Saturday, December 14, 2013

Indigenous Rights Delegation to Nicaragua -- March 15 - 25, 2014

Join Nicaragua Network National Co-Coordinator Katherine Hoyt and Alliance for Global Justice board chair Charlie Delaney-Megeso, a member of the Nulhegan-Coosuk tribe of the Abenaki Nation, who has represented the Nicaraguan Miskito in the United States, on this important delegation.

Write now to [] to put your name on a list to receive information and an application!
Fee: $1,150 which includes all lodging, food, translation, and all in-country travel, including the plane flight to Bilwi, Puerto Cabezas. It does not include international travel.

The delegation will include:
* Meetings in Managua with government and other representatives involved with indigenous property demarcation and titling as well as environmental preservation;
* Meeting with representatives of the indigenous of the “Pacific” side of Nicaragua;
* Plane flight to Bilwi, Puerto Cabezas, in the North Atlantic Autonomous Region;
* Meetings with governmental officials involved in indigenous land titling and the environment;
* Meetings with Miskito leaders and leaders of human rights and environmental groups; and
* Trip by land to the Bosawas, the UNESCO Biosphere Nature Reserve to observe deforestation and meet with Mayangna leaders to learn about their way of life and the problems of land invasion.

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