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"Native Americans across the United States have been helping the Hawaiians in regards to the illegal occupation by the United States"

(2015-04-25) []:

Emily Nashoba Dykes from the Chickasaw tribe, 17-years-old, has been since 2012 gaining signatures for the United States to vacate the Kingdom of Hawaii. Emily has obtained more than fifty thousand signatures both nationwide and Hawaii itself.
"I know for years you have lived under an oppression and occupation. Your willingness to trust anyone at this point is understood. I would also tread with caution, as I think about Hawaii's past. I apologize for trying to help before I asked permission, but this petition is valid. The signatures are real and it is a gift to you from me. I'm sorry for going to the courts, but they federally verified that all the signatures are real and not fake, and I don't feel sorry for that," Emily said.
"Great Job Emily, because of your hard work and sweat tears of joy, your tears of pain; you knew what you were doing. Now many will produce your signatures you have gracious allowed our and your Hawaiian Kingdom. Thank you very much for your actions. Thank you from our makuas, kupunas, and tutus. God Bless us all. Aloha Ke Akua," said Mahina Lanikoakaipo Keawekanewhite who lives and is from Hawaii.
"Surrounded by royal guards and the occasional tourist, Her Majesty Mahealani Kahau and her government ministers hold court every day under a tent outside the palace of Hawaii's last monarch, passing laws and discussing how to secure reparations for the Native Hawaiian people," reported by CBS News. See "Hawaii Natives Want Their Kingdom Back" (2008-06-20, AP newswire) [].
"On the questions that you raised for everyone to answer. It’s a trap," said Gumapac. "But I’m going to answer it anyway. ‘A‘ole [No]. No to everything that you guys are wanting and everything you are wanting to do. Because we can do it ourselves. We have our own government. We have the Queen, Liliuokalani, and the constitution of the Kingdom of Hawaii continues to exist. You need to learn that constitution so that you can know when to ask permission to come into the Kingdom of Hawaii," reported NBC News. See "Native Hawaiians to Federal Government: Give Us Back Our Kingdom" (2014-07-11, NBC News) [].
"The self-proclaimed Hawaiian Kingdom Government has peacefully occupied the grounds of the Iolani Palace, residence of the islands' last two monarchs, operating a shadow government from a tent erected in its stately grounds. Her Majesty Mahealani Kahau, a descendant of Hawaii's last king who was elected "head of state" by the group, and her ministers gather each day to debate how to achieve their goal of restoring Native Hawaiian rule," reports The Telegraph. See "Queen of Hawaii demands independence from 'US occupiers' " (2008-06-30, The Telegraph) [].
Treaty Council Calls for US and International Support for Mauna Kea: In its announcement, the IITC said it joins the Country of Hawaii in calling the spoiling of Mauna Kea an infringement of worldwide law. "The United States has unlawfully possessed Hawaii since 1893 and attached it as a state in 1959 infringing upon its 1826 Peace and Kinship Arrangement with the Hawaiian Kingdom. The U.S. keeps on claimming ward over the Hawaiian Islands, yet has neglected to maintain its worldwide commitments to regard the human privileges of the Hawaiian Individuals which incorporate keeping the tainting of sacrosanct destinations and regions," the board said. See "Treaty Council Calls for US and International Support for Mauna Kea" (2015-04-15, [].
(April 19, 2015) on page 12, Neue Z├╝rcher Zeitung (NZZ) a Swiss German dialect every day daily paper distributed in Zurich, broke the account of war criminal acts perpetrated by the United States in Hawai'i. NZZ has a notoriety for being a quality daily paper and as the Swiss daily paper of record, the daily paper is known for its itemized reports on global issues, stock trade, and the educated person, inside and out style of its articles. The authorities of the Federal Judiciary are gone up against with an interesting case, which has the capability of straining the relations in the middle of Switzerland and the United States. What is to be elucidated is nothing not exactly the topic of whether in the perspective of the Swiss Confederation. Hawaii is perceived as per universal law as the 50th Government Condition of the United States, or whether the Kingdom of Hawaii rather still exists – yet since 1898 under occupation. Besides, it is to be dead set whether the United States carried out atrocities in Hawaii, including against Swiss living there – and this conceivably even with the aid of the Swiss Joe Ackermann. It is undoubtedly a fragile dossier, which since April 9 has been with the Government Criminal Court in Bellin. See "Reputable Swiss Newspaper NZZ Breaks Story on War Crimes in Hawai‘i" (2015-04-20, [].
A Swiss citizen and a Hawaiian subject from the Hawaiian Kingdom documented an advance with the Swiss Government Criminal Court Offers Chamber in Bellinzona, Canton of Ticino, on April 1, 2015. The personality of the Hawaiian subject is Mr. Kale Kepekaio Gumapac, however the character of the Swiss national is being kept classified for wellbeing reasons. Both appellants are inhabitants of the Hawaiian Islands and are spoken to in these procedures by Dr. David Keanu Sai through forces of lawyer. Dr. Sai is a political researcher whose exploration and aptitude fixates on the progression of the Hawaiian Kingdom as a free and sovereign State. See "Swiss Federal Criminal Court Hears Case on War Crimes Committed by United States in Hawai‘i" (2015-04-19, [].
“During the Spanish-American War in 1898, the United States has belligerently occupied the Hawaiian Kingdom being a neutral State,” says Dr. Sai. “As a result of the prolonged occupation of a neutral country, the United States is responsible for the commission of war crimes that have been committed for over a century on a monumental scale. The war crimes committed against the two appellants include pillaging, unfair trial, unlawful confinement and unlawful appropriation of property.”
On April 17, 2015 the accompanying quit it letter was sent by Dexter Kaiama, legitimate advice for Pursue Kaho'okahi Kanuha and Lanakila Mangauil, to Douglas Ing from the law office Watanabe and Ing who is the lawful guidance for TMT Worldwide Observatory, LLC. Kanuha and Mangauil are the pioneers of the defenders of Mauna Kea. See "War Crimes: TMT Told to Cease and Desist" (2015-04-18, [].
The cease and desist letter was also sent to the Canadian Department of Justice, who investigates war crimes, the Prosecutor the International Criminal Court, the Board of Regent of the University of Hawai‘i, the State of Hawai‘i Board of Land and Natural Resources, the Trustees of the Office of Hawaiian Affairs, County of Hawai‘i Police Department.
International Law “Forbids” Construction of the 30-meter Telescope: The position taken by Mauna Kea defenders that the building of the 30-meter telescope is a despoiling of consecrated area is immovably grounded in universal law. Since the Hawaiian Kingdom has been under an unlawful and delayed occupation by the United States subsequent to the Spanish-American War in 1898, the worldwide laws of occupation apply to Hawai'i's circumstance and not United States law. Worldwide law denies an impartial nation from being involved when two or more different nations are at war with one another. As such, the United States was precluded from involving the Hawaiian Kingdom, being a globally perceived unbiased nation since 1854, in its war against Spain in 1898. In spite of the infringement of universal law, the laws of occupation commands the occupier to briefly direct the laws of the involved State until the occupation reaches an end. See "International Law “Forbids” Construction of the 30-meter Telescope" (2015-04-13, [], and "Big Island News: Illegal Occupation of Hawaiian Kingdom" []
State of Hawai‘i Judge Rules Hawaiian Kingdom Still Exists: Dexter K. Kaiama, lawyer for Kaiula Kalawe English and Robin Wainuhea Dudoit, documented an appeal for a writ of mandamus with the Hawai'i Incomparable Court in Honolulu looking for a request to force Judge Joseph E. Cardoza to release the Judge Cardoza criminal bodies of evidence against his customers in light of the fact that Judge Cardoza took legal notification that the Hawaiian Kingdom keeps on existing, which concedes that the Condition of Hawai'i did not have topic purview over the captures and criminal procedures. Judge Cardoza declined to reject the criminal objections regardless of taking legal notification that the court does not have topic purview. "State of Hawai‘i Judge Rules Hawaiian Kingdom Still Exists" (2015-03-27, [].
On Dec 4, 2014, a gathering of understudies and activists brought down the American banner flying at principle passageway of the College of Hawaii at Hilo, rather raising the Hawaiian banner that was underneath it. The activity was identified with what they say is the proceeded with illicit control of the Hawaiian Kingdom by the United States. The American banner that was brought down was collapsed and gave over to college chairmen. The gathering then headed toward do likewise at the banner post of Hawaii Junior college in Hilo. While there, they experienced security. See "American Flags Taken Down By Hawaiian Kingdom Advocates" (2014-12-04, article [], video [].
Because of the continuing escalation, an incident happened in December where a few Hawaiians approached the U.S occupiers. Below is the following transcription:
Kaimana: "Aloha, American Imperialists! We are preparing to take down American flags in our Kingdom of Hawaii, would you like to comment?"
U.S Occupiers: "I will not be stating my name though. I am so sick and tired of you annoying people trying to claim that Hawaii is a country, it's not. It's part of the United States and you traitors should get used to this. I was taught in school that the Hawaiians voted on this issue, but now you people are telling me that's not true? My parents who came to the islands and lived here for many years voted. They voted yes. But now you flaming 'liberals' and stupid 'commies' want national health care? Independence? And us to pay you 122 years worth of war reparations? I should kill all of you right now, in fact we should of killed your Queen and your annoying people to begin with. You just remember who whipped the floor in Europe, think twice before overthrowing us. Not even China or Russia can defeat us. The flag you are taking down is the Stars and Stripes, which stands for freedom and democracy. The best country in the world. This is all I have to say. We are now going to patrol the streets to fight terrorists like you, just remember the torture report. We can do the same to you people, like how we raped those Columbian kids, like how during the Korean War we threw North Korean babies down the well, how we are training neo-Nazis in Ukraine to fight the Russians, we went down to rape those people in Eastern Ukraine, where people love these stupid 'commies' for some reason. We can get away with anything. So just you remember this."
Kekipi: "We sure will remember all this. And in the end you will see a bigger outcome."
Kekoa, Keli'i, Koa, Kaimana, Ku`u Hoaloha `Oi, Ku`u Maka, Ku'oko'a, and Kupa`a watches the U.S armed vehicles roll down the streets as the rest respectfully take down the American flags at the schools, a few people were crying, praying and hugging one another. "We will fight, we will win, victory will come," they said.
"The truth is like the sun, it cannot long be hidden," said Emily. "Victory will come, everyone sees this, and I'm not even living in Hawaii. Whoever thought they could change history without a time machine was surely mistaken. Like when Poland was occupied by Nazi Germany, sure you can lower a flag, brainwash the children, and rewrite history, but you can't prevent the truth forever. And when the truth comes out, expect a big uproar," said Emily.
An online petition to halt construction and stop arresting protesters has over 54,000 signatures. See "Stop TMT Construction and Arrests of Mauna Kea Protectors" petition (archived copy) [].
On Aug 27, 2012, the Hawaiian Kingdom files protest at United Nations. Amid this late open area enterprise hearing at the Waiakea Secondary School cafeteria in Hilo, Kale Gumapac, alaka'i of the Kanaka Chamber, uncovered some fascinating news in the progressing Hawaiian sway development. Gumapac said the Diplomat everywhere and Operators for the acting Administration of the Hawaiian Kingdom, Dr. David Keanu Sai, recorded a Challenge and Interest against the United Conditions of America with the President of the United Countries General Get together at United Countries home office in New York. The charge against the U.S. is delayed control of the Hawaiian Islands subsequent to the Spanish American War of 1898. Gamapac gave Enormous Island Feature News with a media discharge about the activity (beneath) which happened on Friday evening, Eminent 10th. See "Hawaiian Kingdom files protest at United Nations" (2012-08-27,[].
On Oct 22, 2013, proceedings at the Hague, Netherlands Permanent Court of Arbitration. Lance Larsen vs Hawaiian Kingdom. The center of the PCA proceeding was that the Hawaiian Kingdom continues to exist and that the Hawaiian Council of Regency (representing the Hawaiian Kingdom) is legally responsible under international law. See "Larsen VS Hawaiian Kingdom World Court" (2013-10-22) []: "Proceedings at the Hague, Netherlands Permanent Court of Arbitration. Lance Larsen vs Hawaiian Kingdom. The center of the PCA proceeding was.....that the Hawaiian Kingdom continues to exist and that the Hawaiian Council of Regency (representing the Hawaiian Kingdom) is legally responsible under international law..."
China has proposed furnishing Hawaii's freedom activists in countering for U.S. arms deals to Taiwan and as of late deliberated to test American sway by making legitimate cases to the Pacific islands as its domain. Chinese dangers to back a few gatherings of Hawaiian freedom activists who need to restore the islands' sacred government, expelled in a U.S.-upheld upset more than a century prior, have raised worries that military offices on the vital focal Pacific archipelago are undermined during a period when the Obama organization is occupied with a real move toward Asia as a component of its military and discretionary rebalance. See "China threatens to arm Hawaii separatists who want kingdom" (2015-02-10) [].
"I kind of understand why these people said my petitions were fake. I am only 17, and they only deal with people that are older. With the vast amounts of money that have paid off so many to anti-Hawaiian movements to troll online and buy leadership, I would discredit people to," Emily said.
"Our ancestors believed that there were numerous gods and goddesses and Mauna Kea was their temple. They feel strongly that this will disrupt their temple," says protester Isa Center. "In Hawaii the land is precious to our people. It's a very strong cultural protest. They apologize to us but they then threaten us? This is our country, We never signed away our lands, we weren't even allowed to vote on becoming a state. There is no treaty of annexation. This is our country, and we are done with America's bullying"
The legislative leader of Hawaii incidentally stopped development on the telescope, saying it was "a time out" and a chance for both sides to talk.
Coordinators challenged off social networking also by holding an overall sign waving with members from Hawaii, The Frozen North, New York City, Las Vegas, Kentucky, Arizona, Tahiti and Tonga.
The Honolulu-conceived Round of Thrones star Jason Momoa posted pictures on Instagram and Twitter utilizing the hashtag ‪#‎WeAreMaunaKea‬, That and the hashtag ‪#‎ProtectMaunaKea‬ have seen huge bounced being used for the current week.
San Francisco Monsters' pitcher Madison Bumgarner, Pussycat Doll Nicole Scherzinger and Momoa's on-screen life partner, Emilia Clarke, and genuine accomplice, Lisa Bonet, additionally got included.
Dissidents have been stayed outdoors on the highest point of the mountain making a human barricades for two weeks. Toward the start of the month neighborhood news outlets reported that more than 30 individuals had been captured.
The 18-story, $1.4 bn (£957m) Thirty-Meter Telescope (TMT) venture was proposed by the College of Hawaii and is anticipated to be operational by 2024. Financing for the venture has apparently originated from the US, Canada, Japan, India and China. The telescope would let researchers see 13 billion light-years away.
Rivals against building a monster telescope close to the summit of Mauna Kea have conveyed an appeal of marks to the representative's office. Gov. David Ige a week ago declared the organization assembling the Thirty Meter Telescope consented to augment a development ban. Resistance has been mounting since many dissenters were captured at the development site recently. On Monday, individuals from Mauna Kea Hui and Mauna Kea Ohana took a thumb drive they say contains 53,000 marks to the senator's office. Ige's Head of Staff Mike McCartney met them with honi, a conventional Hawaiian brow to-temple welcoming. They additionally issued him 600 pages of remarks. McCartney says he'll verify representative gets them. Bunch pioneer Kealoha Pisciotta says its an empowering signal that McCartney turned out to welcome them.

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