Tuesday, April 4, 2000

Catalonia [EU - Kingdom of Spain]

Governmental entities claiming jurisdiction over the Catalonia countries

European Union - Kingdom of Spain - Autonomía of Catalonia

Principality of Catalonia

Vanguards of Catalonia national interest

"Help Catalonia"


"Solidaritat Catalana per la Independència (SI)"
led by former Barcelona FC manager Joan Laporte, a millionaire

"Reagrupament Independentista"

Flags of the Catalan Countries 

Red-star version

Blue star-field version

2009 photograph titled "FREEDOM FOR CATALONIA: Political demonstration. Brussels" [http://catacciouk.blogspot.com/2011/08/heribert-barrera-name-will-be-written.html]

Maps showing the Catalonia area of national identity

 Graffiti in Vilassar de Mar, which reads "One nation, Països Catalans! One language, Catalan!"

Graffiti in Argentona. It reads "for the unity of the language and the Països Catalans"

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