Thursday, March 29, 2012

Jamahiriya of Libya news 2012-03-29

Jamahiriya of Libya

2012-03-29 "Libyan Liberation Front Frontline News" from Stephen Gule
 (1) Rebel NTC commander mice Salem Rejeb and Ramadhan Faraj have been shot and killed by Toubou tribal resistance fighters in the South of Libya.
 (2) Egyptian soldier of fortune, mercenary Tariq Mohamed Albosini the arms dealer, also died in clashes on an ambush near Sabha.
 (3) Green Army revolution 29 brigade, Airforce division shot 3 NTC fighter planes at sand sea between Awbari and Sabha, the identity of the planes and pilots could not be established, as the body of the pilots burned into ashes. The black box of the fighter planes have been recovered by the green army.
 (4) 2 French Mirage, and an Israeli fighter planes were identified over Chadian Airspace by the green army, electronic communication was intercepted, additional hebrew translator is required to analyze the information obtained.
 (5) The new NATO NTC assigned brigade leaders for Sabha have all been killed in ambush near the old city of Sabha, Mice Ahmed Alturi, Mice Tariq Al-Kilani, and Mice Nader Sultan, all dead in the battle of the old city in Sabha.
 (6) Number of black Toubou tribal forces and civilians dead in the three day battle of Sabha stood at 53, NTC fighters, gangs and mercenaries killed in Sabha, Awbari and Alkutri stood in the three day war is 811, the number of wounded and captured NATO rebels 1351, some surrendered without resistance, the Arab Abu Seif tribe protecting NATO mercenaries in Sabha encountered 137 dead people, and more than 200 wounded.
 (7) Green Resistance interim leader Gamal Longhe has given the following instructions and orders to the green resistance in Sabha.
 (a) No indecent acts by the army.
 (b) No entrance to the homes of the natives of the South.
 (c) No theft and vandalism of public property, it's forbidden.
 (d) Army must remain custodians of citizens safety, our mothers, sisters, children, older persons and even if they are rats families, green army will conduct itself according to the ethics and generation of Muammar Algathaffi.
 (e) Do not over kill, peace wants less blood as possible, Libya has lost so much blood, our mothers, sisters, our children, the elderly must always be in our hearts and mind, the army must always be willing to assist the people, not take, tax and punish in time of war.
 (8) NATO NTC fighter jets continue to bombard and attack civilian locations in Sabha, the highest number of civilian injuries in the city is the cause of NTC bombardment, hospitals in Sabha run over capacity and cannot cope with injuries.

This photo showed the most common punishment without trial in the city Derna (the Islamic Emirate of Derna), which follow the Al-Qaeda and Zarqawi (one of the biggest Al-Qaeda leaders).

 One of the rats (“rebels”) from Derna PROUDLY share this photo in different social networks & put it to the supporters accounts with description: “This is message from the rebels to the dirt all Gadaffi supporters & anyone who loves Green Libya”
 Rest In Pease for every victim of rats
 NATO and their servants from Persian Gulf destroyed Libya and killed people for “victory” of such bastards. Global media called them “freedom fighters”, but they are terrorists, killers, rapists…we called them rats.
 In fact, officials from Western countries hade know whom they support and supplied weapons and trainers. Members of global media, global funds and organization watched part of crimes, which commited these “rebels”, but they prefer keep silence, so they are accomplices to these crimes.

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