Thursday, April 5, 2012

Jamahiriya of Libya news 2012-04-05

Jamahiriya of Libya

Important Statement from Major General “Harb” (Libyan Green Army – Libyan Liberation Army) on 5 April 2012 (Video Arabic + Text English/Italiano), Translation from Arabic by LibyanFreePressNetwork
Sons of Libya I announce a great victory.
 The Green Resistance liberated and conquered villages and areas of El Jamile and Ragdaline.
 We answered the call to do our duty and drive back the forces of hatred that seek to destroy our forces that resist against more than 40 states.
 We never surrender and we will never relax until we rid of rats and clean up the entire  Libya.
 I call all the children free of Libya to support the resistance.
 We announce that we have procured many casualties among the ranks of the enemies of Libya, who called for help to their rescue by NATO.
 We are still resisting against their heavy artillery, but our weapons of resistance for justice and freedom of Libya are stronger than them.
 You have every reason to resist and our principles are working to free Libya
 We liberated the south and, as we have already said, this war is against all the Arabs to destroy our symbol of strength and build on its ruins the status of Amazigh.
 But we reply that you are not able to do so even if you have the support of 40 states, because we have accepted the call and now we have all the tribal chiefs said they were present with their brothers, fighting on their side and directing fighting on the battlefield.
 Now I address the leaders of rats: “You are not military but just a bunch of rats who wants to take power and steal the money from the Libyans and massacre them. But I warn you that your end is near because you are nothing but germs around Libyan wound which you yourself have caused. But if God wants we will heal this wound with our blood and the bodies of our martyrs who become anchors to build the New Great Jamahiriya free and democratic “.
 We are trying to imitate and achieve our old martirti and hope that God will give us this martyrdom, to make our future generations to live in freedom and to make them remember the pure and sacred soil of Libya.
 Dear Libyans, with these operations of the Resistance you’re getting into the history of Libya, because of the actions that you are making on behalf of all the tribes worthy of honor, so thank God especially for those tribes that have accepted the call for Resistance .
 We see the victory in front of us and we are very confident to reach it soon.
 From my place of combat I will send to all of you my affectionate greeting with all the pride of Resistance fighter.
 We have had many martyrs, but those who we aid and freed are well and in good health, thank God.
 We also want to say to those who sold and betrayed their country: Shame on you!
 While we say thanks to all the Libyan patriots who have not agreed to be used as a rag from these rats, and salute them with respect as men of honor.
 I bring you greetings from all the Resistant fighters who are with me, from all the tribes of Libya, and in particular now the areas of El Jamile and Ragdaline.
 If God wants, the victory is ours, and no doubt we can win against the NTC rats and their accomplices.
 Allahu Akbar!
 Allah Muammar Libya Wa Bas!

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