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"The Action Camp", 2012, 9min []:

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The Unis’tot’en, a clan of the Wet’suet’en Nation have built a protection camp to bock PTP, in so called British Columbia in Canada. This is the third time the Unis’tot’en have called for a convergence in their territories. This year’s camp attracted over 150 people who came from as far east as Montreal and as far south as Florida. The camp organizers opted not to tap large environmental ngo’s for material support, and instead reached out to grassroots, community based allies.

"Stopping Tar Sands in the East"
2013-09-23 message from "":

From time to time, subMedia produces videos that focus on a specific struggle. These are pro bono pieces where sometimes subMedia doesn’t even appear on the credits. So far this year subMedia has done two such projects. One (in French) for the struggle against oil fracking in the Gaspésie peninsula in Quebec, and a second one for the Justice for Deepan support group. subMedia has also been providing support to the Unist’ot’en blockade, through the creation of informational videos, and by providing workshops to members of the community so that they can produce their own media. Actually, it was the work subMedia did with the Unist’ot’en, that made us step back and evaluate the emphasis of our videos. While the global focus of projects like “it’s the end of the world…” and “END:CIV” is valuable, focusing our efforts on local and regional struggles made us realize that we need to do both.
Last week we embarked on another such project. This time the focus is Indigenous resistance to tar sands pipelines in the east of so called Kanada. The “Line 9″ and “Energy East” pipelines threaten to bring tar sands “crude” from Alberta for export through ports in the Atlantic. These pipelines will traverse through many Indigenous communities and natural areas, threatening not only the health of the land but the sovereignty of these territories and their peoples. We have teamed up with Indigenous organizer Amanda Lickers to produce a video resource. This video will focus on Indigenous resistance and seeks to build capacity in Indigenous and non-Indigenous communities by providing an educational and accessible resource to build awareness across communities. Featuring stories and perspectives from land defenders in Athabasca Chipewyan, Aamjiwnaang, Six Nations of the Grand River, Kanehsatà:ke, and Elsipogtog First Nations, this video will not only educate the public on the issues being faced by pipeline construction and expansion, but will showcase Indigenous resistance and provide an anti-colonial lens for understanding environmental destruction.
So far we have raised nearly $2,000 for this effort, but need an additional $2,000 to help cover transportation, fuel and other production expenses. So if you value the work we do at subMedia and would like to support this project, please donate to this project. For $10 or more we will send you a DVD copy of the completed project.

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