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Welcome to the 5th World

Liberate All Captive Nations!
Traditional history of the Dine (Hopi) describes that the "Fourth World" has ended and the Fifth World is now. As an allegory, this website is composed of information for the 5th World, encompassing the truth held by hundreds of nations, advocating for the dawn of a new world which respects our survival.
What constitutes a "Nation" is best described by the 1912 definition from noted Orthodox Catholic scholar Joseph Djugashvili of Georgia: “A nation is a historically constituted, stable community of people, formed on the basis of a common language, territory, economic life, and psychological make-up manifested in a common culture.” Our 5th world of nations are not included on maps produced for the public published in accordance to the diplomacy measures undertaken by the Security Council to the United Nations. Yet, ALL 5 government members to the Security Council individually recognize 5th World nations which the other members do not. As the empire of the "world market" continues to dominate all nations, so, too, will there be threats to the 5th World [link]! 5th World nations include:
* New Africa [link] * White-Americans & Southren [link] * Nueva Aztlan [link] * Attawapiskat [link] * Tlingit [link] * Yinka Dene Alliance [link] * Gitga'at [link] * Wet’suet’en [link] * Mi’kmaq [link] * Quileute [link] * Modoc [link] * Muwekma [link] * Winnemem Wintu [link] * Taa-laa-wa Dee-ni’ (Tolowa) [link] * Unist'ot'en [link] * Wiyot [link] * Kumeyaay [link] * Newe Sogobia [link] * Navajo [link] * Osage Tribe [link] * Lakotah [link] * Kanion'ke:haka (Mohawk Nation) [link] * Gullah / Geechee Nation [link] * Shungopavi Village (Hopi liberated community) [link] * EZLN [link] * Kaqchikel [link] * Ngobe-Bugle [link] * Moskitia [link] * Garifuna [link] * Mayangna [link] * Yukpas [link] * Nasa [link] * Collasuyo (Tawantinsuyo) [link] * Sarayaku [link] * Ayoreo [link] * Yanomami [link] * Mapuche [link] * Guarani [link] * Kugapakori-Nahua [link] * Rapa Nui [link] * Hawai`i [link] * Kiribati [link] * Celtic [link] * Tataria [link] * Republic of the Serbians [link] * Catalonia [link] * Amazigh [link] * Yezidi [link] * Mandā d-Heyyi (Mandean) [link] * Kurdistan [link] * Somali [link] * Azania / Jubaland [link] * Kingdom of Lado [link] * Omo valley nations [link] * Maasai (eastern Alkebulan) [link] * Afrikaaner [link] * Buddhist Kingdom of the "Fertile Plain" (Wylie smon-thang; Mustang) [link] * Buddhist Kingdom of the "Eternal Higlands" (Pöd yul; Bod, Pö, Bhö, Phö; Tibet, Thibet) [link] * Uighurstan [East Turkestan] [link] * "Dravidia" [link] * Akha [link] * Patani [link] * Bangsmoro (Mindanao) [link] * Sultanate of Sulu [link] * Penan [link] * Papua [link] * "Australia" [link] * Torres Strait Islander [link] * Kiribati [link] * Kanaky [link] * Beluu er a Belau [Republic of Palau] [link]
The difference between a nation (people) and a state is shown by the following:
* Russia is a nation, the Russian Federation is a state * England is a nation, the United Kingdom of Great Britain is a state * New Africa is a nation, the USA is a federal state.
A state, including a nation-state, is an incorporated entity recognized by the global economic government as capable of taking on debt to be paid by the people being administered by that state.

1966 International Covenant on Civil and Political Rights []: “All peoples have the right of self-determination. By virtue of that right they freely determine their political status and freely pursue their economic, social and cultural development.
July 2009 United States official statement. in a reference to the unilateral declaration of independence of Kosovo []: “The legal principle of territorial integrity does not prevent non-state entities from peacefully declaring its independence.

Many representatives of the nations described on this archive have also found solidarity with:
* Unrepresented Nations and Peoples Organization (UNPO) []. UNPO is an international organisation created by nations and peoples around the world, who are not represented as such in the world's principal international fora, such as the United Nations and the World Trade Organization.
* Captive Nations Committee, Inc. [] [P.O.Box 540, Gracie Station, New York, NY 10028-0005 - USA] []. We ask every freedom-loving human being to work with us to help secure the God-given right for each nation to be free and independent. FREEDOM FOR ALL CAPTIVE NATIONS!
* Indigenous Peoples Issues and Resources [link]

"6th World", a category used by Dawnstar INC to categorize sovereignty projects aspiring to nationhood which do not share the definition of what constitutes nationhood, including expressions of sovereignty such as organized jurisdictional and bureaucratic entities expressing the sentiment of an organized People acting with unity for sovereignty: * Republic of New Afrika [link] * Republic of the United states of America [link] * Nation of Islam (USA) [link] * People's Republic of Peru [link] * Bolivarian Republic of Colombia [link] * People's Republic of Paraguay [link] * Jamahiriya of Libya [link] * Republic of Mombasa [link] * Republic of Somaliland [link] * People's Republic of India [link] * People's Republic of Nepal [link] * People's Democratic Republic of the Philippines [link] * Islamic Caliphate of the World [link] * USA Federal Indian Country [link] * State Sovereignty within the USA [link] * G-D Nation [link]
Gangs includes extensions of a National identity: Armenia Power! [link]

Micronations are "sovereignty" projects created by individuals, sometimes with all seriousness, as a projection of their perception concerning sovereignty: * Empire of All-Russia [link] * Republic of Molassia [] * The Great Republic of Rough & Ready [link] * United Micronations Organization (OMU) [link] * Union Mexicana de Micronaciones (UMM) [link] * Liga de Estados Secesionistas (LoSS) [link] * Organización de Micronaciones Americanas (OMA) [link] * Comunidad Centroamericana y Caribeña de Naciones (CoCeCMi) [link] * United Micronations (UNMCN) [link] * Oyotunji African Village (Yoruba Nation) [link]

Individual "Sovereigns": The "Mountain Man" of North America [link]

Protect all non-Human Nations! It is a sincere thought to know that non-Humans are intelligent enough to communicate with Humans. In all justification, there is no reason to deny the reality of intelligent non-Humans, and it is a symbol of elevation for a culture to respect this reality... it is accredited fact that Non-Humans think critically and feel empathy, much like humans do except differently, as seen here [link]: * Whales & Dolphins [link] * Pachyderms (Elephants) [link] * Gorilla [link] *


  1. Catholic scholar? Joseph Djugashvili is better known as the Soviet revolutionary leader "Stalin." He attended seminary in his youth, but his definition of nation is from his period of revolutionary activity.

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  3. Orthodox Catholic, actually, of the Greek Rite... thanks for paying attention. The quote is from Djugashvili's "Marxism and the National Question"... no matter the source, I was struck about how simple the explanation was concerning nationalism.The quote is used because it is concise, and, as an amateur historian, there's a sense of humor in citing the source of the quote in such a manner. the question of Djugashvili's religion behind closed quarters is a debate for scholars, however, I am convinced he remained loyal to the faith of his upbringing, as he protected the Orthodox Catholic faith throughout WW2, posing in photographs with clergy. But, he also dealt the church a secular government mandate that stripped it of temporal power and land-holdings... it is a bit disengenous to refer to Djugashvili as a Catholic Scholar, but the reasoning is that this was true, in my humble opinion. Hence, my sense of humor to cite him like that.

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