us, simply because it includes us and we will determine.

August 31, 2014 - XYZ / OCLibertaire

The new PKK unleashed a social revolution in Kurdistan

Rafael Taylor, August 17, 2014

[ROARmag - Reflections on a Revolution ].

As the prospect of Kurdish independence became more and more imminent, the Kurdistan Workers Party (PKK) has turned into a force fighting for radical democracy.

Excluded from the negotiations and betrayed by the Treaty of Lausanne in 1923 by the Allies of World War I who promised their own state after the partition of the Ottoman Empire, the Kurds are the largest stateless minority in the world. But today, with the exception of a stubborn Iran, there remain some obstacles to Kurdish independence de jure in northern Iraq. Turkey and Israel have pledged their support, while the hands of Syria and Iraq are linked by the rapid progress of the Islamic State (formerly EIIL).

With the Kurdish flag flying on all official buildings and peshmerga [Armed Forces of the Kurdistan Regional Government in Iraqi Kurdistan. NdT] now the Islamists at the door of Kurdistan through an American military aid long-awaited Southern Kurdistan (Iraq) joined their comrades in the Western Kurdistan (Syria) as the second autonomous region de facto the new Kurdistan. They have already started exporting their own oil and resumed oil-rich region of Kirkuk, they have their own elected parliament, secular and pluralistic society. They made their application for recognition as a state at the UN and there is nothing that the Iraqi government can do that-or the United States want to do without the support of Israel - to stop it.

The Kurdish struggle, however, is far from being narrowly nationalistic. In the mountains above Arbil, in the historic heart of Kurdistan, which winds through the borders of Turkey, Iran, Iraq and Syria, a social revolution was born.

Image: Current Map of Syria and Iraq. Yellow in northern Syria are controlled by the Kurds of Syria, in green in the northern Iraqi areas are controlled by the Iraqi Kurds (source: Wikimedia Commons) areas.

The theory of democratic confederalism

At the turn of the century, while the radical étatsunien Murray Bookchin had failed in his attempt to revitalize the contemporary anarchist movement with its philosophy of social ecology, Abdullah Öcalan, the founder and leader of the PKK, was arrested in Kenya by Turkish authorities and sentenced to death for treason. In the years that followed, the old anarchist gained an unlikely supporter in the hardened militant, whose paramilitary organization - the Kurdistan Workers' Party - is widely regarded as a terrorist organization to lead a violent national liberation war against Turkey.

In his years of solitary confinement - the PKK leader is behind bars since his sentence was commuted to life imprisonment - Öcalan has adopted a form of libertarian socialism so obscure that few anarchists had heard: the Libertarian Municipalism Bookchin. Ocalan was subsequently modified and renamed attenuated vision Bookchin as the "democratic confederalism" with the result that the Union of Kurdistan Communities (KCK Koma Civakên or Kurdistan), territorial experience PKK a free society based on direct democracy, has remained largely a secret to most anarchists, and more for the general public.

Although the conversion Öcalan was the turning point, the rebirth of a wider literature and independent libertarian left began to blow in the mountains and passed from hand to hand among the base of the movement after the collapse of the Soviet Union in the 1990s. "(They) were analyzed books and articles philosophers, feminists, of (neo) anarchists, libertarian communists, communalists and social ecologists. Thus writers such as Murray Bookchin (and others) have their attention ", says the Kurdish militant Ercan Ayboga.

Öcalan was launched in his writings from prison into a deep review and criticism of the terrible violence, dogmatism, the personality cult and authoritarianism that had favored: "It became clear that our Theoretically, our program and praxis of the 1970s produced nothing but a vain separatism and violence, and, what is worse, that nationalism which we should oppose, has plagued us all. Even if we were opposed to his principles and his rhetoric, we have nevertheless accepted as inevitable". Once the undisputed leader, Ocalan said that the "dogmatism thrives on abstract truths that become common ways of thinking. Once you put these general truths into words, you feel like a high priest in the service of his god. This is the mistake I made."

Öcalan, atheist, has written of late as a free thinker, free from mythology Marxist-Leninist account. He said he was looking for an "alternative to capitalism" and a "replacement model of the ruined..." actually existing socialism '" when he met Bookchin. His theory of democratic confederalism developed from a combination of intellectual inspiration communalist of "movements like the Zapatistas" and other historical factors from the fight Northern Kurdistan (Turkey). Öcalan declared himself that he was a student of Bookchin, and after the failure of an electronic correspondence with old theorist, who was with great regret too ill to continue in 2004 an exchange of correspondence from his deathbed The PKK has honored him by declaring that he was "one of the greatest social scientists of the twentieth century" to mark the second anniversary of his death.

The practice of democratic confederalism

The PKK has apparently followed his leader, not only through the specific label Bookchin eco-anarchism, but also by actively internalizing this new philosophy in its strategy and tactics. The movement has abandoned its bloody war for the Stalinist / Maoist revolution and the methods of terror that accompanied it, and began to consider a largely non-violent strategy for greater regional autonomy.

After decades of fratricidal betrayal, to cease fire and missed no future, arbitrary detentions and times of hostilities on April 25 this year, the PKK announced an immediate withdrawal of its forces from Turkey and their redeployment in northern Iraq, ending a 30-year conflict with the Turkish state. The Turkish government has undertaken simultaneously in a process of constitutional and legal reform to devote human and cultural rights of the Kurdish minority within its borders. This is the latest in a long-awaited between Öcalan and Turkish Prime Minister Erdogan negotiation as part of a peace process that began in 2012 There was no violence by the PKK for a year and reasonable have been calls for the PKK to be removed from the global list of terrorist organizations.

It remains, however, a dark story attached to PKK authoritarian practices that do not fit with his new libertarian rhetoric. At various times, its branches have been accused or suspected of raising funds for heroin trafficking, extortion, forced recruitment and extortion large scale. If this is true, there is no excuse for this kind of opportunism mafia, despite the obvious irony that genocidal Turkish state itself was largely financed by the lucrative monopoly on legal export to West of opiates "medical" cultivated by the state, and made possible by compulsory military service and taxes for a huge anti-terror budget and armed forces oversized (Turkey has the second largest army in NATO after United States).

This is the usual hypocrisy in the war against terrorism: when national liberation movements mimic the brutality of the state, it is invariably not shown designated as terrorists. Öcalan himself described this shameful period as one of "gangs within our organization and openly practice banditry, [which] organized acts dangerous, useless, sending mass of young people to death".

Anarchist currents in the fight

As a further sign that he abandoned his Marxist-Leninist orientation, the PKK began making explicit overtures to the international anarchism, even hosting a workshop at the Anarchist International Meeting of Saint-Imier, Switzerland in 2012, which caused confusion, disarray and online discussions, but went largely unnoticed in the anarchist press in general.

Janet Biehl, widow of Bookchin, is one of the few Western anarchists who studied KCK in the field and has written about his experiences on the website New Compass also sharing talks with Kurdish radicals involved in day to day operations of democratic assemblies and federal structures, as well as the English translation and publication of the first anarchist major study in the form of a book on the topic: Democratic autonomy in Northern Kurdistan: Movement Councils Liberation Gender and Ecology (2013) [ Democratic Autonomy in North Kurdistan: The Council Movement, Gender Liberation, and Ecology].

The only other English anarchist voice is the Kurdistan Anarchist Forum (KAF), a pacifist group of Iraqi Kurds living in Europe who claim not to have "links with other leftist groups". While supporting a federal Kurdistan, the KAF said he "will not support the PKK when it has completely abandoned the armed struggle, participate in the organization of popular movements as a basis for meeting the social needs of the population, denounce and dismantle its methods of struggle centralized and hierarchical and rather become a federation of autonomous local groups, cut all ties and relations with states in the Middle East and the West, denounced the policy of charismatic power, and will be converted to the anti-statism and anti-authoritarianism, only then we will be happy to cooperate fully with them."

In the following text in Bookchin

That day (except pacifism) may not be far off. The PKK / KCK seems to follow the social ecology of Bookchin to the letter, with almost everything, up to and including his contradictory participation in the state apparatus by the elections, as was prescribed in his American anarchist writings.

As written by Joost Jongerden and Ahmed Akkaya, "Bookchin's work distinguishes between two conceptions of politics, the Greek and the Roman model model", that is to say, direct democracy and representative democracy. Bookchin sees his form of neo-anarchism as a practical revival of the ancient Athenian revolution. "model of Athens are as against the current, and an underground stream, finding expression in the Paris Commune of 1871, boards ( soviets) in the debut of the 1917 revolution in Russia and the Spanish revolution of 1936."

Communalism Bookchin contains a five-step approach:

Empower existing municipalities through the law to locate the decision-making power.
Democratize these municipalities through base assemblies.
Uniting municipalities "in regional networks and wider confederations [...] work gradually replace nation-states by municipal confederations" while ensuring that "the highest levels of the confederation are mainly functions of coordination and administration".
"Joining progressive social movements" to strengthen civil society and establish "a common focal point for initiatives and movements of all citizens": the assemblies. This cooperation is not designed "because we would expect to always find a harmonious consensus but rather because we believe in disagreement and deliberation. A company develops the debates and conflicts". In addition, the meetings must be secular struggle "against religious influences on politics and government" and must become "an arena of class struggle."
To realize his vision of a "classless society based on collective political control of socially important means of production", it is called the "municipalization of the economy" and the establishment of a " confederal allocation of resources to ensure regional balance ". In simple terms, this is equivalent to a combination of self-management and participatory planning to meet social needs: a classic anarchist economy.

As said Eirik Eiglad, former editor and analyst Bookchin KCK:

Of particular importance is the need to combine the ideas of feminist and progressive environmentalists with new urban movements and citizen initiatives, as well as trade unions, cooperatives and local community...
We believe communalist ideas of one based on assemblies democracy can help to bring this progressive exchange of ideas on a more permanent basis, and with more direct political consequences. Yet communalism is not only a tactical means to unite these radical movements. Our call for municipal democracy is an attempt to bring reason and ethics to the outpost public debates.

For Ocalan, democratic confederalism means a "democratic society, ecological and gender liberated", or simply "democracy without the state". He explicitly opposes the "capitalist modernity" and "modern democracy", in which "the three former basics: capitalism, the nation-state and industrialism" are replaced by "a democratic nation, and communal economy. ecological industry " This means "three projects: one for the democratic republic, one for the Democratic confederalism and for democratic self-government";

The concept of "democratic republic" refers primarily to the procurement, long denied, citizenship and civil rights of the Kurds, including the ability to speak and teach their language freely. Democratic autonomy and democratic confederalism make reference to both "autonomous capacities of people and a more direct form of political structure, less representative".

Meanwhile, Jongerden Akkaya and stressed that "the free model Municipalism aims to achieve bottom-up approach (" bottom-up ") in the design and operation of a participatory administrative body, from local to provincial". The "concept of free citizens ( ozgur yarttas ) [is] a starting point " which "includes basic civil liberties such as freedom of expression and organization". The basic units of the model are the neighborhood assemblies or "advice" as they are called either.

There popular participation in the councils, including from non-Kurdish people, and while the neighborhood assemblies are strong in several provinces, "in Diyarbakir, the largest city in Turkish Kurdistan, there are meetings almost everywhere. " Moreover, "in the provinces of Hakkari and Sirnak... there are two parallel authorities [KCK and State], including democratic confederal structure is the most powerful in practice. " The KCK in Turkey "is organized at the village level (köy), urban area (mahalle), district (Ilce), city (Kent), and region (Bölge), which is called "Kurdistan North."

The "higher" the federation in northern Kurdistan level, the DTK (Democratic Society Congress) is a mixture of shop stewards elected by their peers with revocable mandates, which constitute 60% of all representatives and to "more than five hundred organizations of civil society, trade unions and political parties" that make up the remaining 40%, of which about 6% are "reserved for representatives of religious minorities, academics and other professionals and others with a particular point of view."

The proportion within 40% of those who are similarly delegated directly Groups democratic civil society and non-statist compared to those who were not elected or are appointed by the bureaucracies of political parties is unclear. The overlap of individuals between independent Kurdish movements and Kurdish political parties as well as the internalization of many aspects of the process of direct democracy by these parties, further complicate the situation. However, the informal emerging consensus among observers is that the majority of decision-making procedures is direct democracy in one way or another; that most of these decisions are made at the local level; and that decisions are taken from the base, according to the federal structure.

Because the assemblies and the DTK is coordinated by illegal KCK, which includes the PKK, they are designated as "terrorists" by Turkey and the so-called international community (EU, USA and others). The DTK also selects candidates of the BDP, the pro-Kurdish party (Party for Peace and Democracy) to the Turkish Parliament, which offers "democratic autonomy" for Turkey, a combination of representative democracy and democracy Direct. In accordance with the federal model, it proposes the creation of about 20 regions autogouverneraient directly (as the anarchist scheme, not Switzerland) "education, health, culture, agriculture, industry, social services and security, women's issues, Youth and Sports", with the state continuing to conduct "foreign affairs, finance and defense."

The social revolution is taking off

Meanwhile, on the ground, the revolution has already begun. In Turkish Kurdistan, there is an independent educational movement "academies" that organizes forums and seminars in neighborhoods. In the municipality of Safe Amed [Kurdish name Diyarbak?r NdT], where a street is called "Street Culture", the mayor Abdullah Demirbas welcomes the "diversity of religions and belief systems" and declares that "We started to restore a mosque, a Catholic church Chaldeo- araméenne-, an Armenian Orthodox church and a Jewish synagogue".
Jongerden and Akkaya reported elsewhere that "the DTP municipalities have launched a" multilingual municipal services, "which sparked heated debate. Panels municipal indicators were erected in Kurdish and Turkish, and local businesses have followed suit".

Women's liberation is followed by the women themselves through the initiatives of the Council of Women of DTK, which establishes new rules "quotas for women forty percent" in the assemblies. If an official beats his wife, his salary is transferred directly to the battered woman to maintain their financial security and its use as it sees fit. "In Gewer if the husband takes a second wife, half his estate will go to first. "

There are "Peace Villages" community cooperatives, new or rebuilt, applying their own program completely outside the logistical constraints of the Kurdish-Turkish war. The first of these communities has been built in the province of Hakkari, bordering Iraq and Iran, where "several villages" have joined the experiment. In the province of Van, "an ecological village women" is being built to house the victims of domestic violence, self-sufficient "for all or almost all the electricity needed."

KCK holds meetings twice a year in the mountains with hundreds of delegates from each of the four countries, with priority on its agenda, the threat of the Islamic State to the autonomy of Kurdistan southern and western. Iranian and Syrian parties affiliated to the KCK, the PJAK (Party for a Free Life in Kurdistan) and PYD (Democratic Union Party) also highlight the democratic confederalism. The Iraqi party of the KCK, the PCDK (Party for a democratic solution of Kurdistan) is relatively small because the (centrist KDP) Kurdistan Democratic Party in power and its leader Massoud Barzani, president of Iraqi Kurdistan, has only recently stopped harassing him and began to tolerate.

But in the mountainous regions of Iraqi Kurdistan to the north, to where most of the guerrillas and guerrilla PKK and PJAK, radical literature and assemblies flourish, with the integration of many Kurds from the mountains after decades of travel. In recent weeks, these activists have descended from the northern mountains to fight alongside the peshmerga against the Iraqi EIIL, saving 20,000 Yezidis and Christians in the mountains of Sinjar and were visited Barzani in a public display gratitude and solidarity, but especially to Turkey and the United States in a quandary.

Syrian PYD followed the example of Turkish Kurdistan in the revolutionary transformation of the autonomous region under its control since the outbreak of the civil war. After the "mass arrests" of Baathist repression, with "10,000 prisoners, including Mayors, local party leaders, elected officials, executives and activists [...] PYD Kurdish forces overthrew the regime of the party Baas in northern Syria, or Western Kurdistan, [and] local councils have hatched everywhere. " The Self-Defense Committees were improvised to provide "security after the fall of the Baathist regime" and "the first school teacher Kurdish" was established at the same time that the advice intervened in the equitable distribution of the bread and gasoline.

In Kurdistan of Turkey, Syria, and to a lesser extent in Iraqi Kurdistan, women are now free to expose and strongly encouraged to participate in social life. The old feudal ties are broken, people are free to follow any religion or none, and ethnic and religious minorities coexist peacefully. If they are able to contain the new caliphate, the autonomy of PYD in Syrian Kurdistan and the influence of KCK in Iraqi Kurdistan could serve as a catalyst for a deeper explosion of culture and revolutionary values.

June 30, 2012, the National Coordination Committee for Democratic Change (NCB), the largest coalition of the revolutionary left in Syria, whose PYD is the main group, adopted "the draft democratic self and democratic confederalism as a possible model for Syria ".

Defend the Kurdish revolution against the Islamic state

Turkey, meanwhile, has threatened to invade the Kurdish regions if "terrorist bases were located in Syria", when hundreds of fighters KCK (including PKK) across the Kurdistan crossing the border defend Rojava (west) face of the advance of the Islamic State. The PYD says the moderate Islamist government of Turkey is already engaged in a proxy war against them, facilitating the transit of international jihadists across the border to help fight alongside the Islamists.

In Iraqi Kurdistan, Massoud Barzani, whose guerrillas fought with Turkey against the PKK in the 1990s in exchange for access to Western markets, called for a "Kurdish united front" in Syria through an alliance with PYD. Barzani had signed in 2012 with Salih Muslim, leader of PYD, the "Erbil Agreement" form the Kurdish National Council and recognizing that "all parties are serious and determined to continue to work together".

Yet as the study and practice of libertarian socialist ideas among management and the basics of KCK is certainly a positive development, it remains to be seen how far this influence is serious enough to abandon their bloody authoritarian past. The Kurdish struggle for self-determination and cultural sovereignty is a glimmer of hope amid the dark clouds are gathering over the Islamic state and inter-fascist bloody wars between Islamism and Baathism religious sectarianism that gave them birth.

A socially progressive and secular pan-Kurdish revolution, with libertarian socialist elements, unifying the Iraqi and Syrian Kurds and conditioner struggles in Turkey and Iran can still be a prospect. Meanwhile, those of us who like the idea of civilization must acknowledge their gratitude to the Kurds, who are fighting on the front lines day and night against jihadist Islamist fascism in Syria and Iraq, defending the values of their lives of radical democracy.

"Kurds have no friends but the mountains"
- Kurdish Proverb

Rafael Taylor is a libertarian socialist activist and freelance journalist living in Melbourne. He is also host of the radio show "Floodgates of Anarchy," a member of the ASF-IWA (AIT) and coordinator of the Alliance of the Libertarian Left in Melbourne.

Source: http: //

Translation: XYZ / OCLibertaire


To go further...


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New Africa national development program offered by NationTime.Org

Freedom for the captive nation of New Africa [link]!

Build your Nation. Claim Your Free Shares of the program!
“Free shares !?” “What’s the catch?” - These are frequently asked questions about www.NationTime.Org's unprecedented gifting of free ownership shares to all Black people. Well...there is a catch…its YOU! But you don't have to buy anything. Just have unity in action.
If we can bring our people together economically, this would give us real power to bring about REAL change in our communities. We can all grow in wealth, as there would be a common interest in working for the success of NationTime Businesses, and each Member-Owner's personal business. As the participating collective grows at it will allow us to spend our yearly $1.1 trillion wisely, amongst ourselves. IT'S A WIN For EVERYONE!
So again, We invite you to your OWN social network / social commerce platform, to build better lives and ultimately a more empowered people.
In order to have something we've never had in America, we have to do something we've never done in America...Unite as ONE People. From ONE Source, with ONE Aim, toward ONE Destiny. The time is Now! It’s #NationTime.

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Ferguson Rebellion addressed by Universal African People’s Organization

New Africans defending the People at Ferguson, in the State of Missouri [link]

"Interview with St. Louis community leader Zaki Baruti"2014-08-21 by Ben Becker for "Liberation News" []:
Zaki Baruti is the President-General of the Universal African People’s Organization. He sat down with Liberation for an interview last week.
(Photo: Zaki Baruti of the Universal African People’s Organization leads a protest in Ferguson.)

Ben Becker: People all over the world are watching St. Louis. How would you, as someone who has been centrally involved, characterize what is going on there?
Zaki Baruti: I characterize it as justified, righteous outrage among many of the youth in the community, as well as the elders, at what happened to a young man, who was about to enter another new stage of his life and go to college. That’s a young man named Michael Brown who was brutally shot multiple times, over 8 times, by a killer cop whose identity we still do not have as of today.
That senseless murder has caused a major event that many of the authorities cannot put a complete handle on. I look at it as a righteous rebellion.

Ben Becker: Why do you think the rebellion has broken out?
Zaki Baruti: The killing of Michael Brown is a small symptom of what is taking place across America where young Black man are brutalized by the police forces.
It’s also sad to say that in the city of Ferguson, in a city that is 63% Black, there are 53 commissioned officers and only 3 are Black. That speaks to a situation that is not peculiar to Ferguson — it is like that in many other cities. In the cities across America, our organization, the Universal African People’s organization, as well as the Coalition on Police Crimes and Repression, we say that the police forces should reflect the ethnic communities they patrol. But that’s not the case in Ferguson or St. Louis.
Ten years ago the Missouri General Assembly mandated that the Attorney General conduct yearly studies to see if we had an epidemic of DWB (Driving While Black.) And every year there are proven statistics that show that Black people are disproportionately stopped and arrested.
The frustrations of our youth are compounded by the fact of tremendous unemployment, poor educational system, families that have been split by the disproportionate incarceration of Black people — this is the country with the most prisoners in the world. We are also calling for financial investment, similar to what happened after World War II when they had the Marshall Plan to infuse dollars from the United States to rebuild the war torn cities in Europe. We’re saying the same thing has to be done for the cities here.

Ben Becker: Are there organized forces taking the lead in St. Louis and Ferguson?
Zaki Baruti: There are several key grassroots organizations that have consistently spoken truth to power and made efforts to organize our youth to address the issues of police brutality and harassment. In addition to the groups I represent, there is the Tauheed Youth Organization, led by a brother Anthony Shahid who has been working diligently. You have the New Black Panther Party on the ground there, Nation of Islam Mosque #28, the Organization for Black Struggle, the Moorish Science Temple.
But let me be clear: there are many spontaneous protests organized by youth who do not belong to any particular organization. Out of this struggle, we’re hoping to mobilize them into some form of organized movement in terms of attracting them to our organizations or any others that speak truth to power.

Ben Becker: Why do you think building such organizations is so important?
Zaki Baruti: To deal with the ills of this society people have to be organized. Therefore, our message is that everybody needs to belong to an organization — preferably one that is real strong and not afraid to deal with the issues of the day.

Ben Becker: What is your message to people who are outside of St. Louis, and might be feeling powerless as to what to do?
Zaki Baruti: One, we are planning a National Day of protest and support in the memory of Michael Brown. But not just him — also the brother Eric Garner who was just choked to death in New York, Oscar Grant, Amadou Diallo and so on. This will be a protest against police violence and we’ll be announcing a date soon.
We’ll be asking masses of people — 10,000 to 30,000 people — to come to the St. Louis area to support us in our just cause. And for those who cannot come to hold solidarity rallies in the communities where they live.
We also ask that people across the country search online for the office number of the St. Louis County Prosecutor Bob McCulloch, and bombard it with calls demanding that the officer be indicted and vigorously prosecuted with a conviction.

Ben Becker: What has been the response of the prosecutor thus far?
Zaki Baruti: At one of our demonstrations outside the St. Louis County Justice Center, where the prosecutor has his office, we were going to send a delegation of five people to meet with him. When he saw the list and saw my name on it, he said I could not come. Out of principle, the other people refused to meet with him also based on that. They cannot determine who is going to go and negotiated and represent our people.

Ben Becker: For those who are hearing from the media that there is a looting and criminal element taking over at night in Ferguson, how would you respond to that?
Zaki Baruti: It’s another falsehood. Although there was some of that — and I don’t call it “looting,” I call it the liberation of some of the goods that have been stolen from the people over the centuries — that has not been an ongoing situation. What has actually taken place is that a number of young people have come to the forefront daily, in the daylight and in the evening, to express their outrage. They have been by and large peaceful. All they have done is block the streets of the major thoroughfares, somewhat similar to what took place in Egypt at Tahrir Square and other places where there have been rebellions of the masses of people. The theme has been “enough is enough.”
As an elder, I’m in absolute agreement with it because it could as easily been my son or grandchildren. So we have to create an environment where these injustice do not occur any longer.

Wednesday, August 20, 2014

The Huey P. Newton Gun Club, of Dallas, Texas

For the defense of the People of New Africa [link], a nation captive in the USA.


"N. TX demonstrators protest police shootings"
2014-08-20 from "" []:
Several rallies took place Wednesday in both Dallas and Arlington, where demonstrators protested against police shootings.
The streets of downtown Dallas were filled Wednesday night with hundreds of demonstrators.
The rally started at 8 p.m. and was part of an event called Don't Shoot Dallas. It was sparked on social media with the hashtag #DontShoot.
Earlier Wednesday, other demonstrators held an open carry gun march through South Dallas to protest against police shootings.
Organizers there said the show of force served as a reminder of the right to bear arms to protect themselves from criminals and from police.
About 30 men and women with the Huey P. Newton Gun Club rallied through the streets, focusing on deadly police shootings from the Ferguson, MO shooting death of teen Michael Brown to shootings by local police.
Some carried long guns, rifles, shotguns and AR-15s, while others carried signs others and wore messages.
“I think it's a good thing,” said Reginald Cofer with Mothers Against Teen Violence.
“They are trying to protect the community,” said Jacey Cofer with Mothers Against Teen Violence. “At the city hall meeting the other day, we got no answers. It's been a bunch of murders, the cops are not being accountable for it, and we want answers.” 
The marchers entered a south Dallas restaurant with their weapons, where Dallas police officers inside were finishing eating lunch.
“My brother was killed by Dallas police back in June,” said David Harrison, whose brother, Jason, was shot and killed by Dallas police June 14.
Police were called to the Harrison home on that day by Jason's mother, and police said Jason lunged at them with a screwdriver.
Jason's family is still waiting for answers.
“Trying to have patience and just keeping busy staying with everything and hoping that the right thing is gonna be done,” said David.
People watched as the marchers worked their way along Malcolm X Boulevard, and Dallas police in a black SUV provided unsolicited security for the demonstrators.
One of them, Drew X with the New Black Panther Party, warned, “If they don't get these people under control with this police brutality and this abuse, this gonna be an international crisis.”
The gun club takes its name from Huey P. Newton, one of the founders of the original Black Panther Party that evolved in the 1960s.
UT Arlington students also peacefully protested against police brutality on Wednesday as well.
“It really hit home with me because of [Michael Brown's] age,” said UTA student and rally organizer Bryana Peoples. “He's within our generation and I feel our generation should know about this situation.” 
Former Arlington Assistant Police Chief James Hawthorne believes there can and needs to be more mutual trust between police and the public.
“The vast majority of police officers in our country are decent, hardworking men and women trying to do their job under extraordinary circumstances, and I know because I spent 28 years as a police officer,” said Hawthorne.

Tuesday, August 19, 2014

Rebellion in Ferguson update

Ferguson Rebellion addressed by Universal African People’s Organization (2014-08-21) [link]

"Ferguson Police Reportedly Shot Pastor Renita Lamkin With Rubber Bullet During Protest (PHOTOS)"
2014-08-14 by Yasmine Hafiz for "The Huffington Post"[]:
A pastor said she was shot with a rubber bullet on Wednesday during a protest in Ferguson, Missouri, as clashes with police continued over the fatal shooting of unarmed teen Michael Brown.
Renita Lamkin, an African Methodist Episcopal church pastor, told The Huffington Post that she was "standing in the middle of the street, with people behind me, and the police were in front of me." Lamkin said she was attempting to mediate between police and protesters the demonstration and told the police, "They're moving, they're leaving."
"And then there was a pop!" she said, as a rubber bullet struck her stomach.
Photos of her injuries have added to protesters' questions about the use of such projectiles, which can cause serious wounds [].
Tensions with police have mounted since Brown's death on Saturday as crowds of protestors have demanded accountability and answers. The teen was walking with a friend on the street to his grandmother's house when he was pulled over by an officer. St. Louis police have said the shooting happened after Brown got into an altercation with the officer, whose name has not been released. As protests continue, with many residents saying the shooting was racially charged, images of tear gas, rubber bullets and tanks have horrified Americans watching the news unfold.
A widely circulated Instagram of Lamkin's injuries shows a large, bloody bruise. She said she was hit while standing, because her motto is, "Pray on your feet!"
‏Posted at @iamTnaz []: Rev. Renita Lamkin was praying and protesting with us yesterday and she was shoot with a rubber bullet… []

Jon Swaine [], a reporter with The Guardian, witnessed Lamkin protesting while "calmly repeating, 'Jesus, Jesus, Jesus.'"

According to reports, she was part of a group of people who had gathered outside of the Ferguson Police Department to demand the release of Alderman Antonio French, who was arrested and later released [].
A Vine post said, "This pastor was shot with a 60 cal rubber bullet but she's still here fighting the good fight and protecting others!"

Posted by Tef Poe/FootKlan at @TefPoe []: We are outside the Ferguson PD demanding the release of Antonio French [].

Tef Poe [], a St. Louis-based recording artist recording many scenes of protest, wrote: [begin excerpt]
For all of those that claim this is a joke or think we are being irrational this lady is a pastor she was praying while they shot her .. We were outside waiting for the release of Antonio French and the armored vehicles showed up ! Tell me why this is acceptable? How is this right ? Mike Brown is more than a trending topic people are out here fighting for his legacy! We will have justice Ferguson Police Department your days are numbered I promise you this!!!!! hands up don't shoot !
[end excerpt]

Lamkin said her main goal was for "everybody to go home. The police and the people." She added, "We're not here to fight the police. We're here to fight the system."
After his release, French shared a picture of Lamkin on Twitter


Lamkin's son, rapper and recording artist Darren Jackson [], shared a photo of her protesting on Instagram, commenting, "Praying for my mom. Wishing I could be there with you on the front lines."

Lamkin said the best way for people of peace to heal the community's wounds is to "love people, love people. Listen to them."
"All people want is to be validated, to know their lives have value. People just want their voices to be heard," she said. "The people are hurting, and they need to be heard. And if you don't give people the opportunity to be heard, they'll take the opportunity to be heard."

White-American "KKK" calls for reward for security agent who murdered New African in Ferguson, Missouri (2014-08-14) [link]

"Police Murder in Ferguson, Missouri: March on Ferguson Is Needed to Demand Justice!"
2014-08-15 by Jim Hays for "the Organizer":
St. LOUIS -- Walking down the middle of the street in their home town of Ferguson, Missouri, Mike Brown and his friend Dorian Johnson were technically jaywalking. But in no way was a violent response, much less a police execution -- which is what Brown's father has called it -- warranted.
There was a time when the residents of the African American community districts in North St. Louis City had better conditions. Many had good jobs with better wages in auto, electrical, ship building, and steel. Entire factories have since closed down or moved out of town. Poverty -- with an overall unemployment rate of 20%; and more than double that for Black youth -- is the order of the day in the suburbs of North St. Louis County.
These are districts that not long ago were predominantly white. But the government structures of these communities do not reflect the changing demographics of these areas. For example, 69% of the population is African American -- but only 16% of the City Council, the mayor, and three city cops are Black. The are no Black members on the Ferguson/Florissant school board.
Police harassment and abuse, especially of Black youth, is commonplace. There is a long record of police brutality by both Ferguson and St. Louis County police. One need only to remember the police murder of Anna Brown in Richmond Heights last year.
The facts of the Michael Brown public execution are well known given the public statements by his friend Dorian Johnson and by Ms. Mitchell, who were eye witnesses to the multiple shooting of this teenager. So far the police has not revealed the name of the killer cop.
The case has now been taken over by the St. Louis County Police Department -- but the community has absolutely no confidence in the ability of the St. Louis cops to police their own. Many community leaders and Black politicians have called for a federal investigation. Yet these investigations take a long time and often result in the cover-up of truth and justice.
What is really needed is an immediate National March of labor and community leaders in Ferguson to demand full justice for Michael Brown. An important step in this direction would be the creation of an independent civilian police review board with subpeona powers in St. Louis County.
What's also needed in the North County of St. Louis are independent labor-Black community candidates for City Council and school boards!
Bring to Justice the Murderer of Michael Brown!
For a National March on Ferguson!
For independent labor-community candidates in North St. Louis County!
UPDATE (August 15): The St. Louis City police were withdrawn from Ferguson on August 14, and the state's highway patrol has taken over, headed by a Black officer. Promises have been made that the name of the officer who murdered Michael Brown will be released and that reforms of the police department will be instituted. Labor and community activists in North County and elsewhere know full well that no changes will take place if there aren't powerful, independent mass actions to demand that the killer cop be brought to justice and an independent civilian review board is put into place. -- J.H.

"Ferguson Police Busted – Attempt To Defame Shooting Victim Blows Up In Their Face (VIDEO)"
2014-08-18 by Nathaniel Downes []:
When the Ferguson police department released the name of Darren Wilson, they also chose to release video footage which they claimed was of Michael Brown robbing a convenience store for some cigars.

The problem is, the video shows Michael Brown at the register, paying for the cigars.
"Michael Brown, Ferguson Victim Paid For His Rellos" []:
From observation, it looks as if he had tried to buy more, but then was unable to afford it, hence why he left several packets on the counter. This prompted the store owner to come out from behind the counter and have a discussion with him, which prompted the shove witnessed in the full video.
Whatever words were exchanged between the man in the video and the store owner, they were not considered very serious, as the store owner nor the employees did not report a theft at the store []. According to the stores attorney, the owners were bewildered when the police approached them demanding the surveillance tapes.
The store owners are now afraid of themselves becoming a target, due to the Ferguson PD’s attempt to tie their store to the fateful shooting. A gross abuse of police authority, one which now puts someone else at risk.
Even if Michael Brown were a petty thief, this does not excuse the cold-blooded shooting death of the 18-year-old. Of course the right-wing took the robbery claim at face value, and began labeling Michael Brown as a ‘thug‘ who did not deserve due process.
But instead it looked like he was a teenager who was enjoying a few cigars which he purchased at the local store. The store owners did not claim he stole from them. Video evidence shows him paying for the cigars found on him. The police attempt to paint Michael Brown as anything but a victim is a complete and total fraud.
Michael Brown was to start college last Monday, and was preparing to start his own business upon graduation []. Officer Wilson cut short a promising young man before he could truly get his start in the world. It is a story so tragic due not to this isolated case, but for how common this is in America [].
The United States is racing the results of decades of legitimized racism. Ever since President Reagan made it ok to bash the poor, so long as they were black [], the progress in race relations in this country has been undone. Now we are facing the obvious result of this criminalization of African-Americans in the US. Is it not time to say enough is enough, and stop putting the blame on the victims?

The Police report

Amanda Wills
6:01 PM - 19 Aug 2014
Armored trucks and police dogs already in place in #Ferguson

Armored Tanks In Ferguson
CNN's Anderson Cooper reports that armored tanks could be seen in Ferguson as night fell on the embattled Missouri town.
Unrest has shaken Ferguson in the days following the shooting death of a black teenager at the hands of a police officer.

"Veteran Cop: 'If You Don't Want To Get Shot,' Shut Up"
2014-08-19 posted by Nick Wing at []:
Sunil Dutta, a 17-year veteran of the Los Angeles Police Department and professor of homeland security at Colorado Tech University, has a suggestion for victims of police violence searching for someone to blame: Look in the mirror.
In a column published Tuesday in The Washington Post titled, "I’m a cop. If you don’t want to get hurt, don’t challenge me," Dutta responds to mounting criticism of the policing tactics on display in Ferguson, Missouri, amid the hyper-militarization of law enforcement and accusations that officers have violated the First Amendment rights of both demonstrators and journalists covering the events. In a particularly telling passage, Dutta argues that citizens could deter police brutality if they were simply more cooperative, even when they're unjustly targeted.
"Even though it might sound harsh and impolitic, here is the bottom line: if you don’t want to get shot, tased, pepper-sprayed, struck with a baton or thrown to the ground, just do what I tell you," he writes. "Don’t argue with me, don’t call me names, don’t tell me that I can’t stop you, don’t say I’m a racist pig, don’t threaten that you’ll sue me and take away my badge. Don’t scream at me that you pay my salary, and don’t even think of aggressively walking towards me. Most field stops are complete in minutes. How difficult is it to cooperate for that long?"

"ACLU: Ferguson police report on Michael Brown's death violates law; Heavily-redacted document omits key public information"
2014-08-22 by Jason Sickles for "Yahoo News" []:
A police report on the death of Michael Brown is missing key information and violates Missouri open records laws, an ACLU attorney told Yahoo News on Friday.
The two-page document, which the Ferguson Police Department released only after pressure from journalists and civil liberties advocates, is largely redacted or left blank. The most egregious omissions are the victim’s name and a description of the offense – the fatal shooting of Brown.
“They are breaking the law,” said Tony Rothert, legal director of the ACLU of Missouri.
The report, obtained by Yahoo News through the Missouri Sunshine Law, lists only the date, time and location. Fields for the type of incident, name of the complainant, and a summary of the circumstances are redacted.
“I’ve never seen an incident report that didn’t contain a description of the incident, at least on some basic level,” said Don Tittle, a veteran Texas civil and criminal attorney. “It makes you wonder if they don’t want to commit to a story.”
(Offense report filed by the Ferguson Police Department in the shooting death of Michael Brown in Ferguson, Missouri. Brown, 18, was killed by Officer Darren Wilson on Aug. 9, 2014. The shooting is under investigation [].)

(Offense report filed by the St. Louis County Police Department in the shooting death of Michael Brown in Ferguson, Missouri. Brown, 18, was killed by Officer Darren Wilson on Aug. 9, 2014. The shooting is under investigation [].)
The report comes nearly two weeks after Ferguson Police Officer Darren Wilson fatally shot Brown, an unarmed 18-year-old, in broad daylight in the middle of a residential street.
Ferguson Police Chief Thomas Jackson has said Wilson was attempting to get Brown and his friend, Dorian Johnson, to stop walking in the middle of the street when the officer realized the pair fit the description of suspects being sought in the theft of cigars from a nearby convenience store.
A scuffle ensued and, according to Jackson, a shot was fired inside the officer’s squad car as Brown attempted to grab Wilson’s gun.
But Johnson has told reporters that it was Wilson who was the aggressor and that Brown never went for the weapon. Instead, Johnson says Wilson shot his friend while Brown was trying to flee but had stopped and put his hands up in surrender.
The death has sparked nightly protests in the mostly-black St. Louis suburb. Allegations of racism and a lack of transparency about the shooting have been at the heart of sometimes violent clashes between demonstrators and police. Chief Jackson waited nearly a week before revealing the name of the officer who shot Brown at least six times.
The ACLU filed a lawsuit to try and compel Ferguson to make the disclosure []. But their attorney told Yahoo News that the incomplete police report just adds to the mistrust in Ferguson.
“It doesn’t tell us anything,” Rothert said. “We have to imagine what is there because it is all redacted.”
Missouri’s Sunshine Law [] states law enforcement agencies must promptly provide incident reports that include among other things, “name of the victim and immediate facts and circumstances surrounding the initial report of a crime or incident.”
Devin James, a contract spokesperson hired by the City of Ferguson since Brown’s death, told Yahoo News that questions about the report’s missing information “are beyond the scope of what my team can respond to.” He referred questions to City Attorney Stephanie Karr, who didn’t immediately reply.
Officer Wilson, 28, is on paid leaving pending the outcome of multiple investigations. A St. Louis County Circuit Court grand jury began hearing testimony about the shooting this week. The U.S. Department of Justice is also investigating possible civil rights violations.
The state investigation is being conducted by the St. Louis County Police Department. A copy of their offense report does list Brown as the victim, but doesn’t give a summary of what happened [].
The county’s report reveals that the larger metro department didn’t receive a call on the Aug. 9 shooting until 12:43 p.m., about 40 minutes after Brown was killed.
“So we have no idea what happened during those 43 minutes,” Rothert said. “It just adds to the complete lack of transparency about what happened.”
Last week, Chief Jackson gave members of the media 19 pages of police documents, photos and video from a convenience store robbery that occurred shortly before the fatal shooting. Police said they believe Brown and Johnson had just stolen cigars at the store before crossing paths with Officer Wilson on their way home.
“They have obviously taken the shooting of Michael Brown less seriously than the alleged robbery of cigarillos,” Rothert said. “That’s pretty disturbing.”

Saturday, August 16, 2014

New Africa vanguard NBPP guards the people protesting police violence in Ferguson, Missouri

New Africans defending the People at Ferguson, in the State of Missouri [link]
Note: the following is written for a monopolist media agency whose target audience are capitalists (yes, really). The author conflates all people as "protesters", despite there being no organization to the people.

"Protesters in Missouri Loot Businesses"
2014-08-16 by Ben Kesling for "Dow Jones Newswires":
FERGUSON, Mo.--Protesters here began smashing glass windows and looting local businesses early Saturday morning, before others calling for calm stepped in and barricaded broken windows to prevent further theft.
After two days of peaceful protests following the appointment of new police leadership meant to settle anger that has been simmering since the police-involved shooting of 18-year-old Michael Brown on Aug. 9.
Just after midnight, protesters who had been content to stay on the sidewalks all Friday moved en mass into the streets and confronted police officers who donned riot gear and drove up in armored vehicles for the first time since Wednesday.
Protesters wore bandannas over their faces and chanted "No justice, no peace" as police, formed in a line, used a megaphone saying "You must clear the roadway or face arrest."
Men who said they were members of the New Black Panther Party worked to push protesters back and maintain order while instigators cursed the police and some ran around the side of a nearby building to grab pre-made Molotov cocktails, though none was lighted or thrown.
Some young men in masks kicked in the front door of a liquor store, and looting began as men started grabbing armfuls of bottles from the store.
The front glass door of a beauty supply store was also kicked in, but other men quickly stood guard in front of the store to prevent looters from going in.
"We don't loot, we're just standing up for what we believe in," said a man standing in front of the store who declined to give his name. [NOTE: the man is guarding the store, but the article's author and his editor are making it appear that the man is a looter!]
"Nobody's in there right now," said another man, wearing a hoodie, who wouldn't give his name.
Police slowly advanced in a line toward the crowds, but stopped short of engaging them as the looting subsided.
"It's not serving the purpose," said James Bryant, a 31-year-old from St. Louis as he watched a young man rummage through a mobile phone store after smashing a glass door "The cause was to prevent police brutality."
Looters and protesters soon scattered, driving their cars down side streets as some said they were worried about the safety of their vehicles if the police advanced further.
After about an hour, looting was under control with protesters and police at a standoff.

Thursday, August 14, 2014

White-American "KKK" calls for reward for security agent who murdered New African in Ferguson, Missouri

New Africans defending the People at Ferguson, in the State of Missouri [link]

"KKK raising money for ‘hero’ Ferguson cop who shot ‘Jewish controlled black thug’"
2014-08-14 by David Ferguson for "Raw Story" []:
The Ku Klux Klan is soliciting funds for the police officer in Ferguson, Missouri who shot and killed unarmed teenager Michael Brown, 18.
The Southern Poverty Law Center’s Hate Watch blog reported that the South Carolina-based New Empire Knights of the Ku Klux Klan boasted that its Missouri chapter is raising money as a “reward” for the officer [].
“We are setting up a reward/fund for the police officer who shot this thug,” said an email from the Klan group. “He is a hero! We need more white cops who are anti-Zog and willing to put Jewish controlled black thugs in their place. Most cops are cowards and do nothing while 90 percent of interracial crime is black (and non-white) on white.”
An Arizona Klan chapter wrote on its blog, “We know that Michael Brown was nothing more than a punk. The media and others are painting him out to be a ‘good son’ and ‘great kid.’ The blacks of Missouri are showing their love of him by rioting, attacking and shooting people. Nothing new.”
Hate Watch blogger Don Terry said that attempts to communicate with the Klan’s Imperial Wizard Chuck Murray went unanswered [].
On Thursday, the hacking collective Anonymous claimed to reveal the name of the officer who shot Michael Brown. Ferguson police had been reluctant to reveal the officer’s name for fear of retribution.

Tuesday, August 12, 2014

New Africans defending the People at Ferguson, in the State of Missouri

Freedom for the captive nation of New Africa [link]!
Ferguson has a population of c.22,000, over 70% New African (Black), no homicides throughout 2014, with a Police Department which does not recognize human rights or civil rights for residents, and is composed of 95% of the dominant Settler nation (the self described White American). Public executions of law abiding residents are a casual reminder of the dominant order over the captive nation of New Africa.


(Posted Aug. 9th)

Eyewitness accounts:
* "Another witness to the shooting of Michael Brown, Jr. spoke to News 4 Wednesday", 2014-08-14 at []
* []
[end eyewitness documentation]

* "The Mike Brown Shooting What You're Not Being Told" []

Trey Davidson has 73,500 followers at his page [], whose most popular posts are of short videos of people fighting, and has 57,000 subscribers to his account on He is well-known among his peers across St. Louis metropolitan area, and cares about his community, although the content of his posts do not reflect "political" sentiment... until Aug. 9th.

[Begin compilation of posts by Trey Davidson for Aug. 9th]

(posted 210pm) St.Louis POLICE KILLING ! ! ! ! * * * FERGUSON SHOOTING
Ferguson ST.LOUIS Police Kill 17yr Old Boy * * * *SHOOTING TODAY * *

Dude had got something from the store, from what I was told he didn't steal..was headed home and a cop rolled over his foot and he turned around and kicked the door. The cop got out and they argues and tussled and the cop shot em. After the young man was shot, he put his hands up to surrender and the cop shot em in the head and empties the rest of the clip n his Chest..then put another clip in and shot from what I was told..
My brother up there at Ferguson.. that's what everybody saying up there..
I find it very suspenseful that they had enough time to tape off the entire area..... Yet I see no investigators, no markers on the ground, n no ambulance....! But yet.... Why are there so many police officers there??

(Comment posted 2014-08-15) I know the police place that red hat at the show a red hat on the scene in the news video but all others video I've watch from witnesses posting from their cell phones there is no red hat no where near mike body or no where on the street. So how is he been accuse of the the convenience store strong arm robbery??? Now could this be a mistaken wrong identity?? So police had to place a red ball cap at the crime scene so it could fit the description of the convenience store robbery??

FERGUSON POLICE ! ! ! Yall Better Watch Out These People MAD ! ! ! !

Mike Mother Speaks RIP MIKE
#RIP Mike

RIP MIKE Movement THE #RIOT ! ! ! ! Fuck The POLICE

Do It For MIKE ! ! ! ! RIP
St.Louis Has Finally Came Together !
DO IT FOR MIKE ! ! ! ! ! RIP Bro

They Blowing Up Shit Now !! SMH RIP MIKE


RIP MIKE (Channel 4 News)
Mike Brown (Channel 4) NEWS REPORT UPDATE ! ! !

(posted Aug. 10th 6am) THE MIKE BROWN RIOT ! ! !
No Justice NO PEACE ! ! ! ! #Rip MIKE BROWN

(posted Aug. 10th 6am) MIKES MOTHER REFUSE TO LISTEN TO POLICE ! ! !
Mike's MOTHER Cant Even Go See Her DEAD SON

[End compilation of posts by Trey Davidson for Aug. 9th]

NBPP St. Louis Chapter has been organizing in the community, and had already organized a platform of unity against public executions conducted by Ferguson PD, united with many cultural vanguards of New Africa across many so-called "class lines". Chawn Kweli, National Chief of Staff for the New Black Panther Party (NBPP), has an account at [], and is posting updates on the community's unity against the public execution of Michael Brown.
Photos and meme posted 2014-08-09 by Chawn Kweli:

(posted 2014-08-10-1045am at the "Black Left Unity Network" page)
What is interesting is the kind of weapons the police are bringing out on the people. The people must think they are in Iraq. Then they bring out the dogs like they are back in Selma, Alabama. You also have police intelligence's unit taking pictures like they working for the NSA. Why are they taking this approach against residents in their own city? (This is a rhetorical question by the way).
The people of St. Louis are upset, and rightly so. The good thing is that they are demonstrating their feelings with action. This is another of many reasons why we need a National Black Liberation Assembly.

The wife of a Ferguson Police agent posted the following statement:

Sunday, August 10th, Peaceful march by New African community members, including children and elders.
This was met by a vicious attack by the Police, who proceeded to arrest random people.
Later, in the evening, a United street action went forward with expropriating the wealth of the dominating class. Witnesses reported disciplined formations gathering items needed by the New African community, and distributing the items on an as-needed basis. Others took advantage of the situation and took what they could find. Nobody is hurt.

[Begin compilation of posts by Trey Davidson for Aug. 10th]

(630am) Mike Brown. U are Trayvon Martin ! ! ! But this time we will make sure u get Justice !
#Rip MIKE !
(image posted 643am in the comments thread)

(image posted 914am in the comments thread)

Police Under Alot Of Pressure

(650am) I Sent the #Rip Mike Footage to #CNN.
We gone make this thing a Movement. We aint gone let these police Get away with another Murder.
Go Watch CNN Now #RIP MIKE !!

Long Live MIKE BROWN ! ! ! ! !
Come Down & Support MIKE !

(950am) I dont have kids, & I have never lost a child so I really cant say I know how it feels for Mike Browns MOTHER RITE NOW.
But I just wanna Say STAY STRONG!
#Justice Will Be Served !


#RIP Mike Brown T SHIRTS ! ! !
GO ORDER NOW Support The Movement !!!
CALL (314) 385-8337
Sherry T'ShirtLady Davidson 4 T SHIRTS ! []

#LIKE THIS PIC ! If U Support Mike Brown

(1020am) Russel Simmons HAS RESPONDED !
#RIP Mike Brown

 Fuck The Police !!!

(1040am) My page was Recently promoting Fight Videos . But This MIKE BROWN STORY Has hit so hard I have no choice but to Support The Movement. 
That Police Officer Was Wrong. So im #100% Behind it.
Anybody have a problem with me trying to get justice for this boy
If u Really Behind MIKE BROWN. Grab A #RIP TShirt Or Make A SIGN * GET BEHIND THE Movement. The Police Cant Stop All Of Us !
Do U Support OR NAHHH!! ????


I dont Trust FERGUSON 1 bit. They Lie To Much

Period point blank the whole story sounds fishy. The "subject" assaulted the officer & then a struggle ensued inside the car? Bullshit he would've been cuffed & in the back seat. It aint like the fasten a seatbelt on ya. Then the deadly shooting took place 35ft from the car. The big question is.... How the hell did the VICTIM get out of the car? Police cars are unable to be opened.from the inside. Like a child safety lock. Smh they should've went over this out loud before the went to the media cuz it.sounds like total nonsense. If that poor baby grabbed the gun his finger prints would be on it. Then to.mention toxicology results, smh. Are they talkin bout the officer cuz he had on something other than coffee & donuts. But all they are.gonna try & do is.say is Mike had marijuana in his system just like they did Treyvon. See they see blacks killing blacks & figure they will just blend in. Not every victim is a gang member or drug addict.
How the hell u don't know how many times he was shot when you just said you recovered all the shell's?

(144pm) If u dont like my page or if u dont Support the Mike Brown Movement.
dont comment under my stat talking shit if u aint gone come beat my ass #FLATOUT!

(255pm) Lemme Find out St.Louis finally sticking together because of Mike Brown!
Im Proud Of My City. I Never Thought I'd see the day we all came together.
#RIP MIKE BROWN. Thank U For Bringing Our City Together

These Police always talking about stopping GANGS, but they fail to Realize THE POLICE FORCE IS THE BIGGEST GANG IN THE UNITED STATES.
These Police need to control theyself before they try & control our communities.

(4pm) #RIP Mike Brown !!!!
follow Destinee Loving Mhalia FOR SHOWING LUV TO MIKE With The Fuck The Police SIGN
If u have any pictures supporting Mike Brown #Inbox them to me I will TAG U

(545pm) I hear the People are going crazy @ the Candle Lighting Rite Now. Police got on bullet proof Vest... Whats really going on?
If we wanna solve anything these people have to calm down.
Because I be damn if i go down there & get shot my damnself.
JUST RELAX PEOPLE! Let God Handle it

Candle Lighting For MIKE BROWN !

(6pm) I will be OMW to Ferguson in about 45mins. U know black people like me always late Lol
when u see me dont be afraid to speak!

(630pm) west florissant By QUICK TRIP blocked off ! #FuckThePolice
(the road is shut down because the quiktrip was burned down)

St.Louis Is Being Destroyed By Angry PEOPLE.
This is not Justice these people have Destroyed the neighborhood For what?
Mike Brown would not be proud of this at all #RIPMIKE

(855pm) SWAT TEAM ! Had To Come Before STL Was DESTROYED BY THE PEOPLE !
SWAT TEAM ! @ Mike Brown Candle Lighting

(903pm) Destroy THE POLICE CARS ! ! !
Police Cars GET FUCKED UP ! ! ! !

They Broke Into QuickTrip & Destroyed The Store !

(919pm) 10,000 MIKE FANS SCREAMING RIP MIKE ! ! ! !
10,000 PEOPLE Out Supporting #MIKE BROWN !
The Riot !

Quick Trip DESTROYED BY ANGRY MOBB! ! ! ! ! !
#RIP Mike Brown !

They BROKE INTO Quick Trip & Set It On FIRE ! ! ! ! ! !
#RIP Mike Brown !

Velvet Freeze Ice Cream in Jennings at their store on West Florissant.
Jennings is also the home of Norwood Hills Country Club.

Nigga We Made It ! #SMH Lol

(1115pm) They robbed Walmart,, Family dollar, McDonalds, Cellphone store,, Beauty Supply store, QT, ToysRUs &&&Burned houses and stores down.
#STLOUIS WENT CRAZY ! This is going to make History Tonight
Comment:  Let's not forget Kmart and allllllll other stores and they tried to rob a damn bank

I Pray For My Hometown St.Louis Is Off The Chain. My City is on fire #LITERALLY!

Mother Of MIKE BROWN Radio INTERVIEW ! ! ! !

(1125pm) St.Louis Is Going Crazy MY CITY IS BEING DESTROYED


(1155) T mobile Store GOT FUCKEDDDD UPPPP !!!! They Robbin Everything Tonight!
They try & rob me ima Buss a Cap in they ass !!

The New Quick Trip After the RIOT !

The Police Gone Be Waiting For These Slow ass Niggas rite here

(1205am) If u still out in the St.Louis streets Get Ready Cuz They Brought Out The Army SHIT!
They have Army TANKS Lined Up Ready To Shoot. I wanna tell all my friends thats down there being stoopid still
LEAVE NOWWW !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! #Pleaseeeee !!!! They gone kill yall !!
#StLOUIS ABout To Be Fucked Up After Tonight
(Shipment to National Guard depot, not intended for deployment, however, it is a visual reminder of the power of the domestic military)

(Aug. 11, 635am) I didn't know they called us MONKEYS LAST NIGHT Before the RIOT Began!

[End compilation of posts by Trey Davidson for Aug. 10th]

(Aug. 10th, 6pm)

(posted Aug. 10th)
Greetings everyone I'm Michelle Sojourner-Truth Williams the Chief of Staff for the Tampa, Florida Black Panthers and I want you all to.follow these instructions:
1. Anyone who seen what happened to Michael Brown get lawyered up and protect yourselves, these pink motherfuckers are in defense mode right now so the lies will start.
2. If Michael indeed touched that gun there should be gun powder on his hands you all need to start screaming this from the streets.
3. Organizations is the key keep the protesting going on and DO NOT STOP.
4. Be non-violent so no one gets killed by these crackers again.
5. Anyone with any real video of the incident put it on so the world can see it.
6. Respect his mother remove the pics of him laying on the ground off the internet this is this lady's child.
7. Keep the mother and father protected at all times.
8. DO NOT tear up yalls own shit
9-10. We are on the way there if anything pops off before our arrival inbox me immediately.

Chawn Kweli posts, Aug. 10th: "Make no mistake about it .. this is a battle.. as Dr. Khallid Muhammad told Phil Devilhue 'nations must fight for self determination'. The Party is out there with the people where we should be .. are you convinced yet?"
SALUTE! Photo posted by Chawn Kweli, Aug. 10th, at the memorial for Michael Brown.

SALUTE! Photos posted by Chawn Kweli, Aug. 10th, showing the community gathering in honor of the Liberation Army, "we are in this together". This is no longer a drill, the Police are set to kill Community members, are terrorizing the community, and threatening to kill witnesses to public executions... This is the Stand! This is for Our People! For UNITY! REBUILD THE GHETTO, DEFEND THE COMMUNITY, HONOR THE PEOPLE!

2014-08-10 press release from the NBPP:
Michael Brown a black teenager killed Saturday by a police officer in a St. Louis suburb was unarmed, the city’s police chief confirmed today. Claims of a physical altercation with the officer unsubstantiated by any outside information.
The New Black Panther St. Louis chapter of the New Black Panther Party has called for "organized police patrols, and local cop watches to intervene in areas known for police abuses and misconduct according to NBPP Regional commander Daryl Hawkins. "The actions of the Fergusion Police Department cannot be separated from the local government and the FOP (fraternal order of police) policy against young Black youth." 18-year-old Michael Brown was murdered in Ferguson, which is a predominantly black suburb a few miles north of downtown St. Louis. Pressure is now on Police Chief Jon Belmar of St. Louis County, to respond to numerous complaints of Police misconduct under his watch.
The officer who murdered Michael Brown has been placed on paid administrative leave, and on the force for six years.
Michael Brown's grandmother Desiree Harris reported, "she had seen her grandson Brown running in her neighborhood Saturday afternoon when she passed him in her car heading home. Upon arrival she heard a loud commotion and went outside to see what it was and that is where she found Brown's body, less than two block away.
Miss Harris said, "He was running this way," "When I got up there, my grandson was lying on the pavement. I asked the police what happened. They didn't tell me nothing."
The following the shooting the New Black Panther Party organized hundreds into the street leaving their apartments and igniting protests and a confrontation that lasted late into the night.
Over a dozen of police cars remained parked near the scene as mourners left makeshift memorials in the middle of the street.
Police at the scene called for backup with approximately about 60 other police units flooding the area of Ferguson, a city of about 21,000 residents.
Distraught relatives did all they could in the moment to "make sense" of the atrocity gathering all the information available by talking with neighbors and by-standers. Michael Brown's mother Lesley McSpadden and stepfather Louis Head were also present.
Step father Louis Head protested with a makeshift sign that read, "Ferguson police just executed my unarmed son!!!"
As the crowd grew so did the anger confronted local officers, shouting "Kill the Police"and "Klu Klux Klan."
Fresh in mind is the 2012 shooting of a 17-year-old Trayvon Martin by George Zimmerman, a self appointed Florida neighborhood watchman who was subsequently acquitted of murder charges, also well the recent death of Eric Garner in New York, who died from an illegal police chokehold.
Hashim Nzinga, New Black Panther Party National Chairman said, "Looks like open season on Black men and women." He continued, "we will not sit back and watch our people murdered in cold blood by police or otherwise, without a worthy response."
Mr. Nzinga confirmed, " I have spoken with the step- father of Michael Brown ... I will be on the ground in St. Louis to deal with this head on. In conclusion he stated, "black people must know their rights to Self - Defense against any aggressor and understand that the only way to deal with a bully is to fight back."

[Begin compilation of messages posted 2014-08-10 by Chawn Kweli]

Video link [].

Protesting in front of Ferguson Police Dept video link [].


The Pigs are trying to criminalize our brother as a some petty thief as a reason to execute him in cold blood.. fuk that.. The state leaders they are protecting and serving stole the whole country ... bring your army of beast .. your overconfidence works to the will of the resister


do ya'll see this shit??? this is what war LOOKS LIKE its non official - undeclared just like Vietnam and others- used by the first execution arm of the state repressive forces the POLICE.... murder by state sanction guilty until proven innocent .. let this hurt you .. and let this sink in .. it's cold out here

RIP MIKE Movement THE #RIOT ! ! ! ! Fuck The POLICE


My brotha stay in canfield and he knew mike personally and witnessed what was goin on.... rumors gettin shut down this the true story his cousin even watched from his window... A MUST SEE!!!




ST LOUIS NEW BLACK PANTHER MINISTER OF JUSTICE ALI ( seen in Malcolm x t- shirt) leading the crowd in an arms up demonstration .. Michael Brown had his arms up .. raised in compliance when gunned down according to reports ...

So Black people thought there was a distinct difference between yesterday and today. It is.. they knew they were not free and had to fight.. you believe you are free and have no fight... TODAY IS WORSE THAN YESTERDAY

Witness account not seen on T.V. get the facts right here:
"Michael Brown Witness 001" video []

"Dumpster 001" []

"Full Press Conference Ferguson Police Shooting of Michael Brown" []

We will not be able to wish old leaders were here .. to save us in this hour. You and me will have to stand in the places where they can't stand physically. Can't wish this thing away in any regard today, tomorrow, or anytime
This is a battle that has come to a head in Amerikkka


(430pm) LIVE BATTLE REPORT: We're out here .. the people are untrained .. panicked by the tear gas.. babies and infants out there among the people .. being tear gassed by Police .. people have instinctively started to defend themselves and children .. the Vanguard forces instructing people on what to do in these l moments to avoid heavy casualties .. communication is still flowing .. anyone who is out in the field know your rally points and keep the alternative routes in mind

(820pm) Live Update from St. Louis: Panthers pinned up in an apartment complex to defend the women and children swarmed by multiple police agencies .. others working the outer perimeter .. massive damage to the corner store where skirmishes took place. ... evacuation plans are in place... no further reports of detainment .. the spirit is high





(Report made 1050am Tuesday, Aug. 11th) LIVE BATTLE REPORT: fabricated reports of dead witnesses ... however there was a young man killed last night in front of a domino's unclear if any connection or motive.. however condolences to the family of the loss

(Report made 1050am Tuesday, Aug. 11th) BATTLE REPORT: Multiple locations hit. Police houses and the Quick trip were burned

(Report made 11am Tuesday, Aug. 11th) BATTLE REPORT: There were a number of selected non Black business " ran in" and expropriated from .... goods passed out and taken to the people 

[end compilation of Chawn Kweli's postings for Aug. 10th]

Lesley McSpadden, right, the mother of 18-year-old Michael Brown, watches as Brown’s father, Michael Brown Sr., holds up a family picture of himself, his son, top left in photo, and a young child during a news conference Monday, Aug. 11, 2014, in Ferguson, Mo. (AP Photo/Jeff Roberson)

"Black People Have A Right To Be Raging Mad" 2014-08-12 by Michael Arceneaux []:
Whatever perverse view the Ferguson police officer had of Michael Brown — and all Black men like him — before taking his life and leaving him to lay in his blood for hours afterward, his mother has made sure to counter such characterizations. Lesley McSpadden described her now-fallen son as a boy with the sort of disposition that made him more like “a big teddy bear” as opposed to someone who deserved to be slaughtered like a dog in the street. McSpadden went on to explain, “He was a good boy. He deserved none of this. We need justice for our son.”
No stranger to this kind of disregard toward Black people’s humanity, attorney Benjamin Crump, who has since been retained by Brown’s parents, made his thoughts clear at a recent press conference. “I don’t want to sugarcoat it, their baby was executed in broad daylight,” Crump noted. “We want to know and see exactly what happened because this family rejects what the police authorities said at their press conference.”
As does Michael Brown’s friend, Dorian Johnson, who along with other eyewitnesses, disputed Brown’s killer’s claims that he shoved the officer and tried to wrestle the officer’s gun from him.
Any Black man living in this country and who values his life knows better than to tempt fate that way.
The truth may be less imaginative but no less chilling: Even when we don’t fight back, our presence is still intimidating to the point where select members of law enforcement feel no choice but to shoot us dead.
Such a revelation brings justified anger, and while Brown’s parents have encouraged protesters to remain peaceful, their rage is understandable.
Protesters arrived with signs and peaceful discourse and were greeted with dogs, rubber bullets, and tear gas.
And as New York Times correspondent Julie Bosman reported via Twitter, these rubber bullets were even shot in the direction of journalists and photographers. Meanwhile, area police officers describe the scene as a “war zone” and even when protesters sought an exit, the police reportedly blocked them from locating one. There’s since been word of one police officer referring to protesters as “fucking animals” during coverage on CNN.
Yet, some wonder why some of the protesters supposedly sang, “F*ck the police.”
And while I don’t necessarily excuse the acts of looters and those described as “rioters,” I do have empathy. This is why I take issue with Jonathan Capeheart’s “A Shameful Way To Protest the Michael Brown Shooting,” where he writes, “This is not how you make authorities understand your anger and concern. This is not how you get others to join your cause.”
You mean the authorities who shot a Black child in cold blood, left him in the street for hours as some sort of “example” to other people in his area, and greet peaceful protest with nothing but contempt and the intent to further antagonize? The same authorities who employ individuals who refer to the rightfully angry public as “f*cking animals.” The authorities who enter their neighborhood and limit their access?
I am not in the business of policing people’s emotions particularly with respect to dire situations such as these. Anger has its consequences, including irrational behavior. It doesn’t make it right, but learn to have compassion for people in a situation you have yet to experience. There’s a time for discussions on personal responsibility and there’s a time to look at tragedy and respect the rightful rage it creates.
Many people are angry and they are running on empty.
I am tired of having to write about people like Michael Brown. The same goes for 22-year-old John Crawford III, who was shot and killed after holding a BB gun in a Walmart. Like Brown’s mother, Crawford’s father described his son fondly, saying, “He was a good son and a good Father to his two children.”
We shouldn’t have to quantify our lives this way.
It doesn’t even matter if Michael Brown was a “big teddy bear” heading to college or that John Crawford was a good Dad. No matter what kind of personalities they had, there was no reason to slaughter them this way. We shouldn’t have to worry that once our lives are unjustly stripped from us, we will be purposely vilified in order to excuse our killers’ actions — as evidenced in the trending topic #IfTheyGunnedMeDown, and more hauntingly, in both trials relating to the deaths of Trayvon Martin and Renisha McBride.
Structural racism, widening economic inequality, a gun manufacturing lobby so hell bent on making money that they’ll probably see to it that guide dogs for the blind receive gun permits, plus the continuation of the militarization of police have all helped it be open season on Black people. You can’t help but feel exhaustion, grief, and yes, anger.  To some, such rage may not “help our cause,” but the alternative clearly has its limitations too.
Cooler heads should prevail, but be clear about who the real hotheads causing trouble are.
[end article]

Ad Hoc Committee for Justice on Behalf of Michael Brown, August 11th

* Tauheed Youth Organization []
* Organization for Black Struggle []
* New Black Panther Party (NBPP) []
* Moorish Science Temple []
* Nation of Islam – Mosque 28 []
* Universal African Peoples Organization (UAPO) []

Captions and photographs posted by KMOV-TV Channal 4 News (St. Louis), August 11 at 9:04am: ·
Happening right now: Protesters march the streets of Ferguson following the shooting of Mike Brown and destructive riots last night.


2014-08-11 Aaron Coleman, left, joins other protesters in historic downtown Ferguson

2014-08-11 Hands Up gathering after dark

2014-08-11 Moorish Temple

2014-08-11 Police recording the march

2014-08-11 Riot Squad after dark

 2014-08-11 Riot Squad in vehicle after dark

(posted 2014-08-12-715am at the "Black Left Unity Network" page)
Beautiful video of our people unarmed and peaceful facing a line of Ferguson police fully armed in riot gear. Moved to tears. And so proud of our people.[]
Other videos posted 2014-08-12:
* []
* Ferguson 8-11-14 []
* Ferguson Police Officer Throws Pregnant Woman On The Ground! [VIDEO] Another incident with Ferguson police officer occurs again! HOT97.COM []
* []
* Protest, looting near St Louis after black teenager shot downProtesters take to the streets of Ferguson near St Louis after police shot an unarmed black teenager in Missouri which triggered a night of rioting []

[begin compilation of Trey Davidson's postings for Aug. 11th]

[end compilation of Trey Davidson's postings for Aug. 11th]

[begin compilation of Chawn Kweli's postings for Aug. 11th]

(11am) BATTLE REPORT: All comrades are alive and well handled the live fire and tear gas, tension is still high.. another round of movement is chatter.. civil rights boys and spokespeople descending on the city to extinguish the fire.. .no one having it
I have never seen so much coon stuff in my life... Panthers take action and the slave comes out immediately talking about what they gonna do and " ya'll shouldn't do this and ya'll shouldn't do that! " just vote" go to the judge .. Put it in Gods hands GOTDAMMIT it's already in God's hands and God has declared that we must go free by any means. check yourselves .. if you have nothing to add to the movement then step off gotdammit. Don't need you sissies in the way of real work.
Pay no attention to the cowards you will not die trying to defend your life you will live forever.

All who can tune in to Black Power Radio tonight from the field we are working to hear from the mother of Michael Brown Miss Lesley McSpadden NBPP National Chairman Hashim Nzinga, Attorney Malik Zulu Shabazz- Black Lawyers for Justice, CEO Mike V. Roberts from St.Louis , National Chief of Staff Chawn Saddam Kweli, Central Regional Commander Darryl Hawkins, and St. Louis Chairman Dacia Polk plus your call to discuss and mobilize an even grander action in the wake of Michael browns Murder and how you can get involved ( 646) 478 - 4447 time starts 8:00 pm est Please share

(320pm) Live Battle report: Swat has confiscated some phones .. minor arrest communications are sparse in some areas .. reports of blockage in calling capabilities ...people are still out here and going strong

Comment from a soldier: My warriors, never ever fight emotional but strategic. While ur enemy is focused on the ones making noise, which would be there 12 o'clock. On there flank @ 3 & 9 o`clock position, that is where u apply ur magic, there 6 o'clock position would b good also, that's probably there staging area.. Prior to doing that have an escape route n check the roofs 4 there snipers. The second ur magic is applied, Flee B4 they can respond. This is called G@rrill@ W@rF&re. Good luck!!

(8pm) LIVE BATTLE REPORT: Unconfirmed reports of Uniformed Klu Klux Klan Arrival- no sighting... civil rights camps trying to cool the fire.. the people are not having it.. all comrades are well

[end compilation of Chawn Kweli's postings for Aug. 11th]

Posted 2014-08-12:

2014-08-12 photo of an arrest:

2014-08-12: A man picks up a burning tear gas can and throws it back at police. (#ferguson pic by @kodacohen)

Tuesday, August 12th, 2:45pm through 11pm, erases the page of NBPP Chawn Kweli, who had been posting live reports of the Ferguson Rebellion, helping the New African vanguards keep updated on Ku Klux Klan militia men who had arrived in a parade to show solidarity with the Ferguson Police.
His postings are shared by many moderators of anti-establishment pages, like [] or through hashtags like at [] []. All re-posts on other pages are erased, all traces of his page embedded in the cache of pages are erased... Only the search results for the hour Chawn Kweli's page was erased is all that shows he was making postings...

(11pm) Live Battle Report: campaign still strong... met key leaders ... and michael browns family ..they support the movement... people in the street organized ..we took charge .. Police swat fired on us.. The people have regrouped and scattered ..we faced the tear gas atty shabazz is well. . All comrades are alive a luta continua...facebook disabled my account communications are flowing. ..

The Nation of Islam covered the shooting of Michael Brown in the latest edition of The Final Call, published August 12th.

Photo posted 2014-08-12-340pm by Maurice Ba:

"Breaking Video: Al Sharpton Heckled at St Louis Presser – “Are You Here To Snitch On The Rioters?”
2014-08-12 [link]:
Rev. Al Sharpton was in St. Louis Tuesday at the request of the family of the deceased 18-year-old Michael Brown. Sharpton held a press conference in front of the Old Courthouse in downtown St. Louis at 12:30 Tuesday afternoon. FOX 2 reported that Sharpton spoke out against the violence in Fergurson and other parts of the area.  He also pushed for the arrest of the police officer who shot Brown.
Sharpton was heckled by Progressives Today reporter Adam Sharp on his informant past with the FBI.
Adam Sharp: Sir, the term “Snitches Get Snitches” was spray painted on the burned out QuikTrip. Since you are a federal snitch, sir, do you fear for your life?
Al Sharpton: I’m not a snitch. (Not true) But today I want to tell the feds about a cop that needs to go to jail.
Sharp: Are you in fear for your life being a federal informant and…
Sharpton: I want to inform on this policeman today.
Sharp: Are you here to snitch on the rioters?… Are you here to work with your FBI partners?
Sharpton: (no response)
(“Snitches Get Stitches” was spray painted on the side of the QuikTrip that was looted and destroyed on Sunday.)

(2014-08-13-6pm from Chawn Kweli) Live Battle report: REPORTEDLY MY SHARE BUTTON IS DISABLED ON SOME OR MAYBE ALL OF THESE POST: SHARE TO THE BEST OF YOUR ABILITY. DO NOT BE DETERRED ... IN CASE OF DISABLEMENT REPORT ALSO TO ANY RESPECTED journalist and others like [] ...All Journalist and writers - document the terrorism against Black People and create methods to get this out
Black Power to Black People ... Power to the People .. Moja Huba Mwenzis

(2014-07-14 from Mike, on the Police violence of Wednesday night, 2014-08-13):
Local media reported on the police coming into the local McDonalds and beating up reporters from the Washington Post and Huffington Post. They also filmed the police firing many canisters of gas at a team of reporters from Al Jazeera. Al Jazeera was no where near the rioters. They were there filming the police. At least two local broadcast media were quickly surrounded by military armed police with guns being poked at the media and being told to get out of the area. These are police state tactics to intimidate and remove any reporting.

Meanwhile, Police ordered all live streamers and all cameras OFF and to leave the area. Here's a screengrab from one Streamer refusing to turn off his camera, "I am Mike Brown Live from Ferguson, MO" by KARG Argus Radio []:

Huffington Post reporter Ryan Reilly and Washington Post reporter Wesley Lowery were arrested Wednesday in Ferguson, Missouri, where they were reporting on the protests that have erupted following the death of Michael Brown, an unarmed African-American teenager who was shot by a police officer last week.
More information on the arrest:
HuffPost D.C. Bureau Chief Ryan Grim released a statement:

"Washington Post Reporter Wesley Lowery Getting Arrested in Ferguson", 2014-08-13

"We are Michael BRown; We are Michael Brown" chant the people. Beautiful.

"Anonymous: Audio Tapes (St. Louis Dispatch)"
Posted 2014-08-13 by "TheAnonMessage" [], to [], with 447,573 views within 24 hours:
We are Anonymous.
These files compiled in this video contains audio of St. Louis police dispatch from the date of August 9th 2014, the day Mike Brown was murdered by a Ferguson PD officer. We have released these tapes to the public so as they are able to get a sense of the atmosphere the moments before and the hours after Mike Brown was shot.
These raw audio files have been compiled and long quiet moments have been cut down. Time stamps are available within the video.
Soundcloud: []
Incident begins at around noon..(9:08 time stamp)
9:35: "Ferguson is asking for assistance with crowd control . . ."
10:58: "Now they have a large group gathering there, she doesn't know any further. . ."
11:20: "We just got another call stating it was an officer-involved shooting . . ."
11:30: "Be advised, this information came from the news . . ."
11:55: "We're just getting information from the news and we just called Ferguson back again and they don't know anything about it . . ."
20:00: ". . .destruction of property . . ."
21:55: "They are requesting more cars. Do you want me to send more of your cars?"
43:55: "Attention all cars, be advised that in reference to the call 2947 Canfield Drive, we are switching over to the riot channel at this time . . ."

NOTE: within 24 hours of posting the video, "TheAnonMessage" account at had been shut down.

Caption and photographs 2014-08-13 from "The Chicago Sun-Times":
The streets of Ferguson, Missouri look like a war zone tonight.
Live updates: []
Photos: []

2014-08-13 comment: If this is the same thing I was watching on the live video feeds, this might have been when police used a sound device and teargas on a crowd of protestors who were standing PEACEFULLY, hands up, and police gave them three warnings before firing tear gas and rubber bullets. In a residential neighborhood. News outlets were told to turn off their cameras beforehand. Read the Ferguson tag on twitter, it's still updating frequently (though the live feed link is a half-hour video from earlier in the evening; all live feeds have turned in for the night since things have calmed down somewhat, but many tweeting are watching the same vid for the first time.)

2014-08-13 Comment: How can they stay inside when everything is barricaded. People cant even get home. The police are pushing them back.

2014-08-13-330pm, [] the scene at protests in Ferguson, MO sharply changed. Governor Jay Nixon has done his best to respond to the requests of community leaders made earlier in the day when he made a personal appearance. Photo from @jonswaine "Highway patrol captain Ron Johnson is leading protesters on a march through Ferguson." via twitter.

Malik Zulu Shabazz, 2014-08-13 []:
CLASS ACTION LAWSUIT against police abuse in Ferguson Missouri : attention demonstrators:
If you have been gassed, hit by rubber bullets, assaulted, or otherwise embarrassed or humiliated by being driven away from a lawful demonstration, Black Lawyers For Justice wants to hear from you. Be at Ferguson Police Deaprtment at 11am on Thursday August 14 and text 5712239329 to join in our class action lawsuit against the Ferguson Police Department. Time to fight back

"FBI Say New Black Panthers May be Instigating Violence in Ferguson", 2014-08-14 from []: The FBI is concerned members of the New Black Panther Party are in Ferguson, Missouri and advocating violence against police, according to an alert from the St. Louis Division of the FBI. Chawn Kweli, National Chief of Staff for the NBPP is in town, along with other members, to respond to the shooting of Michael Brown reports KTVI TV. The St. Louis suburb of 21,000  has been  wracked by violence as outraged protesters demonstrated over the 18-year-old’s shooting faced off with police. Brown was African-American. Police have not identified the shooter, but a witness told CNN on Tuesday that the officer who opened fire is a Caucasian male.
Kweli is posting Facebook updates from  Ferguson under the tag: Live Battle Report

NATIONAL DAY OF ACTION! August 14th / 15th
New Jersey, 2014-08-14:

"No Racist Cops" rally in Worcester, 2014-08-14:

August 15th saw over 90 cities, towns and campuses had actions!
Howard University students take a stand against police brutality. "Don't Shoot!"
YES HOWARD! YESSSSSSSSS!!!! To be young, black, gifted and freedom fighting.

As part of a National Moment of Silence in solidarity with Michael Brown and the protesters in Ferguson, Missouri, over 1,000 people converged on Boston Common to speak out against racism and police brutality. (Photo by Paul Weiskel) []:

Further Actions:

Aug 15th, Man waving a Palestinian flag in #Ferguson "because they supported St. Louis" []. Read the full statement from Palestine's People here [link]

Aug. 15th, 2014, New Africa vanguard NBPP guards the people protesting police violence in Ferguson, Missouri [link]

People's Organization for Progress
On Saturday, August 16, 2014, Michele Kamal, the mother of Abdul Kamal who was shot and killed by Irvington, New Jersey police officers, will appear at a press conference tomorrow to call upon people to participate in a march for against police brutality and a particular call for justice in the case of Michael Brown, killed by a Ferguson, Missouri police officer.
The press conference will take place at 12:00 noon at the Lincoln Monument located in front of the Essex County Courthouse at the intersection of Springfield Ave and West Market Street in downtown Newark, New Jersey.
This is the site where the march will begin next week.
The march itself will take on Wednesday, August 20th at 5pm.
The Brown case has drawn the ire of African-Americans all over the country, especially since it appears that this young man was shot with his hands up! Ferguson, near St. Louis, became the scene of mass protests and a minor uprising early in the aftermath of Brown’s killing. The manner of Brown’s death and the heavy militarized policing of the protests have drawn revulsion from all quarters of public opinion. This past Thursday, August 14th, was a national day of outrage in solidarity Brown, his family and that angry community. Local students organized a ‘Hands up’ moment of silence that drew nearly 100 young people to Newark City Hall steps.
Brown’s killing also comes on the heels of the recent chokehold police killing of Eric Garner in Staten Island, NY, an ugly incident captured on videotape!
“People are saying in the streets what we’ve been saying all along, that police brutality is a national issue,” said Lawrence Hamm, the founding chairman for the People’s Organization for Progress.
In addition for calling for Wednesday’s solidarity march, Ms. Kamal will also discuss her son's case and call upon Paul Fishman, the US Attorney for New Jersey, to investigate the matter. Abdul Kamal was slain by Irvington police officers outside his home on November 11th, 2013 in a hail of fifteen shots, ten striking him fatally! He was proven to have been unarmed and had his hands in the pockets of his sweathood when he was senselessly shot. The People’s Organization for Progress has already co-hosted two protest marches for the Kamal case.
Wednesday’s march will also be dedicated to the late Mary Weaver, who was P.O.P’s secretary general and vice-chair for internal affairs. Ms. Weaver came into the organization in 1999 in the aftermath of losing her only child, Randy Weaver in a police killing. Incredibly, she would then turn her unimaginable pain into power and became a highly respected and sought after force for justice against police brutality in her own right! She passed away suddenly last week.
On Saturday, August 23rd, the People’s Organization will also participate in a mass march across the Verrazano Bridge to protest Eric Garner’s death as a consequence of a police chokehold. The march is initiated by the National Action Network. Details forthcoming…

Context of Fascism in St. Louis County and Ferguson:
"St. Louis County Police Chief Timothy Fitch to Study Counter-Terrorism in Israel"
2011-03-25 press release from St. Louis County Police:
For a week next mo., St Louis County Police Chief Timothy Fitch, along with law enforcement officials from across the United States, will visit Israel to learn how Israel's police, intelligence and security forces prevent terror attacks. The weeklong program is part of Anti-Defamation League's (ADL) National Counter-Terrorism Seminar which will include visiting the cities of Tel Aviv, Jerusalem and Tiberias.
The ADL delegation consists of law enforcement leaders from the largest police departments in the United States as well as from the nation's capital and from federal agencies, including the Federal Bureau of Investigation and Immigration and Customs Enforcement.
Over the course of a week, participants will be briefed by senior members of the Israel National Police as well as officials from the Israel Defense Forces and Intelligence /Security organizations. Chief Fitch stated: "Our Department currently houses the St. Louis Terrorism Early Warning (TEW) Group which is the region's fusion center serving the city of St Louis and seven counties in Missouri and Illinois. The fusion center combines the efforts of law enforcement, (local, state and federal), public safety and private entities with the primary goal of gathering and sharing information concerning homeland security. National and state-wide level terrorist assessment and the dissemination of generated information is an on-going process. We serve the region with a multijurisdictional approach emphasizing the protection of critical infrastructure.
Chief Fitch added: "We will also discuss contemporary counterterrorism issues facing the people of Israel, such as the bombing of a bus station yesterday in Jerusalem. I am confident that this will be a unique learning experience offered nowhere else in the world. I consider it a great honor that I was chosen to attend"

(posted Aug.12, 10pm)