Wednesday, February 22, 2012

6th World: Empire of All-Russia

2011-09 "Russian millionaire refounds the Russian Empire"
The Russian Empire has come to life again in the Pacific Ocean. To proclaim its serious (but also tongue-in-cheek) rebirth is 45-year-old Russian entrepreneur Anton Bakov. The new territory of the Russian Empire is an atoll of the Cook Islands archipelago, which was obtained with substantial local investments. The atoll is 168 hectares (415 acres) and uninhabited. Bakov, former right-wing deputy, has launched the refounded Russian Empire with 5 friends.

Signature and Title of the Emperor and Regent for the Empire of All-Russia

Российская Империя

Passport for the Empire of All-Russia

 Copy of the 1st proclamation issued by the Empire of All-Russia

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