Tuesday, March 20, 2012


"Native American- Turanian Brotherhood: FIRST NATIONS" by Tobias Fink
This picture is to go around the world.
 The evacuation of the Kayapó tribe - an Indian people of the Amazon region in Brazil's Mato Grosso has started.
 The construction of the Belo Monte hydroelectric dam is released, despite numerous protests and more than 600,000 signatures were collected.
 Thus, the death sentence was spoken about the people at the great bend of the Xingu River. Belo Monte will be a total of 400,000 hectares of flooded forest, an area that is larger than the Panama Canal. 40,000 people of indigenous and local communities are distributed - the habitat of many animal and plant species will be destroyed. All this in order to produce electricity, the easier, more effective, and can be profitably produced primarily by investors.
 I know this does not happen to our country, not on our continent. Some people will say I do, what we care Brazil? As if we did not have their own problems.
 But this opinion I am not! The despair inherent in this picture brought me to think.
 The history of the Kayapó tribe should go around the world and perhaps cause a rethink. Away from the ruthless capitalist progress towards responsible society.
 Parts of it, if you want to know more people from the fate of Kayapó tribe should.
 I like = I do not like. (your friends will see that on their home page, name inappropriately, but a positive effect)
 PS:. Also you can sign the petition online, thus supporting the opponents of the Belo Monte dam directly.

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