Sunday, August 24, 2014

New Africa national development program offered by NationTime.Org

Freedom for the captive nation of New Africa [link]!

Build your Nation. Claim Your Free Shares of the program!
“Free shares !?” “What’s the catch?” - These are frequently asked questions about www.NationTime.Org's unprecedented gifting of free ownership shares to all Black people. Well...there is a catch…its YOU! But you don't have to buy anything. Just have unity in action.
If we can bring our people together economically, this would give us real power to bring about REAL change in our communities. We can all grow in wealth, as there would be a common interest in working for the success of NationTime Businesses, and each Member-Owner's personal business. As the participating collective grows at it will allow us to spend our yearly $1.1 trillion wisely, amongst ourselves. IT'S A WIN For EVERYONE!
So again, We invite you to your OWN social network / social commerce platform, to build better lives and ultimately a more empowered people.
In order to have something we've never had in America, we have to do something we've never done in America...Unite as ONE People. From ONE Source, with ONE Aim, toward ONE Destiny. The time is Now! It’s #NationTime.

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  1. I Agree is a great place to share in the knowledge and become part of a great nation.