Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Newe Sogobia: 2012-03-20 Announcment of the Sacred Peace Walk

Spring 2012 Desert Voices Newsletter
 Welcome Friends! Welcome Spring! May the returning light fill your days with good works and meaningful joy.
 If you're looking for a place to walk with the beauty of the desert light, join us for the Sacred Peace Walk which is coming up. We always get last minute registrants, so don't leave yourself out. And I really hope more local folks will join us for some of the walks and gatherings. Sunday April 1 in Las Vegas will be fun as we journey up the Strip and through the Fremont Street Experience. And the Good Friday Stations of the Cross Reenactment (at the entrance to the NTS this year, not Creech) is powerfully eye and heart opening "ritual." Fr. Louis Vitale will be here, and will even be at the Peace Camp on Easter Sunday. Our "Ritual for Peace & Healing" at the Goddess Temple in Cactus Springs on 4/4, the anniversary of Martin Luther King, Jr.'s assassination, will follow peace vigils at Creech that day. For the full schedule, maps and more background on the walk, visit the Sacred Peace Walk on the web.
 We'll miss our dear friend Peter Ediger who just passed away, but we'll continue his Pace e Bene inspiration with the inaugural Ediger Memorial Interfaith Celebration of Active Nonviolence (Save the date: September 23). In the meantime, we will carry on without him, still standing up for peace and justice, always feeling his compassionate wise counsel coming in from The Other Side.
 I hope you find this newsletter informative and inspiring. So much great work is being done by amazing people and groups; there's just too much to share here. We're POSITIVELY organizing to end war and injustice! Thank you for your interest and support.
 Jim Haber, Coordinator
Sacred Peace Walk Coming up Soon! Join us for all or part. Sponsor a Walker.   
Las Vegas to the Nevada Test Site (now called the Nevada National Security Site)
approximately 65 miles
March 31 to April 6
Sponsor a low-income walker or register to join us. Pledge forms and background information are on the NDE website.
 Schedule includes:
 3/31 Orientation (optional)
 4/1 Palm Sunday Service & Walk through Las Vegas
 4/2, 4/3 & 4/5 are Desert Walking Days.
 4/4 Sojourn at theTemple to Goddess Spirituality; Vigils at Creech AFB; Evening ritual "For Peace and Healing"
 4/6 Good Friday Stations of the Cross Reenactment and Civil Resistance at the Nevada Test Site
 Western Shoshone Sunrise Ceremonies Throughout
 See NDE website for more schedule and background on the Sacred Peace Walk [http://nevadadesertexperience.org/programs/2012/pw_schedule.htm].
Walk with us as we transform fears into compassion and apathy into action!
 It's the 30th Anniversary of 1st Lenten Desert Experience!
 It’s Not too Late to Sponsor or Join, even for a day or two.
"Western Shoshone Mother's Day Walk/Run, May 7 to 13, Welcomes All Peoples" by Johnnie Bobb:
 I am the chief spiritual person of the Western Shoshone National Council. We are the only Western Shoshone National Council and have worked for an over all agreement which will benefit all the Western Shoshone people and not just a few. We believe in what’s been put here: Earth, Air, Water and Fire that bring us food that’s connected with Mother Earth. Traveling is very important to me, talking to many Natives and Non-Natives about what’s going on around their areas.
 Many people are working together. Some will join the Nevada Desert Experience Sacred Peace Walk and also learn more about the Western Shoshone way of life with Mother Earth during Our Walk/Run from May 7-13, starting 5 miles East of Tonopah and heading down US-95 to Tonopah, Beatty and Peace Camp, Mercury (across from the Nevada Test Site) in time for Mother’s Day. The Western Shoshone Walk and Run is open to all people, Non-Natives and Natives, offering blessings to Mother Earth and singing songs along the way. Since 1987 thousands have protested on Mothers Day at the Nevada Test Site which is on Western Shoshone land according to the 1863 Treaty of Ruby Valley.
[Look up Julia Ward Howe to learn about the original Mother’s Day Proclamation. For more on the Walk/Run, call Johnnie at 775-426-0980, or find Donzie Bobb or Jeremiah Jones on Facebook, or contact NDE. -Jim]

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