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The "Mountain Man" of North America

As the European land speculators and New African slaves established settlements across the territory claimed by the United States of America (USA), there existed alongside them the "Mountain Man", a free resident of the land not incorporated into any settlement. The "Mountain Man" is a European settler whose heritage sometimes includes non-white nationalities of North America, including the Metis.
During the 1900s, all territory administered by the USA became incorporated with regulations forbidding the freedom of the "Mountain Man", including individuals who chose to escape the lifestyle of the city by learning of and living the "Mountain Man" lifestyle.
The expression of Freedom for the "Mountain Man" to exist by Natural Rights supersedes the incorporated venue of law and regulations governing the natural born people registered within the jurisdiction of the USA as it relates the the freedom of existing. However, this Natural Right to exist is ignored by the judges employed in the incorporated venue of law, who knowingly choose to establish the incorporation of all natural persons to be subject to their incorporated legal venue, even if such incorporation contradicts the genuine expression of existence on part of the natural person.
The UNITED STATES OF AMERICA is an incorporated entity administering a legal framework including commerce, maritime, & admiralty law venues, recording corporate interactions with other persons. The legal framework records all persons, fictional and natural, using the same venue of law… “in other words if your name is in all caps and you acknowledge you are the straw man, you then waive your rights, and abide by the venue of corporate laws”.

The individual known as...
Eustace Conway from Turtle Island Preserve 
"Mountain Man Takes On Building Codes"
2013-03-14 from the "Wall Street Journal (WSJDigitalNetwork)" [http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Fqm7gwM5mPA]:
Eustace Conway has been living in the wilderness for 30 years, growing food and making shelter according to the laws of nature. But lately, he has gotten crosswise with the laws of man. WSJ's Valerie Bauerlein reports from Turtle Island Preserve.
[comment from a viewer] What's interesting is that he is not being told that he can't live that way but that he can't open his camp to the public without accepting the safety codes which the public has accepted as law in North Carolina. So what recourse does he have?

The individual known as...
Ernie Tertelgte of Montana 

“Raw footage of Ernie Wayne Tertelgte in Three Forks Justice Court”
2013-11-19 from “KBZK Bozeman MT News” [http://www.youtube.com/watch?feature=player_embedded&v=_LwR0c-CE5g]: Raw footage of Ernie Wayne Tertelgte's appearance in Three Forks Justice Court. Also see [http://www.kbzk.com/news/packed-courtroom-for-manhattan-man-accused-of-fishing-without-a-license/].

“Montana Mountain Man Arrested for Trying to Feed Himself, Leaves Judge Speechless”
In a packed courtroom, 52-year-old Ernie Tertelgte told the judge “I am a living man protected by natural law and I have the right to forage for food when I am hungry… You are trying to create a fictitious, fraudulent action.” Charged with fishing without a license and resisting the arrest for fishing without a license, Mr. Tertegte says he’s being wrongly prosecuted for trying to feed himself.

"Mountain Man Ernie Tertelgte before court"
2013-11-25 upload by shabott45 to [http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=LgGkjRLNy04].
Video still showing the legal proofs for alienation of Natural Rights against the incorporated venue of law governing fictional persons.

"Arrested For Feeding Himself Man Found Guilty!"
2013-11-23 upload by Susan Duclos [http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=XqKi1Tmv43Q], with article at [http://beforeitsnews.com/the-law/2013/11/update-arrested-for-feeding-himself-man-found-guilty-2454122.html]:

[UPDATE 11/24/13] Exclusive interview with Mr. Tertelgte found HERE [http://beforeitsnews.com/r2/?url=/the-law/2013/11/man-arrested-for-trying-to-feed-himself-leaves-judge-speechless-2454082.html].
On Thursday I wrote about Ernie Wayne Tertelgte [http://beforeitsnews.com/r2/?url=/the-law/2013/11/man-arrested-for-trying-to-feed-himself-leaves-judge-speechless-2454082.html], who insisted in court that the law had no right to try or arrest him for fishing without a license because he belongs under natural and universal law where he is entitled to feed himself and fend for himself. The comments and support for Ernie has been overwhelmingly in his favor, people called the courts, the papers, even some saying this man should be up for president because he "gets it."
Well, Ernie was brought back to court and they found him guilty [http://beforeitsnews.com/r2/?url=http://www.kbzk.com/news/tertelgte-found-guilty-by-jury/], after having him removed from the court, in handcuffs, for objecting to the entire proceedings. In court, FWP warden Adam Pankratz said Tertelgte refused to give him his name when approached. He was fishing with his 11-year-old son that day and the warden told the court he and a Three Forks police officer repeatedly tried to stop the situation from escalating, but Tertelgte refused to comply. Tertelgte did not get a chance to cross examine witnesses. Once again, I am going to show his initial interactions with the cowardly judge that made him a hero throughout the internet, a video that has garnered over 465,000 hits.
Here is a link to Montana's judicial branch [http://beforeitsnews.com/r2/?url=http://courts.mt.gov/locator/dist18.mcpx] for those that want to have a word with them over their persecution of Ernie for demanding what amounts to blackmail just so he can feed himself. Wanda Drusch, City Judge, 206 Main; PO Box 187, Three Forks, MT 59752.
Ernie’s original court appearance which went viral below [http://www.youtube.com/watch?feature=player_embedded&v=_LwR0c-CE5g].
[UPDATE] Watch them drag him out in handcuffs below [http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=RbVWY_dQQoc].

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"Liberal democracy vs organic nationalism"

2010-12-10 by Dr Michael Hill, president of the League of the South, posted to "Southern Nationalist News Network" [http://southernnationalist.com/blog/2013/12/10/liberal-democracy-vs-organic-nationalism/]:
Since the 18th century Enlightenment, the West has made an idol of liberal democracy. It has in effect become the political default position of most Westerners, including most Americans. We accept it as ‘right’ without critical examination. In fact, I don’t think it incorrect to say that liberal democracy has become our civic religion. From it has sprung most of the cultural, social, and political issues that plague the West today: multiculturalism, tolerance, and diversity; floodtide Third World immigration; moral relativism; the feminist and homosexual agendas; the anti-Christian movement; the decline of the Church; public education; gross materialism; the ‘racism’ industry; and a hatred and distrust of the Western canon and tradition in general.
In American politics, voting majorities marshaled every two or four years have become our gods. They dictate to us how we shall live and die. Most say they wouldn’t have it any other way; that would be un-American. To be patriotic, they say, we must live with the results of majority rule, whether a general election, a Supreme Court ruling, or a Congressional vote. They will allow that we can grouse and complain about it as long as we know ourselves bound by it. Otherwise, how could we claim to be ‘good Americans’?
But a verdict is not sacrosanct just because it was reached through the democratic process.
Our classroom civics books did not tell us that majority rule only works where there is already a consensus of sorts on the fundamental issues within a particular society. For instance, in a Christian country with a high degree of racial and ethnic homogeneity, common language, institutions, and inherited culture, most matters up for a vote are superficial policy issues. They don’t tamper with the agreed-upon foundations of society.
However, in a multicultural and multiracial Empire such as ours, majority rule does tamper with the agreed-upon foundations. It is often fraught with dire and even deadly consequences for the losers, especially if the winners bear a grudge. The fifty-one percent can dispossess the other forty-nine. This is obviously not conducive to civic peace and prosperity.
But the most important question of all is this: can liberal democracy as it exists today uphold civilization? If it cannot, it must be replaced with something that can.
Projections are that the USA—and our beloved Southland—will have a White minority by 2040 or even earlier, depending on immigration policy and minority birth rates. That will mean the end of things as we know them—the end of our civilization. Our ancestors bequeathed us, their acknowledged ‘posterity,’ a society based on Christian moral principles, the English language, racial (and some degree of ethnic) homogeneity, and British legal and political institutions. All this—the foundations of our civilization–will be lost.
Perhaps Americans in regions outside the South are happy with the idea of giving way to minorities and their White leftist enablers. But if the rest of the country is determined to jump off the cliff, is the South obliged to follow along so ‘democracy’ can be upheld?
It is time that Southerners—the descendants of European, Christian peoples who settled the Southern regions of North America—make a fundamental decision to break with the Enlightenment idea of liberal democracy and to embrace the concept of Southern nationalism. Southern nationalism is nothing less than the acknowledgement that Southerners’ (see above definition) survival, well-being, and independence should be the primary considerations for the here-and-now as well as for the future. If current political arrangements do not promote our survival, well-being, and independence, then they should be cast aside for new arrangements that do promote these ends. This includes democracy in all its forms.

What the South must embrace for its survival is organic nationalism, a form of nationalism in which the political state (the government) receives its legitimacy from the organic unity of those whom it serves. In other words, it is a true nation-state such as historic France, Germany, or England. Hallmarks of that organic unity are race/ethnicity, language, culture and folk customs, and religion. It is therefore a ‘nation’—a distinct people, a Folk—in the primal and fundamental sense. By nature it is conservative in that its main function is to conserve a society that will defend the lives, liberty, and property of the people who comprise it. Their survival, well being, and independence are paramount. Conversely, they reject the top-down universal hegemony of the elites.
What would a South that embraced organic nationalism look like? It would be a South that returned to its European roots but with plenty of leeway given for those cultural attributes that are uniquely Southern. We could listen to Beethoven as well as Hank Williams. We could read Sir Walter Scott as well as William Faulkner. It would embrace and celebrate as good and wholesome all its peculiarities without apology and without embarrassment—its literature, language and dialect, religious faith, folkways, songs, cuisine, myths, and overall worldview. It would also draw from that deep cultural well that is Europe, taking the best of that and calling it our own as well.
That the organic South is both European and extra-European should be no problem for us to accept. After all, we have been in Dixie for four hundred years, and that experience has turned various European ethnicities into a loose but cohesive unity known as ‘Southern.’ Thus we have one foot in Europe and the other in Dixie, and that makes us a distinct people, a real nation unlike any other in the world.
Unlike the South, the USA is not a ‘nation;’ rather, it is a failed leftist multicultural experiment that is morally, spiritually, and financially bankrupt. I do not believe our Founders intended it to be such, but nonetheless it has become that. And as such, it should have no appeal to true Southerners. Indeed, it should have no moral purchase on our loyalty. The USA had become the “rat” that Patrick Henry smelled all those years ago.
The USA has bound its identity to the Enlightenment idea of Liberal Democracy and all that it entails. Moreover, it has compounded the problem by willingly and wittingly committing itself to becoming a multicultural Empire in which democratic institutions are manipulated by the ruling elite for the benefit of favored groups. We Southerners are not one of those groups.
As I look at my precious children and grandchildren, I shudder to think what will happen to them and their descendants when they become the numerical political (and actual demographic) minority. Revenge—’getting even’—will be a commonplace occurrence as our Folk are attacked and robbed of life, liberty, and property with impunity in the name of Social Justice or some other fabricated universal right. Will the long-established rights of our children and grandchildren be protected by the new regnant majority who are not products of Western Christian civilization? Or will a majority of wolves vote to devour a minority of sheep? I think you know the answer.
We Southerners must embrace a new paradigm. We must think ‘outside the box’ in which our enemies have placed us. We must have a new organizing principal: organic nationalism. It is the answer for the South if we are serious about the survival, well being, and independence of the Southern people. That means the rejection of the status quo of living in a multicultural empire that sucks our lifeblood.
For our self-preservation dare we cast aside voting and the idea of the ‘consent of the governed’ for a monarchy or dictatorship? No. We must simply re-define along the lines of organic nationalism the political and social entity to which we belong—the Southern nation. In that entity, our interests and moral principles will hold sway, and we can determine who gets to be called ‘citizen’ and who exercises the right to vote and to participate in other civic matters. No more being ruled by alien, universalist elites. No more kowtowing to the interests of Massachusetts, New York, and California or those of the globalists. The Southern nation will be run by Southerners in the interest of Southerners. Will that dawning not be a glorious and blessed day?

[signed] Michael Hill, in Killen, Alabama

Indigenous Rights Delegation to Nicaragua -- March 15 - 25, 2014

Join Nicaragua Network National Co-Coordinator Katherine Hoyt and Alliance for Global Justice board chair Charlie Delaney-Megeso, a member of the Nulhegan-Coosuk tribe of the Abenaki Nation, who has represented the Nicaraguan Miskito in the United States, on this important delegation.

Write now to [nicanet@AFGJ.org] to put your name on a list to receive information and an application!
Fee: $1,150 which includes all lodging, food, translation, and all in-country travel, including the plane flight to Bilwi, Puerto Cabezas. It does not include international travel.

The delegation will include:
* Meetings in Managua with government and other representatives involved with indigenous property demarcation and titling as well as environmental preservation;
* Meeting with representatives of the indigenous of the “Pacific” side of Nicaragua;
* Plane flight to Bilwi, Puerto Cabezas, in the North Atlantic Autonomous Region;
* Meetings with governmental officials involved in indigenous land titling and the environment;
* Meetings with Miskito leaders and leaders of human rights and environmental groups; and
* Trip by land to the Bosawas, the UNESCO Biosphere Nature Reserve to observe deforestation and meet with Mayangna leaders to learn about their way of life and the problems of land invasion.

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"Mi’kmaq Blockade"
2013-10-16 from "SubMedia.tv" [http://www.submedia.tv/stimulator/2013/10/16/mikmaq_blockade/]:
Download [https://archive.org/download/MikmaqBlockade/Bloackde_Report_1_HD.mp4]

For over two weeks now, a coalition of people including local Mi’kmaq residents, and anglophone and Acadian settlers, have blockaded the road leading to an equipment compound leased to South Western Energy or SWN [http://halifax.mediacoop.ca/fr/story/cop-block-turns-road-block/19084].
SWN is a Texas based energy company, that has been attempting to conduct natural gas exploration in the area’s shale formations. It is believed that if significant deposits of gas are found, SWN would then employ the controversial extraction method of hydraulic fracturing or fracking. But since this past summer, protests, direct actions and sabotage have thwarted their work, and have turned public opinion on the side of the protesters.
Throughout the summer, police arrested dozens of people conducting non-violent civil disobedience. But since the arrival of members of the Mi’kmaq warrior society, the police have not been as keen to come near protesters.
The blockade is preventing SWN from operating thumper trucks, massive vehicles that gather seismic data to determine the location of natural gas.
During my short stay here I’ve witnessed the co-operation between natives and settlers, a partnership that has kept this blockade fully stocked and operational. Food, wood, hot coffee, tents and other supplies keep streaming all the while SWN berates the police in the media for not arresting the protesters.
In two days time, several people named in a court injuction are due to appear before a judge. In the meantime supporters keep arriving, but the warriors have also issued a callout for further support.


"The Action Camp", 2012, 9min [http://www.submedia.tv/action-camp/]:

Download the video [http://archive.org/download/TheActionCamp/Action_Camp.mp4].
The Unis’tot’en, a clan of the Wet’suet’en Nation have built a protection camp to bock PTP, in so called British Columbia in Canada. This is the third time the Unis’tot’en have called for a convergence in their territories. This year’s camp attracted over 150 people who came from as far east as Montreal and as far south as Florida. The camp organizers opted not to tap large environmental ngo’s for material support, and instead reached out to grassroots, community based allies.

"Stopping Tar Sands in the East"
2013-09-23 message from "SubMedia.tv":

From time to time, subMedia produces videos that focus on a specific struggle. These are pro bono pieces where sometimes subMedia doesn’t even appear on the credits. So far this year subMedia has done two such projects. One (in French) for the struggle against oil fracking in the GaspĂ©sie peninsula in Quebec, and a second one for the Justice for Deepan support group. subMedia has also been providing support to the Unist’ot’en blockade, through the creation of informational videos, and by providing workshops to members of the community so that they can produce their own media. Actually, it was the work subMedia did with the Unist’ot’en, that made us step back and evaluate the emphasis of our videos. While the global focus of projects like “it’s the end of the world…” and “END:CIV” is valuable, focusing our efforts on local and regional struggles made us realize that we need to do both.
Last week we embarked on another such project. This time the focus is Indigenous resistance to tar sands pipelines in the east of so called Kanada. The “Line 9″ and “Energy East” pipelines threaten to bring tar sands “crude” from Alberta for export through ports in the Atlantic. These pipelines will traverse through many Indigenous communities and natural areas, threatening not only the health of the land but the sovereignty of these territories and their peoples. We have teamed up with Indigenous organizer Amanda Lickers to produce a video resource. This video will focus on Indigenous resistance and seeks to build capacity in Indigenous and non-Indigenous communities by providing an educational and accessible resource to build awareness across communities. Featuring stories and perspectives from land defenders in Athabasca Chipewyan, Aamjiwnaang, Six Nations of the Grand River, KanehsatĂ :ke, and Elsipogtog First Nations, this video will not only educate the public on the issues being faced by pipeline construction and expansion, but will showcase Indigenous resistance and provide an anti-colonial lens for understanding environmental destruction.
So far we have raised nearly $2,000 for this effort, but need an additional $2,000 to help cover transportation, fuel and other production expenses. So if you value the work we do at subMedia and would like to support this project, please donate to this project. For $10 or more we will send you a DVD copy of the completed project.

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"Malaysia tribe end protest as mega-dam floods their homes"
2013-12-03 from "AFP" newswire:
Kuala Lumpur -About 100 Malaysian tribespeople were forced to end a three-month blockade of a dam after rising waters threatened to flood their homes in Borneo, activists said Tuesday.
The state-linked Sarawak Energy company began filling the reservoir in late September, a week after some 100 Penan natives from seven villages began a protest on the only road to the remote, $1.3 billion Murum dam in Sarawak state, located in the northwest of Borneo.
"They have no choice, the water is rising fast so they have to get their belongings," Peter Kallang, chairman of the NGO Save Sarawak's Rivers Network, told AFP.
He said their homes were already being flooded before promised resettlement houses had even been completed.
Malaysian police last month arrested eight tribespeople blocking access to a dam which they say will displace them from their lands, amid increasing protests on Borneo island.
The Murum dam is one of a series of hydroelectric facilities planned by the Sarawak government as it pushes economic development in one of Malaysia's poorest states.
The Penans set up the blockade in September to demand 500,000 ringgit ($155,000) for the loss of their land, property and livelihood.
The 944-megawatt dam is expected to flood 245 square kilometres (95 square miles), and cause 1,500 Penan and 80 Kenyah natives to lose their homes.
Sarawak Energy had said relocation of affected natives was set to be completed by year-end and insisted that displaced villagers were being compensated fairly.
An initial sum of 15,000 ringgit per family was reportedly raised to 23,000, with Sarawak's chief minister Abdul Taib Mahmud calling Penan demands "outrageous".
Kallang said the protestors would continue with legal action against authorities despite being forced to abandon their blockade.
The building spree in the resource-rich state along the powerful jungle rivers has been dogged by controversy as activists allege massive corruption, while natives complain it has flooded rainforests and uprooted tens of thousands of people.
Hundreds of Malaysian tribespeople have also blockaded the construction site of the nearby Baram dam.
While Baram is expected to generate 1,200 megawatts of power, activists claim it will flood 400 square kilometres of rainforest (154 square miles) and displace 20,000 tribespeople.
Taib, who has ruled Sarawak for over three decades, has faced mounting accusations of enriching himself and cronies through a stranglehold on the state's economy, charges which he denies.

"In Borneo jungle, natives stand up against Malaysian dams"

2013-11-26 from "AFP" newswire:
Long Keseh, Malaysia - With a grimace on his sun-bronzed face, Borneo tribal chieftain Lenjau Tusau glares down a dirt road that vanishes into a rainforest mist, on alert for what he views as a mortal enemy.
Evoking their past as feared headhunters, Malaysian indigenous men and women in traditional longboats knifed down the Baram river in Sarawak state on October 23 to chase off surveyors and road-builders at the site of a proposed dam.
They now man two blockades on roads into the remote region, the latest front in a battle against a colossal plan to convert Malaysia's largest, wildest state into an industrial powerhouse.
"We will not leave. Our life is here, our culture. The land, rivers, and rocks belong to us," said Lenjau, 70, whose ear lobes droop from tribal piercing.
Occupying northern Borneo island, much of Sarawak is a jungled landscape crossed by untamed rivers.
State authorities are pushing plans to build as many as a dozen hydroelectric dams -- Sarawak already has three -- hoping that cheap electricity will lure foreign industrial investment to the underdeveloped state.
Billions of dollars in such investment have been committed, the authorities say.
"The state has not only the right, but the duty to develop the state's resources for the benefit of present and future generations," state-linked Sarawak Energy, which is spearheading the dam campaign, said in a statement to AFP.
But environmentalists believe the project threatens one of the world's last great rainforests at the heart of Borneo, an island shared by Muslim-majority Malaysia, Brunei and Indonesia.
To members of Sarawak's mostly Christian tribes, their culture is in peril.
"We don't want the dam and will do whatever we have to do. If they bring a dam, I bring a spear," said Daniel Jalong Manok, 49, one of dozens of Kenyah, Kayan and Penan people manning the Baram blockades.
Scores of Penan, upset with relocation terms, have blocked access to the newly completed Murum Dam 120 kilometres (74 miles) away since authorities began filling it in late September. Eight were briefly arrested in early November and dozens remain defiantly in their homes, despite rising waters.

A change of mindset -
Tribes who depend on jungles and rivers for survival say Sarawak's once-rich rainforests are already rapidly disappearing due to decades of state-backed logging and expanding plantations.
Data published in the US journal Science this month showed Malaysia lost 14.4 percent of its forests from 2000-2012, the world's highest rate.
In the 1980s, the nomadic Penan were swept aside when they tried to block timber companies by seizing roads into interior regions.
But Baram residents say a new resolve has developed as a budding native activist movement has grown, spreading the anti-dam message through visits to remote areas and word of mouth. Some key activists are also using social media to project their concerns abroad.
"We trusted the government," Lenjau said in Kenyah through an interpreter.
"But there is a change of our mindset, how we view the world, the land and the rivers."
At a road blockade on a stunning ridge-top, Baram protesters rail against authorities between joyous bursts of native song and dance.
Their ultimate target is Sarawak's all-powerful chief minister for the last 32 years, Taib Mahmud.
Opponents accuse Taib, 77, and his family of illegally running indigenous people off ancestral lands and plundering Sarawak's rich resources, charges he denies.
Swiss environmental and human rights group the Bruno Manser Fund (BMF) last year estimated his wealth at $15 billion, citing financial records, which would make him Malaysia's richest person.
Sarawak's first mega-dam -- the 2,400-megawatt Bakun facility, one of the world's largest -- went online in 2011 after decades of delays plagued by corruption and mismanagement.
Locals say it has destroyed the Balui River ecosystem, and many relocated villages accuse authorities of shabby treatment.
A joint statement by 80 leading Malaysian NGOs this month accused Taib of "cultural genocide" and "systematic and disastrous environmental destruction".
Bakun's capacity alone dwarfs Sarawak's current 1,000-megawatt consumption, but Sarawak Energy insists all Bakun and Murum output has been sold to prospective industrial investors.
Suggestions of massive oversupply are "ignorant or malicious", it added.
Taib's office did not respond to a request for comment.

'If we have to move, it will be the end of us'-
Indigenous activists say the Baram dam would flood an area half the size of Singapore and displace 20,000 people including villages like Tanjung Tepalit.
The Kenyah community is set in a verdant Baram valley several hours upstream from the blockades.
Dominated by a huge longhouse the size of a city block, it has a Catholic church, volleyball court and landscaped walkways. Residents fish and hunt game and tend paddy fields, oil palm, and other small-scale agriculture in surrounding forests.
But village chief James Nyurang Usang, 63, said logging has severely depleted the forest's bounty. The Baram, clear in his youth, runs brown due to logging-related erosion and fish are scarce.
Many villagers make ends meet by working for timber companies or in cities.
Nyurang, who travelled to Murum and Bakun to view conditions there, said many felt tricked and promised jobs at Bakun did not materialise.
"If we have to move, it will be the end of us," said Nyurang, whose longhouse quarters feature the mounted skin of a clouded leopard, wooden Kenyah war shields and a wide-screen TV.
"I don't know if I can hold the community together somewhere else."
Sarawak Energy insists no decision has been made on whether to build the Baram dam.
But activists say the company -- whose chairman is Taib's cousin -- has a history of misleading communities and shutting out dissenting voices, which Sarawak Energy fiercely denies.
Instead of dams, Nyurang wants government investment. His village has no electricity, school, or road access besides the logging roads along which huge trucks laden with giant trees thunder toward the coast.
Neither Sarawak Energy nor the government have indicated their next steps.
"Whatever millions they give, I don't want it. Money vanishes, land does not," said Jalong.

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State Sovereignty Sentiments within the USA

The USA is a federation of 50 States and additional territories altogether composed of many nationalities, (alongside over 550 sovereign nations conglomerated into a Federal jurisdiction called the Indian Country and administered by the Bureau of Indian Affairs).
Sentiments supporting state sovereignty are considered nationalist, as those with such sentiments oftentimes incorporate national separation from the USA federation and it's federal government.

"25 States Considering Sovereignty Legislation"  
2009-02-20 by Carol Forsloff [http://www.digitaljournal.com/article/267681]:
I walked into the Louisiana Purchase, a gift shop, today on Front Street in Natchitoches, Louisiana to buy some fudge and learned from the manager there are 20+ states looking at sovereignty from the Union since the passage of the stimulus bill.
She had a customer who had come into her shop and announced it and gave her a website to check out. The shop manager, knowing I am a journalist, handed me a slip of paper and asked me to find out what was going on. So I did.
Perhaps the website given to me was misspelled because what I found was a list of ads and nothing having to do with secession. I did, however, find a number of other inquiries, including one on Yahoo wanting to know, as I did, about this secessionist movement.
The website on Yahoo gave the answer of where to look next.
One might think the movement started in the South, but it did not; it is New Hampshire leading the pack. Apparently for the past few days this has been on talk radio, which shows how far television has to go to catch up apparently with the old-fashioned forms of communication. But the Internet, not to be outdone, has websites devoted to the cause of sovereignty, whom right-wing talk radio uses as justification for talk about secession.. Here is one about the State of New Hampshire with Bill HCR 6. It is apparently just one of a number of states that has decided it could break away from the Federal government.
These are some of the reasons cited by some of these states and their proposed legislation:
“I. Declaring Involuntary Martial Law over any of the 50 States
II. Any kind of "domestic Draft" (Obama's Service Corps)
III. Any kind of required service of Minors (Youth Brigades)
 IV. Surrendering any power delegated or not delegated to any corporation or foreign government. (UN Millennium Declaration, which Obama supports, North American Union/SPP agreement, UN Carbon Taxes),
V. Any act regarding religion; further limitations on freedom of political speech; or further limitations on freedom of the press. (Fairness Doctrine)
VI. Any attempt to further restrict the the Right to Bear Arms."
One website lists the States that are sovereign or are interested [http://www.mrstep.com/politics/az-wa-mo-nh-ok-claiming-sovereignty/] – Arizona, Georgia, Hawaii, Michigan, Minnesota, Montana, New Hampshire, Oklahoma, South Carolina, Tennessee, Washington. States planning/motioning toward claiming sovereignty are said to include: Alabama, Alaska, Arkansas, Colorado, Idaho, Indiana, Kansas, Maine, Nevada, Pennsylvania, West Virginia
Some folks are asking for people to join right now in support of the movement for state sovereignty.
In examining the list of states, it appears that many are not in the South after all, so this new secessionist movement is likely to bring a different sort of coalitions together. Suffice to say that states’ rights vs. that of the federal government, that was the debate at the time of the country’s founding, and again during the civil war, remains part of the serious discussion surrounding Obama’s proposals and the stimulus bill this week.
 This type of behavior begins whenever there is uncertainty, and likely won’t amount to much. The fact, however, that this is a time of economic uncertainty and political divisions with many legislators involved in the initiation of these bills should make the movement of particular concern.