Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Great Socialist People’s Libyan Arab Jamahiriya

2012-02-21 "Statement by the Supreme Commander of the armed factions of the Libyan resistance" published by "TATJANA-IV" [za-afriku.ru], reloaded by "LibyanFreePress.net"
In the name of Allah!
Dear people of the Great Jamahiriya, greetings in honor of fighting and those who have received the greatest honour-honour of the martyr, who sacrificed life to precious homeland and honor and religion.
Greetings and love those who betrayed the precepts and the nation fell into the hands of enemies and subjected to all kinds of torture and executions, paying with their lives for their resilience.
A greeting and a tribute to all the families who have been displaced worldwide and cannot support themselves in order to survive.
We also welcome the Libyan army, the Mujahideen brigades and volunteers, all soldiers, soldiers and militia who are fighting in black times, without fear of death, and have shown persistence and courage.
In our beloved country is now the hard times that have plunged our people a few idiots and fools and stupid puppies that become deadly instruments of war, lies and deceit to flush blood into Libya and to submit it to the Americans and Europeans and that it would become an arena and a source of food for the heretics and the new old argument for foreign interference and hostile intelligence services.
Today we can say that we are aware of what is happening on the ground and that has been concealed from views and these events do not appear in the minds of ordinary Libyan nationals who lived in 42 security and stability.
And we say to our people that we made a promise to you and to our Chief Muammaru Gaddafi, who said: “keep up the resistance, even if you can’t hear my voice, and we said yes, we will continue our resistance to injustice in our country and has not been offended, we will fight, the brother leader and our goals are clear, we did not explode at home and not kill innocent people without indulging in massacres or forced displacements and do not distribute terror kidnappings and executions and torture and humiliation of the person and not blame the people unjustly and falsely and aggressively, but moving upwards and technique is clear and consistent from the Elimination of leaders of the rebellion and leaders of evil and aggression to strangers characters and traitors and mercenaries.
February 17 traitors don’t just show their stupidity and failure every day and around the world, and now most Libyans see their inability to conduct business in the country, and taking into account the interests of the citizens and they claim that all this is because were enemies and indeed murder and homicide and homicide and nothing but murder and this mask of false illusions of freedom and democracy will drop soon and nobody can fool all the people all the time.
And we say – we continue our way to the end and to lead the Green Brigade and fire control in our hearts and bequeath to future generations and we say these traitors – you’ll struggle with us and fight the generations that will come after us, and this continuity will continue day and night until victory, inšalla, and we will continue our struggle and the traitorswho know more than others and their supporters from the secret service, which does not stop its work nor for a moment that our leaders have fallen one after the other, and we were able to enter it in confusion, but the truth will spread and burn their range and lies.
Our struggle will bring and restore the legitimate right of all Libyans at the fair, free and fair elections under international supervision and with the participation of brother leaders Saif al-Islam Muammar al-Gaddafi as a candidate for the Presidency.
The whole world should know that it is in our interest to establish peace and stop the flow of blood, but the freedom and honour not an empty phrase for our people and we will continue our response to aggression and our faith gives us the strength to struggle against all those involved in the military and political treason and was responsible for the deaths of martyrs and innocent children.

God is great …
For honour and faith
Supreme Commander of the armed factions of the Libyan resistance
Released 15 Navara 1380
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