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Jamahiriya of Libya

"Dschamahiriyya (Jamahiriya)" is the transliteration into universal English language from the Libya language word translated as "Socialist People's Democracy", a description for the government practiced by the people participating in the Jamahiriya.

Jamahiriya of Libya news
2012-03-29 Jamahiriya of Libya news []
2012-04-05 Jamahiriya of Libya news []

Jamahiriya of Libya is a union of cities and nations:
Tawargha []
Toubou []
Kuffra []
Bani Walid []
Taureg []

Jamahiriya is constituted in the following organizations:
"Green Libya" and the "Libyan Popular National Movement"

Jamahiriya Campaign to Free the Secretary of the Libyan People's Congress

Jamahiriya is constituted according to philosophy from Muammar Al Qadhafi

2012-02-17 "Gaddafi supporters outside Libya form new grouping"
Members of Colonel Gaddafi's former government outside Libya say they are starting a political movement aimed at radical change, the BBC has learnt.
In a message which appears to be genuine, one of Gaddafi's senior officials said they wanted to prevent the outbreak of another civil war.
The man asked to remain anonymous to protect relatives still in the country.
BBC Middle East editor Jeremy Bowen says the old regime has supporters in Libya but it is not known how many.
Building a political movement might be difficult since Gaddafi is dead and his prominent son Saif al Islam is a prisoner inside Libya, he says.
Last week Saadi Gaddafi, another of the former leader's sons, who is in exile in Niger, warned of an imminent uprising inside Libya.
'Situation worsening' -
The statement coincided with the first anniversary of the start of the uprising which overthrew Gaddafi.
The former senior official told the BBC that most of the leadership of what he calls "Green Libya" were forming the Libyan Popular National Movement.
In a statement posted on several websites the group said the situation in Libya "is becoming worse every day.
"There's very little interest from the international media in the many horrors that have taken place. We are reorganising ourselves outside Libya in an inclusive political movement that would encompass all Libyans who understand the terrible reality of Libya," it said.

Maps showing the realm of the Jamahiriya
2011-11-09 "Saif Guida la Resistenza dal Sud" []
green = resistance  -  red = rats  -  black = Al Qaeda

From: Corriere della Sera – 9 novembre 2011 []
(ANSA) – ROMA – Il sud della Libia e’ sotto il controllo di un Fronte di liberazione popolare guidato da Saif al-Islam Gheddafi. Lo scrive il sito Lybian Free Press, attivo da mesi nel sostegno al regime del defunto Muammar Gheddafi. “Il Fronte sta consolidando il proprio sostegno tra i Tuareg e altre tribu’”, si legge in un articolo accompagnato da una mappa nella quale tutto il sud del Paese e’ colorato di verde, il colore del rais. Altre sacche di resistenza “sono attive nelle principali citta’”.

2011-11-11 "Libya Green Resistance map" []

2012-01-27 "Libya Green Resistance - updated map of January 27th 2012" by Konstantyn Scheglikov
Here the latest update on the situation in Libya. Bani Walid is still with the Green Resistance, as Sabha and many other towns and cities of Libya. Benghazi is now a more and more un-safe place for RATS. The only quiet safe location in Libay is RAT-CITY of Misurata as heavely backed by NATO and Qatar forces. Clashes continue all over Libya, included Tripoli, Benghazi. US has 12.000 ground forces at Libyan OIL towns like Ras Lanuf and Brega with the aim to protect their oil interests.
US and NATO are still bombarding Libyan towns and cities, who support the Jamahiriya.

2012-03-05 "Libya Green Resistance - updated map" []

2012-03-11 "Libya Green Resistance - updated map" []
LIBYA: Final report of the Government (11/03/2012): The Jamahiriya Reorganized Looking for a Diplomatic Channels and Military Strategic Alliance with Russia and Syria to Stop the Barbarism of Imperialism.
[ ... ]
The tribes of the southern Libya loyal to the Jamahiriya: confirms their cooperation with people of Sirte and Beni Walid and reject the Plan of Warfalla NTC-NATO division of  Libya.

2012-03-24 "Libya: Last report from the Government (24/03/2012): the truth and reason of the Jamahiriya is imposed against the treacherous scum and apatrida of CNT-NATO-Qaeda whose destination is escape, commit suicide or be eliminated…" []
* The people of Chouiref raised the green flag in the houses.
* Confirm that the Green Resistance Army travelled to Bamako, Mali to assess the situation on the ground towards the interior of the Sahara , based on the intelligence report of Earth and the information received from the rebels in arms, the coup could be a divine intervention. Young people from Mali and soldiers need a better military equipment to attack Al – Qaeda and the CIA of over-the-counter pseudo-revolutionary claiming to have abandoned the battlefields of Libya, we have a lot of ammunition, old equipment and usable degree missiles. Insofar as the anti-colonial movement and youth movements of liberation of Libya require each team can provide, is it we will send by air and in large metric tons. The President of Mali was very weak in the response to the mosque of Al – Qaeda and the CIA Allied revolutionary over-the-counter, we hope that Mali stays stable in the middle of the coup d ‘ état, all foreign agents who are related and allied with France, the CIA and Qatar trapped life was shot and killed on the spotElimination of process within Bamako is going very well, it is flawless in execution.
* French mercenaries have been hanged this morning by the Red Army for crimes against the Libyan people, the invasion and against the Libyan people economic crimes , their sentences were in 25 minutes after his conviction, the rest of foreign agents captured in low red guards of the army or be shot by a firing squad, burn gasoline, gassed out, lethal injection, decapitation, depends on who wants to lead the implementation and why media, people are beyond sick for the crimes of NATO. All methods of extermination against the mercenaries the United Arab Emirates, American, British, French or Qatar mercenaries is applicable. Forms of punishment they understand the barbarians will be used and taken out against them, nobody wants in the region and the people loose without sleep, with their deaths.
* Bani Walid: The green army of the Jamahiriya sent 9 teams of cleaning trucks to the city of Bani Walid to collect garbage, the criminal sabotage of the bandits of the CNT-NATO against water pipes that burst in Bani Walid will be examined by the Greens scientists of the army to analyze the composition of water, to make sure that it is very safe for human consumptiona load of 52 trucks by the green military charged Tunisia with drink clean, small and large bottles and boxes of drinking water has been sent to Bani Walid.More trucks with fresh and dry food will follow later. This is a small sample of Libya today.


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