Saturday, March 10, 2012

Libyan Jamahiriya Conference at Tunis

2012-03-07 "Invitation of the International Committee of Jurists in Defense of Oppressed Libyans and Exiles"
The conference theme is: "The Libyans under the authority of militias and armed gangs."
The President and members of the International Committee of Jurists in Defense of Oppressed Libyans and Exiles, with the participation of The Association of Libyan exiles, have the honor to invite you to a conference entitled: "The Libyans under the authority of militias and armed gangs", to be held this Saturday, March 10, next to Hotel Diplomat in Tunis at 11am.
Several European, African and Arab officials will be present, as well as members of world organizations and international aid groups, representatives of the Libyan tribes and several lawyers, writers and journalists of Tunisian and international media.
In anticipation of your visit, please accept our best regards.
Mohieddin Ben Jemaa
 Tel: 0021622013102

2012-03-10 "Tunis Conference on Libyan Jamahiriya"

Saturday March 10, 201211:01            Mathaba:
Welcome to Mathaba Go Live coverage of the Tunis Conference "The Libyans under the authority of militias and armed gangs".

11:18            Mathaba:
Several European, African and Arab officials are expected to be present, as well as members of world organizations and international aid groups, representatives of the Libyan tribes and several lawyers, writers and journalists of Tunisian and international media.

11:19            Mathaba:
We apologize, as we currently have intermittent live video feed, but no sound, and no communication with our correspondent at the conference.

11:23            Mathaba:
As is usual for important events such as this which contradict the globalist money slave media networks  new world order agenda, those media networks are not likely to cover this conference, and if they do give any mention of it, it will be in the usual censored and biased manner. Please therefore support us so that we can continue to cover events of such importance for the world public.
We welcome your comments during this event, from which selected comments will be published from time to time throughout the event.
We hope to have live audio and video feed from the Tunis Conference as well as live commentaries in at least French and English.

11:27            Mathaba:
We now have live video and audio, but no communications with our correspondent, so we are unable to report yet on the actual conference. If you do not see the video, please refresh the page at

11:34            Mathaba:
We will now give viewers some background to the events in Libya over the past year, and the reason for this Conference taking place today in neighbouring Tunisia.

11:36            Mathaba:
Prior to an all-out aerial attack with U.S., European and Gulf Arabian fighter jets firing missiles and dropping tens of thousands of bombs on Libya throughout most of 2011, Libya was governed by a popular direct democracy system, known as "Jamahiriya".

11:47            Mathaba:
Please see this video, for a good summary of the political and economic system in the Libyan Jamahiriya, and why its founding leader, Muammar Qaddafi, is still so popular among the vast majority of Libya's people.

11:51            Comment From hirschmann 
Someone tell the interpreter to speak in the microphone directly and not to the side of it!

11:56            Comment From Juliana 
I was in that hotel (Diplomat in Tunis) trying to pass to Tripoli when the worse part of this war began. Such sad moments to Libyan people and to me also... I hope they can rebuild Libya.

11:58            Mathaba:
For those wishing to know more about the philosophy of the revolutionary leader, please see his writings on democracy, economy and social issues: The Green Book.

12:01            Mathaba:
Since early 2011, the Libyan people have resisted the invasion of their country by Al-Qaida elements trained by French, British, U.S. and other "intelligence agencies" along with mercenaries, and former Libyan exiles from the pre-Jamahiriya era when Libya was prior to 1969 one of the poorest countries in the world, ruled by a puppet King and hosted the United States' largest overseas air base, controlling the Mediterranean Basin, Central Africa and the Middle East.

12:03            Mathaba:
Attention anyone at Conference a Tunis: On n'ecoute rien sauf l'Arabe. Les traducteurs ne parlent pas dans le microphones, c'est impossible d'ecouter en Francais. Et nouns navons rien en Anglais, la langue du plus part d'ecouteurs partous dans le monde. SVP regler l'audio les traductions en Francais, c'est trop faible!

12:11            Mathaba:

12:14            Mathaba:
Analysts believe the objectives of the bankrupt western elite in waging this war on Libya, included destroying the example of Jamahiriya, silencing the revolutionary voice of Colonel Muammar Qaddafi, putting an end to the massive investment and support for Africa's economic, political and military independence, and seizing the world's largest supply of pure water which the Great Man Made River pumps up from under the Sahara which the French hope to be sold by their trillion dollar mineral water companies.

12:16            Comment From Green Charter South Europ 
Viva the Jamahiriya , Viva the Green Charter Movement, Viva the Green Resistance!

12:17            Mathaba:
The most terrible atrocities have been committed by dangerous criminals who were released from jails in Libya by the armed terrorists, known among Libyans as the "rats". These horrific actions, including the most brutal forms of torture, dismembersment, abuse, humiliation and murder, were frequently filmed on the mobile phones of the perpetrators and uploaded to YouTube. The world's so-called human rights organizations have remained largely silent on this matter.

12:25            Mathaba:
We ask those who do not understand Arabic, to sign up to with your emails and immediately check your email inbox to confirm your free subscription, so that you will be able to read a report next week about the conference in French, English and Portuguese, which will be emailed to you if you join that list.

12:27            Mathaba:
The abuse of Black Libyans and other African migrant workers, has been particularly evident, with anyone of black skin being targeted in similar manner to the abuse of black Africans in the United States by the Ku Klux Klan during the past century. African governments have also remained largely silent on this issue, to the shock and dismay of their populations.

12:34            Mathaba:

12:34            Mathaba:
Libya was alone in having an entire system, the Jamahiriya system of direct democracy and natural socialism, targeted for overthrow. All other Arab regimes, most of which are monarchies or dictatorships, either remained in place, or were replaced by new ones subservient to the globalist financiers such as George Soros, and this included Libya's Arab neighbours, Tunisia and Egypt.

12:40            Mathaba:
In Tunisia, where today's conference by international jurists, human rights activists, and pro-democracy Libyan Jamahiriya supporters is taking place, has also had peaceful demonstrations in support of the Libyan people, but the Libyan resistance has been offered no bases or support by the newly installed Soros-funded regime.

12:48            Mathaba:
Analysts believe that the objective of the New World Order elites, is not the creation of a strong puppet regime in Libya, an impossibility in any case given the popular opposition to the "National Transitional Council" rats who installed a dictatorship by force which is untenable. They believe that the aim is the creation of a weak and divided Libya, where chaos reigns, as part of the plan to create an arc of chaos all the way from Nigeria to China across the entire resource-rich central region of the world.

12:49            Mathaba:
We now have communication with our correspondent who is present at the Conference. He has many tasks there, but hopefully will be able to inform viewers of the names and positions of those who have spoken thus far.

12:49            Mathaba:
There is now a moment's silence for the many martyrs in Libya.

12:56            Mathaba:
Currently speaking, is a Prince of France, Henry 6th (VI-eme) de Bourbon.

12:59            Mathaba:
Now, two hours into the Conference, we managed to convey for the sound to be fixed, we apologize that it took so long to fix the audio levels at the Conference.

13:06            Mathaba:
A Libyan witness is now speaking.

13:06            Mathaba:
Many believe the only way to counter this, is to become aware of our true human rights, responsibilities and freedoms, to spread awareness of important core principles, and to organize an alternative universal Jamahiriya around the world, taking power into their hands by building the alternative system alongside the crumbling capitalist world order.

13:08            Mathaba:
While we are waiting for further news from "The Libyans under the authority of militias and armed gangs" Conference being held today in Tunis, we welcome any comments and questions by viewers. We will endeavour to publish your comments and answer any questions.

13:10            Comment From mogochef 
A question from Italy via Email, Ref: Tunis Conference on Libyan Jamahiriya, March 10, 2012 We demand JUSTICE for the Terrorist attack on Libya. My compliments, support + solidarity for taking this action. Please seeing that FUKUSA axis are providing arms + communication technology to the terrorists in Syria shouldn't we take action and ask Russia + China to provide "any and ALL means of PROTECTION" for LIBYA + Syria?

13:21            Mathaba:
A Libyan man from Misrata showed his wounds caused by NATO bombings. The Conference is now taking a break until the afternoon session. We hope to be able to tell viewers at least who has spoken until now, who is present, and whether or not the public around the world can ask questions, some of which may be conveyed to the panel. We thank you for your patience and please follow up by adding your emails to

13:23            Mathaba:
Bro Smain Bedrouni is making an announcement in French, apologizing on behalf of Mathaba.Net for the quality of audio, and explaining that various lawyers have spoken thus far at the conference.

13:26            Mathaba:
The most important thing Bro Smain Bedrouni said, is that it should be possible this afternoon for you to ask questions to the panelists, so please keep any questions and comments coming here via Mathaba.Net/go/live

13:33            Comment From Green Charter SouthEuropa 
LIBYA: Dr. Hamza Touhami said yesterday that "our dead Brother" is coming ... We hope that we understand it the right way, we hope that those words are true ! Long life Our Brother Leader !

13:38            Mathaba:
We should be able to give a list of the names of those who have spoken this morning, and their positions, at some time during the coming hours, during the afternoon session. There is currently a break for lunch.

13:40            Mathaba:
We have received information that the Libyan rats put pressure for cancelling the Conference, and that it had to take place at a different location, the Hotel Diplomat cancelled the venue. This is why things are poorly organized. We will have further details from our Correspondent in the coming hours.

14:36            Mathaba:
We are waiting for the afternoon session of the Tunis Conference "The Libyans under the authority of militias and armed gangs" which can continue any moment along with live video.

14:44            Mathaba:
Meantime please keep posting any questions via As promised by the organization of the conference, questions will be answered by the panellists this afternoon (local time).

14:54            Comment From Hannibal Muhammad 
what is the mood of the Libyan people since the assasination of their leader Moammar Quadaffi??

15:08            Comment From Yakoub 
Why has the Jamahiriya not been able to make any statements at all to the world in recent months? Has the Jamahiriya ceased to exist? Why has Dr Baghdadi as General Secretary of the General People's Congress been silent? Is there a single green flag flying on any Libyan embassy in anywhere in the world, even in Cuba, Venezuela, or North Korea? I'm asking these questions as a frustrated supporter of Jamahiriya. It makes it look as if the entire system was not properly in existence before. Please, I would be happy if anyone will honestly answer my questions, thank you.

15:08            Comment From P. Harrington 
What happened to the gold reserves, said to be 144 Tons, of the Libyan Central Bank? Did the rats take possession of it, or is it with the resistance, or, did someone steal it?

15:08            Comment From Hannibal Muhammad 
Is it known who it was that participated in the burial of the Brother Leader?

15:13            Mathaba:
Thank you all, we will endeavour to have these questions, and others that are coming in, answered by the panellists. Please keep your questions and comments coming!

15:15            Comment From Hannibal Muhammad 
Who will be held responsible for the total destruction of the government and people of libya, nato or the socalled libyan opposition?

15:16            Mathaba:
The conference is about to continue now.

15:19            Comment From Sankara 
If the Libyan Jamahiriya reorganizes itself, will it be the old guard revolutionaries in positions of authority, or will the youth who stood steadfast be given authority, as in the past, it seems the youth was largely not participating in the Jamahiriya system. Also, does Libya see its borders as the old Libya, or may those borders change perhaps with unity with other African tribes such as Tuareg?

15:21            Comment From Apophis 
Long Live the ones who have no fear to tell the TRUTH ! Long Live the green resistance !

15:26            Comment From Hannibal Muhammad 
Is there any resistance against the present state of affairs in Libya as it relates to so-called liberation from the Libyan Jamahiriya?

15:28            Comment From Jacques Kadir 
Most of Latin America is supporting Libyan Jamahiriya. Why is there not a government in exile there, or at least, some statements made to the world, to show that Libyan Jamahiriya still exists? All Libyan web sites and media collapsed so easily last year, but Mathaba.Net was providing us non-stop news. Why not release some statements via that news agency?

15:28            Mathaba:
The President of the International Committee of Jurists in Defense of Oppressed Libyans and Exiles, Mr Mohiedine Ben Jemaa, has announced that your questions will be answered live at 7pm CET. Please keep posting any questions via

15:29            Comment From Adam 
The Green Book Centre was destroyed, and as one of the former directors, I wish to re-establish it internationally as an institute or foundation. Can anyone with knowledge, experience, or connections in this regard contact me via or via Mathaba News Agency?

15:30            Comment From Hannibal Muhammad 
We are now living in the time of TRUTH and anyone who knows the TRUTH and is still afraid to tell it should take a walk off the planet Earth!!

15:33            Comment From Abdoussalam Farouk 
What happened to the Great Green Charter? Why was it never mentioned in recent years? Did Libyans forget about it, or what is the reason for silence about it? Do Libyans of today even know what it is? Around the world a great many people have taken up the struggle for those human rights. They don't understand why Libya was silent about this Charter and never used it to show the human rights principles in Libya in recent years.

15:38            Comment From Green Charter SouthEuropa 
If NATO doesn't continue to support the CNT, how long will the rebels be able to resist before the Green Resistance would defeat them?

15:45            Mathaba:
The lady who spoke just now is Ginette Scandrani, and currently speaking is Italian tenor and human rights activist Joe Fallisi.

15:48            Comment From Peter, Australia 
Who is Ginette Scandrani and what did she say?

15:49            Mathaba:
Sorry readers that the audio is only OK at times. Currently we are pleased that the volume is loud, but this usually lasts only for a few minutes. Currently speaking is Joe Fallisi, a long-time friend of Jamahiriya, an Italian tenor singer and poet, who also took a legal case against the Italian government for its violation of the Italian constitution in attacking Libya, with which it had a peace treaty.

15:53            Mathaba:
Joe Fallisi, although Italian, is speaking in French as most of the participants speak French or Arabic, as the conference is taking place in Tunis. We are sorry that the French audio is not loud but the Arabic is loud and clear. We have been promised a translator to English, but this has not yet materialized.

15:55            Comment From Igor Croatia exYugoslavia 
Best wishes to Jamahiriya and Mathaba to continue spreading principles of direct government of people for the people, the TRUE DEMOCRACY not this West imposed travesty of modern fascism they disguise as democracy. The whole world sees that Libyan intervention by NATO has violated all norms of international law and civil rights of people. Stay strong, they cant keep lying forever. VIVA JAMAHIRJA!

15:58            Mathaba:
Thank you Igor in Croatia ex Yugoslavia for your comments, as well as all others asking questions. We hope that at around 19:00 Tunis time (around 18:00 UTC) that some of your questions will be answered.
We also still hope to receive a list of the names and positions of those who have spoken at the conference so far. Later, more information about what was said will no doubt be published, but it had been our attention to do better with a live English translation. Our correspondent has been overloaded with too many tasks, and we have no further resources available at present, thank you all for your patience.

16:00            Comment From 
Official Libyan JAMAHIRIA websites are being rebuild as (Muammar al Gaddafi`s OFFICIAL website! Also in rebuilding (Libyan jamahiria newspaper) ! It is a lot of work, but it is happen! Libyan Jamahiria websites have not been "hacked" as claimed but rather webmasters of some of the websites used their "power" to change them! Some websites have been shut down against any international law by the hosting companies! They Can`t Shut Up The Truth!

16:05            Mathaba:
President de l'Académis des Sciences d'Outre Mer (Academy of Overseas Science), Adel Ben Hsin, spoke a short while ago, followed by Professeur Jouve Edmond of Université Paris Descarte, France, who is now speaking.

16:06            Comment From Igor Croatia exYugoslavia 
One question for any member of conference - can you see the link between Libya and Yugoslavia?

16:07            Mathaba:
Igor, although not at the Conference itself, the link we can see, is that both countries were independent socialist countries with good leaderships, that were not in the hands of the western bankers.

16:22            Mathaba:
We are pleased that the audio has been fixed, viewers watching the live video should note that you can increase or reduce the volume to comfortable levels on the video window itself.

16:33            Mathaba:
We note that many more viewers are remaining, while the speaker is speaking English, which is why we hoped to have at least an occasional update in English text, to those of you who may be able to translate from Arabic or French, please do come on board and provide some summary translations for the majority English speaking audience, as our expected correspondent has been tasked with other duties at the conference. Even if you can post in Arabic or French text, that will be a help.

16:39            Comment From 
It is a shame, that in times of BROADBAND ... just so few viewers are online to follow this really important conference! Is there any official TV station / Radio station broadcasting this event?

16:42            Comment From Hannibal Muhammad 

16:43            Mathaba:
It's a good question regarding whether any official TV/radio station is broadcasting. As to the few viewers online, it is indeed too few, but of the hundreds that have tuned in so far, most stay only a very short time, as 99% of the time the audio has been only clear in Arabic, and unclear in French, and absent in English. This would not matter, if we could translate in text to English, at least info about WHO is speaking, what their position is, and a summary of what they have said. That woudl KEEP readers on here longer without doubt.
@ Hannibal, but Mathaba.Net is not a paid broadcaster, I think that is what is asking about, paid broadcasters. Those who are PAID to do their jobs, not volunteers such as ourselves, who always do these things alone.

16:46            Mathaba:
Are viewers OK with the audio/video? At some locations, it is choppy and interrupted, but that could be due to Internet "pipe blockages" in those areas.

16:47            Comment From Sandeval- USA 
Thank you for the summary and explanations. You've gained a new listener!

16:48            Comment From Hannibal Muhammad 
I have personally contacted a number of people who will in turn contact many more in regards to this important conference! Remember success does not lie in numbers!!!

16:49            Mathaba:
Thank you Sandeval in USA. We don't often do these live broadcasts, and were badly prepared for this one at short notice, and without adequate human resources. We mostly do text article news resports over the past 12 years, but over the past year have had to heavily reduce our output too, due to extensive resources shortages. Please see for ways you can keep informed and up to date, as well as some ways you may be able to support our efforts.

16:51            Mathaba:
Thank you bro. Hannibal! Indeed it does not lie in numbers! It matters WHO is listening and reading, and we are pleased to say our audience, even though at times very large for our printed online articles, does indeed contain a high end audience quality: international human rights laywers, decision-makers, "hostilis" such as the U.S. State Departent, World Bank, M$M Media, important leaders such as Honorable Minister Louis Farrakhan and many of his followers, and so on.

16:52            Comment From 
I agree to Mathaba - still it is surprising to me, how many people are claiming to be supporters of the Jamahiriya and even afer posting this link on about 40 pages and groups on FaceBook included having a live link on our website..! I am ashamed of those people having read about and not tuning in! In any way - I wish to thank MATHABA for making this live event possible! I thank all speakers and participants of this conference! We will not give up to spread the truth about the Jamahiriya and continue re-building official Jamahiriya websites as part of our commitment! Thank you all again!!!

16:56            Mathaba:
You are right -- it always seems to us that numbers on Facebook are high, only as for too many people there, believe that it is all about clicking Like, and that clicking Like, is an action that translates into something in the real world, which it really does not. Furthermore, they seem to be so addicted to staying on Facebook, that they do not like to leave it. Even the forum is so quiet, with so few people registered there. It is not "sexy". Beyond that, it shows too few people in the world care, and that is sad indeed. But, as Bro Hannibal Muhammad pointed out, it matters the quality more, few in nuber as they are, it has always been a small minority that made history, both good and bad.

17:04            Mathaba:
Dear viewers, thank you for being with us, I (Adam) am now going off to sleep, as it is very late in the East where I currently am. I leave you in the capable hands of  another of our editors,  and I will be following from my mobile in bed. For those who wish to follow on your mobile, simply go to on your mobile browser, and then click on LIVE, the mobile version is also easy to follow, however note that only text will be visible, no audio/video. You can easily make comments too from your mobile. Thank you all and until next time. Allow me please also to ask you to view at completed events, the Live Event we did on Censorship. It is in my opinion one of the best. Thank you!

17:05            Juliana:
A América Latina apoia a Jamarirya Libya! O Brasil está ao lado do povo líbio! Força e esperança!

17:12            Mathaba:
As announced by Mr Mohiedine Ben Jemaa, President of the International Committee of Jurists in Defense of Oppressed Libyans and Exiles, questions will be answered at 7pm CET, 2 hours from now. Please keep posting any questions via

17:20            Comment From 
As there are some officials of the Libyan Jamahiriya: What will you do to get compensation for all lost lives and disabled people in Libya by NATO (France/US/Britain/Italy and other countries)? Is there and official estimation of murdered Libyans, disabled Libyans? Not to count the destroyed infra structures?

17:25            Comment From 
Any official informations about how many countries did NOT recognise this so called "NTC/TNC" as "legal" government?

17:26            Mathaba:
We apologize again for the currently poor sound; as we mentioned before the Conference had to take place at a different location as the Libyan NATO rats tried to sabotage this pro-Jamahiriya and pro-freedom meeting by making Hotel Diplomat cancel it, hence things are poorly organized. Our correspondent will try to provide further details on this later.

17:30            Mathaba:
Brother Smain Bedrouni just announced in French that there will be a break before the Conference will continue with its evening session, which also contains the answering of the questions we receive via in about 1.5 hours from now.

17:31            Comment From 
Do you have official information about how many countries did NOT recognise this so called "NTC/TNC" as official "government"?

17:32            Comment From Adam 
This conference is by lawyers who are examining the situation of Libyans under the rat regime, and not addressed by any member of the Jamahiriya nor Green Resistance am I correct? If so, questions asked are only to be aimed at panel members? Who are?

17:39            Comment From Hannibal Muhammad 
As of 11:15am eastern standard time interference began in the way of static that drowns out the voices of the participants taking part in this important forum! I WONDER WHO IS RESPONSIBLE FOR THIS??

17:42            Mathaba:
The organizers, speakers and visitors of the Conference are now attending the Evening Prayer; the Conference will continue in about 25 minutes.

17:45            Comment From Hannibal Muhammad 
Under this " new system," are the people of Libya still recieving their monthly stipend from the sale of Libyan Oil and do they still receive free housing?(whats left of them), free medical care and other amenities they received under the former government?

17:53            Comment From Adam 
Readers not yet familiar with the solutions to many of the world's problems presented by Muammar Gaddafi, please see and also see for more sites.

18:18            Mathaba:
We just have received information that after the Conference was forced to take place at a different location because the Hotel Diplomat cancelled the venue earlier today as a result of Libyan NATO rat pressure, the current hotel now also has ordered the Conference to end. Brother Smain Bedrouni mentioned that there were guards everywhere, before he was forced to get offline. We will try to keep you updated on further developments as much as possible.

18:19            Comment From Adam 
It appears the weak Tunisian authorities of the Tunisian New World Order government have ordered the Conference to end. Is that correct? A man stupidly burned himself to death so that this regime could come to power. Weak Arabs. Shameful. Few heroes left.

18:20            Comment From Adam 
Great to hear. That will help a lot for world to know Tunisia New World Order government is against law, against human rights, against democracy, against free speech and should be protested and attacked everywhere online!

18:24            Comment From Sandeval- USA 
Hugely dissapointing.

18:25            Comment From Adam 
No hotel will force a peaceful international conference to end. To believe that or that those guards are from the hotel and not Tunisian state forces would be an insult to our intelligence. There you have it ladies and gentlemen. New World Order!

18:26            Comment From Jack Victory 

18:26            Comment From Jack Victory 
Well, try as they might to disrupt and stop us, the truth is that the Green Charter/Book and idea's that provide the path to liberation scares the hell out of the imperialists, and they will always unleash their stooges in an attempt to disrupt and stall off the growing force of Revolution!

18:27            Comment From Green Charter SouthEuropa 
No democracy without popular conferences and people's committees, a Green Future will be a better future, viva the Jamahiriya, Rats go away from Libya!

18:28            Comment From karimjihad 

18:30            Comment From Adam 
Agreed Jack and that is good for the more they try to do that the more faster they will lose. The only real God is with Truth, Right, Justice and will not let down the faithful and the oppressed who shall inherit the Earth.

18:33            Comment From Hannibal Muhammad 
Only for the time being Sir,In this day and time, truth will overcome all obstacles within its path!

18:35            Comment From Hannibal Muhammad 
In this system of things, the JAMAHIRIYA is the closest thing to Gods NEW KINGDOM ON EARTH!!

18:35            Mathaba:
We are currently trying to get in touch with the organisation President Mr Mohieddin Ben Jemaa for more information on the situation.

18:41            Comment From Adam 
Our editor is trying to reach the president of the organisation of the conference to find out more about the situation and will report here again shortly, stay tuned.

18:42            Comment From Jack Victory 
Knowledge, Power, and Unity guided by the Powerful Idea's within the Green Book, and now in this new age, with the Green Charter as the TRUE Bill of Rights, we will continue now and always to fight for the Universal Jamahiriya!!

18:44            Comment From Green Charter SouthEuropa 
Today is a sad day for the "Arab Spring-ed" Tunisia, this isn't freedom, a government that stops a peaceful conference is a government that is afraid of the truth!

18:46            Mathaba:
Neither Mr Mohieddin Ben Jemaa nor brother Smain Bedrouni are answering their phones, which likely means they are being interviewed or detained.

18:53            Mathaba:
Agreed with the great comments that are just posted here, no democracy without popular conferences and no Truth, Right and Justice without God. They can ban us from hotels but they can't ban us from the Truth or the Truth from us.

18:53            Comment From Adam 
We must write articles all over the web about this.

18:55            Mathaba:
Indeed Adam, so that once again the enemy of Truth and Freedom will accomplish the opposite of what they intended to do; by trying to boycott the truth it actually will only be spread further.

18:59            Mathaba:
A wonderful comment by bro Hannibal, we do agree the Jamahiriya is indeed the closest thing to God's Kingdom on Earth.

19:05            Comment From Sandeval- USA 
What can an average person do to help the cause?

19:06            Comment From Nafees Nadeem 
is there enough support for jamahiriya in Libya and in Tunisia or Algeria.

19:11            Mathaba:
@Sandeval Please see the several sites mentioned at to find out how you can help and contribute to the building of a Universal Jamahiriya.

19:11            Comment From Adam 
Sandeval I think we can help the cause by informing ourselves about what is at and and sharing that all witn others around us so they will also do the same. Then there is hope for real change.

19:13            Comment From Adam 
Nadeem, I would say no, the people in Tunisia and Algeria are not well enough informed by their media but in Libya yes (not by the new rat media but by their experience and social communications).

19:19            Mathaba:
The online live event coverage is closing after any final comments from readers and viewers, but will remain online for replay. We thank all those who took the time to watch and comment and ask them to make use of the tools at to keep in touch without relying on enemy platforms such as fakebook, and fake news networks which currently rule the tell-lie-vision world.

19:20            Comment From Nafees Nadeem 
How can the Libyans get rid of nato rats from Libya?

19:22            Comment From Nafees Nadeem 
Is the green resistance fighting back in Libya?

19:31            Comment From Adam 
With patience and perserverance. Yes. Thanks all let us do more such live events and hope to connect with more of you at and . . . A good night to all. Forward to Victory!

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So - that was`it now ???

19:39            Mathaba:
We have managed to contact Mr Mohieddin Ben Jemaa now, who explained how the hotel staff including many government guards have forced the Conference to end and have locked the door after them.

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Has that concerence finished now? What is about all the questions? WHO is going to answer? Well some answers to problems we all face today you`ll find at ! (Enlish/Arabic/Russian/Espaniol/Portuguise and more languages to come! Visit also for more info about Jamahiriya !

19:46            Mathaba:
Yes it is now closed by force and before viewers questions could be answered. We are now also ending this Mathaba Go Live Event. Thank you all for participating.

2012-03-11 "Tunisia Regime: Enemy of World Peoples" from "Mathaba"  
The New World Order dictatorship regime of Tunisia led by this Soros monkey Moncef Marzouki (photo) has declared itself unequivocally as enemy of the world peoples and is to face the wrath of humanity.

International and Tunisian lawyers, jurists, European royalty and nobility, human rights advocates and pro-democracy activists gathered for a peaceful international conference to examine the situation of the Libyan people under the authority of militias and armed gangs.
The conference, which was to take place on 10 March at the Diplomat Hotel in Tunis, where a hall was booked and paid for, was barred from its participants entering the original venue and had to relocate to another venue in the Tunisian capital city.
At the second hotel, the international Mathaba News Agency broadcast live sound and images to the world of the various international and national delegates who gave testimony to the crimes being committed in neighbouring Libya, for around 8 hours.
During the 8th hour, while questions were coming in from around the world which were to be answered by the panel, the Tunisian New World Order regime thugs entered the conference hall and ejected the peaceful lawyers and advocates from the hotel.
This took place after the live feed audio and video coverage that had run uninterrupted for the previous 8 hours, broadcasting this important pro-democracy and human rights event to the world, started to be jammed.
The Muslim participants (mainly Libyans and Tunisians) at the conference went to the evening prayer, during which time the video feed went off-line and did not return.
Via alternative communication channels Mathaba correspondents were then able to alert editors to the events taking place, and the news agency was able to inform the world that "guards" had entered the conference hall and brought the conference to a forced closure, ejecting participants into the street.
The participants of the conference included French nobility and royalty, international and other lawyers and jurists, victims of the aggression against Libya who gave testimony of their injuries and losses, and numerous other VIP's and advocates from around the world.
Commentators and viewers sent in a barrage of comments criticising the anti-freedom-of-speech actions by the fascist Tunisian regime, which is led by "Monkey" Marzouki, the so-called "President" of Tunisia, on behalf of George Soros who financed the "Arab Spring" conspiracy using popular discontent and paid agent-provocateurs to bring this puppet to power for international bankers.
The Mathaba Go Live team covering the event, published a few of the comments including some of those that praised the Tunisian regime for doing the right thing to ensure a shortening of its life in power, for such actions always hasten the demise of dictatorships.
The Tunis dictatorship has been holding the legitimate Prime Minister of Libya, Dr Baghdadi, General Secretary of the General People's Congress of Libya incommunicado, since last year, to prevent the world from seeing the continuation of the legitimate people's authority (Jamahiriya) of Libya.
Dr Baghdadi has been prevented from communicating to independent news media as well as to international organisations such as the International People's Conference Organization which is the world wide body facilitating the World People's Conferences on Crimes Against Humanity as well as providing advocacy for the direct democracy which will replace dictatorial regimes with people's power.
It is thus clearly evident and manifest for the world human rights activists, revolutionaries, socialists, anarchists, advocates, militants, peace, anti-war and pro-democracy activists, humanitarians, and every other shade of ideology as well as all caring and concerned people worldwide who advocate for a better world of peace, justice and right, that the regime of Tunisia is implacably opposed to freedom, human rights, democracy, free speech, the rule of just law and the implementation of justice.
It is thus expected, that having declared itself enemy hostilis to the peoples of the world, the Tunisian dictatorship, which replaced a previous dictatorship with one more overtly servile to the new world order elite, and having attacked the rights of free people and holding hostage the Prime Minister of Libya, will find itself at the receiving end of online and offline activism to restore the dignity of the Tunisian people, and to bring justice to those around the world who are thus under attack from this regime which prevents democratic legal meetings aimed at exploring human rights abuses outside Tunisia from taking place on its territory.
The world movements in defence of democracy, human rights, freedom and justice are expected to hold meetings and reviews to determine the response actions to be taken against the Tunisian regime and its embassies and economic interests around the world.
For those who wish to remain informed of what took place at the Tunis Conference on "Libya under the authority of militias and armed gangs", summaries of the events prior to the forcible break up of the peaceful conference will be given via the Mathaba Daily Highlights Briefing Email List, for which you can sign up to receive free of charge at

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